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By SpaceBallz

I was a little confused as to why Michigan is located in the "Midwest" section since we use the Eastern Time Zone, but whatevs. We're located in Sault Ste. Marie (pronounced "Soo Saint Maryee") and we're the oldest city in Michigan. We registered with Ghost Corps back in 2015-ish (whenever there was first open enrollment) and we wanted to do something special with the franchise name since we're "officially" Ghostbusters. We decided to start it was a paranormal investigation team, we use modern ghost hunting tech and currently use experimental sound files that have been used by other paranormal investigation teams to "rid" negative entities by promoting positive energy with the sounds. So, we can "bust" ghosts (just bad ones though). We've been operating officially since last summer, you can check us out here:

You'll find our logo there as well :)

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