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By rookie457
I am trying to locate members of the Tennessee Ghostbusters. The web site has not been updated in a few years and cannot contact them. And if they are no longer in action then I am interested in starting the team once more. I hope anyone from them can read this. I live in the Cleveland area, 15 minutes outside of Chattanooga. if anyone in that area or between would be interested in starting up a team do not be afraid to get in contact with me. lets make this happen.
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By Ketchum
Honestly, I think they are done. I'm friends on FB with one of the old ones. And he is done with the GB stuff. You may have better luck starting your own.
By rookie457
And they are not responding to any messages or no recent activity since the those events. I would love it if they were still active and I would join in a heartbeat. But it is like Ketchum said. Pretty sure that they are done.
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By christphern
I think Smits gets most, if not all of the contacts via the various sources. Not sure if she's seen them, but I know she's been busy of late. Sorry that your messages have fallen through the cracks.

The easiest way, typically, to get a hold of us is our facebook page:

We used to use the website fairly actively, but, a combination of spam bots along with those running the site just not having the time to maintain it, led to us kind of drifting away from it.

If you're still interested, we'd be more than happy to have you. Our next meeting is on the books for the 22nd, if you should like to attend. Just message Smits or myself, and we'll get you directions as well as a meetup time.

Chris - Vice Chief of the TN Ghostbusters

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