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Our local pop radio station does what they call Stuff-A-Bus every year.

Heres there website.

]Basically what it is, is all the radio DJs get together and camp out at the local mall for a week, and accept donations for Toys for Tots using school buses to 'stuff''.

Every year we always talk about doing it, however we run into scheduling conflicts.

This year we got a a healthy donation from the haunted house we work, and we used it to buy toys for the event.

We had a blast, we got on the radio, and chilled with some of the coolest guys.

By OAOSwartz
Update to this:

We have been featured on the stations website all day in the Highlights reel on the home page and Mikey (the morning radio DJ) commented on our facebook page thanking us for coming, DJ Bonics asked us if he could DJ for a benefit we are trying to set up for some time next year and Flick was talking to me personally on facebook chat about us coming in and doing more events with them.

Hopefully this all really takes off but until then check out their website and look for us in the highlight reel on the home page
By OAOSwartz

While we are still featured on their website and the "Morning Freak Show" page we have just found out that the radio station has surpassed their total last year of 17 buses stuffed and reached 21 FULL BUS LOADS of toys for Toys For Tots. We are proud to say we helped and next year we hope to go with a lot more to donate as well as the hopes to have an ecto by then
Very well done. Keep in touch with the radio station, it's great to work with them.
Radio stations need fun random stuff to put on the air.
Franchises need free publicity for chairtable events.

Put the two together, and you have a very happy relationship. Until our local rock station moved, we were on the air at least twice a year.

Also, great job with the toys!
Awesome job guys! Wish I would have known back then of the Steel City Franchise/Chapter. I would have come out then. I lived/worked down the road from the Stuff A Bus locations back then. Surprised I never saw you guys until the Ghostbusters Re-release to theater at AMC LOEWs and the car at ComicCon in 2012.

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