For users in: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio & Wisconsin.
By nitro 6009
The 4th of July in Morning Sun , Iowa where several free floating apparitions were running amuk but were easily diminished to a manageable mist by the Iowa Ghostbusters southeastern Iowa division.


By nitro 6009
Yes they are voltex the guy was just super to me and I think it was 350.00 a set. The other lights and sirens where from Joe dorgen also A pleasure to deal with.I know the car is A 64 and not accurate ,but I am adding stuff to it as I find it and its my 11 nephews
so he is ok with it than that is all that matters.The spot lights are A little large but very cheap harbor freight.. Roof rack and ladder all aluminum. real 59 hubcaps love the stick on chrome that 911 told me about. ... sters.html
Cool. Just curious, do you have the lightbar wired the way they show in their videos? And how do the lights look when they are activated? My only concern is that the blue isn't dark enough and the light will shine through too brightly. They look good on your car though! I'm working on a '65 Caddy at the moment, so I'm just a little curious as to what some of the other builders, such as yourself, have done. Thanks for the info. BTW, I added on FB.
By nitro 6009
Yes they are not as dark as code 3's and yes I did wire them the same as video. I like them because they were new no looking for blue lenses no trouble shooting came with control boxes wire . If I had A 59 I would say code 3 all the way, but I doubt I will ever be that lucky and since this is my nephews and he will probably sell it when he goes to college I think these fit the bill and my wallet very nicely.
By bowzer6
Dennis, I totaly forgot about it this year, or I would have gone, Dennis you are in charge of reminding me next year at least a mounth in advance so I can request the time off. BTW you coming to the Adventureland meet up, I have like 4 comfrimations, and two are me and my wife.
By Dennis Nitestar Cox
Unfortunately, our schedule is so busy this time of year... this is our big season as costumers. Hopefully we can see you guys at the Zombie walk on October 13th! We're trying to get a Superhero Zombie Group together. But would happy to see anyone... ;) Comraderie would be great! Perhaps we could even meet up before the walk. Been talking to ppl on Iowa Ghostbusters on Facebook also.
Well, gotta fly! Talk to you guys later!
By DRoomProductions
IAGB will be attending the Des Moines Zombie Walk in downtown Des Moines, IA this October 13th! We're still in the planning phase right now, but we're hoping to have a table set up and maybe a couple more surprises. Come check out the Zombie Bizarre starting at 11 a.m. and participate in the walk at 5:30 p.m. all in support of Central Iowa Shelter and Services. Register at the Des Moines Zombie Walk website and get more details. We hope to see you there!
By nitro 6009

2012 Nauvoo Pumpkin Festival Where the South Eastern Iowa Ghostbusters were Overwhelmed by Spooks ghosts and zombies .



We froze Are PKE Meters off but A lot of fun. Next year we will bring the ECTO, Scooby Doo Van , And The 89 Batmobile so
I hope to see others from this site there.Good time great town all the community supports this event.

By drjameshouse
Is there anyone in the Mason City, IA area? I couldn't help but notice a hearse with lightbars on my way to work this morning. I didn't think there was anyone near me but if there is I would love to meet up some time.
By Peter wenkman
I live in Genesee Illinois..was wondering if could maybe join...I'm only fifteen minutes from davenport. I'm just getting into this and was planning on buying a pack soon, let me know, I know this post is old but I just joined gbfans.

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