For users in: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, & West Virginia.
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By InKibuster
I searched through this and couldn't find any.
Any near the Fayetteville area? (Or in the Northern half of Arkansas? )
Little Rock is not our of the question, but it's a long drive.
I did check through the Midwestern section, and see there are Springfield, Mo Ghostheads, which is just as close Fayetteville for me.
But surely there are some more Arkie Busters out there?
By Spengs
I'm updating the site and seeing if certain states or areas have franchise chapters/groups. I saw the thread here and thought I'd see if any Arkansas Ghostbusters have either started a group or maybe are in the process of doing so.

If not, if anyone in Arkansas is interested in starting a franchise or being a field agent check out today (April 1, 2012) franchise news. You can get more information about starting a franchise in GBI's Franchising area.
By CWarfield42
North Little Rock, here! I'm definitely interested in a group starting. I know my husband is, too!

We did our first outing this past weekend (thanks to one of our friends in the Houston group letting us borrow packs) and it was a total blast!
By CWarfield42
I saw the page... pretty quiet. I'm going to contact them about boosting exposure as I'm pretty good at that sort of thing. Also we should all go over and introduce ourselves. Let them know there are quite a few of us!

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By HudgensUSAF
Hi everyone, I'm CWarfield42's other half. I'd like to get involved as well. I'm also gathering pieces to build two GB1 packs, so if anyone local has experience building packs, I can certainly use some advice.
By HudgensUSAF
I'm trying to find some old LC-1 style backpack straps for our two pack builds going on. The surplus store in downtown Little Rock hasn't got a thing, and can't get them in. Can anybody find anything at stores close to them?
By bjz
Bennets? no they dont. There is a surplus store in Villonia i think. there is also a traveling surplus guy that has a bunch. Comes to russellville alot. How many you need?
By HudgensUSAF
I'm trying to find two sets of the old style LC-1 OD green shoulder straps. I'd prefer not to have the newer, shorter, LC-2 straps, but I know the LC-1 are harder to come by.
By brett.deaton.5
Old Fort Ghostbusters in Fort Smith Arkansas! Had a different Login for this page before but suddenly the website didn't recognize my Facebook for logging in. Couldn't remember the info for it to save my life. I've given up after over 2 years of trying and made this one, so if you have been trying to reach me I wasn't being rude, just absent! So far it is just me here but I'm ambitious! Happy to see some more Ghostheads in the area. Have a good one!
By mark.reed
Just joined. I live in southwest Arkansas, about an hour south of Hot Springs. Been a fan all of my life, never imagined other people were as geeked about about a 1980's sitcom as I was.
By Fortywatt
I just joined. I'm in Russellville and have been a GB fan since it came out. I would love to put a costume together, start a franchise, and get out in the community!
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By SuperHands3869
Bentonville here, if there's anyone around who has completed a PAck build would love to collab and get to see it. I'm doing my first build here soon and would be cool to chill and see one completed.

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