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By Ray Stanz GB
Happy Halloween to all NC ghostheads. remember AMC24 @ Concord Mills will be playing Ghostbusters tonight at 7:30pm.

JCool- I go to the raleigh area often for my job, maybe we can meet up next time im in town and talk props and GB stuff. send me a friend invite on here and i will stay in touch!
By CNC Ghostbusters
I want to return to being an active Ghosthead, but life is in the way. PM me if you are near Winston-Salem, NC and want to hang out as busters, join my group or invite me to join your group, or just get together in costume and act dorky downtown somewhere. Always wanted to raise money for non-profits too. Talk to me.

-William Boyer,
CNCGB (Central North Carolina Ghostbusters)
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By Ray Stanz GB
Winston is about 45 min from me. I even have family there. Next time I am in town would love to meet up and talk shop

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By CNC Ghostbusters
vcm1613 wrote:
CNC Ghostbusters wrote:Hey, man, that's awesome. I'm in the Triad (Winston Salem) myself. It's been a long time since I've checked the message boards here. My team, the CNCGB, pretty much never did anything past join my group and buy flight suits, so I got discouraged and gave up the ghost for awhile. I have a flight suit, proton pack, and other props and I'm always looking to do more Ghostbusters related stuff. Would you like to join CNCGB or at least meet up sometime? You mentioned working on proton packs, and quite honestly I need to build a better one but don't have the know-how or equipment. So, yeah, I'd love to work on pack builds too. As far as working in a group goes, it'd just be me for now. My friends/team more or less is iffy on the costume thing and mostly only lend their talents (brainstorming, writing, voice acting, camera work, etc) to the creation of our online web comic and any of the live action and animated fan films we do. And you're always welcome to participate in that as well.

If you haven't checked it out yet, you can see our comic and fan film work and photos of our equipment at .

~Will Boyer, CNCGB (Triad; Winston Salem)


Hey man thanks for the responce. Your art work is phenominal man. I like the style of it quite alot. Kudos on that!

I actually only did the GB thing for Halloween but was really swept away by props building. Not to mention some of the completely awesome people on this forum and especially Garee and Bustinforjesus. Garee was probably my biggest inspirations as he made the packs feel achievable for the working man. Then I learned he's in my home state too!
It was probably one of the single most dedicated things I have done in a long time that didn't relate to my job. (Wait...does Homebrewing & World of Warcraft count?) It was nice to create by hand something from the movies that i would have killed for as a kid. Definately a blast from the past and Halloween night was awesome, I got so many cheers and comments from people. Sadly the the actual thrower is at about 40% completion and I have had no motivation to finish it. I tend to think this summer I will as its been to cold this winter to screw around much in the garage. If you do decide to get serious about making another pack let me know. I'd be happy to share some things with you that made my journey easier (and a lot of what made it hard!) I also think if I had the time and the money to make pack #2, I'd probably start with the thrower first and work my way to the pack.
PM me if you need any help!


Wow, I didn't know you had already seen my artwork! :-)

Took me OVER a year to PM you, but I did! lol

And yeah, definitely want a better Proton Pack! Not sure if I have the money right now (most like do not), but whenever we can get together and work on that is cool. I'm VERY busy these days, so it might take a while, but I'm dedicated.
By CNC Ghostbusters
Jangonate wrote:Sup, North Carolinians!

It's sad that I have been a part of GBFans for years and never thought to check out if there were fellow brothers and sisters in my home state with the same interest.

Currently I am living in Elon, NC, though as a United Methodist pastor that can change quite a bit. I've been a fan since birth and remember beggin' my parents for the first pack Norm made from Home Depot parts only to be turned down. As of a couple of years ago I came into possession of a proton pack in need of refurbishing and have been slowly fixing it up. To the casual observer or after a quick glance it looks perfect, but I need to replace an unevenly cut motherboard and want to add some more metal parts to make it sparkle. Not to mention I want some lights. Also, I'm awaiting one of Ghostguy's wonderful RGB PKE's. Other than collecting anything Ghostbusters and playing video games religiously, I collect spores, molds, and fungus.

That's the long and short of my propping history (if I leave out the part where I made an absolutely terrible looking pack on my own), and I am currently connected to two other propping Ghostheads, one in the Charlotte area and another in Greenville, NC. The most recent thing we did together was dress up at Best Buy for the release of Ghostbusters on Bluray and the videogame. We got 'em for free since we were sorta kinda hired. I believe I also ran into the CNC Ghostbusters at the Heroes Convention last year. Sadly I couldn't make it out there. This is getting long, so I'm going to fizzle out for now. I'll post more later! Nice to meet you guys!

Wow, Tom Gray and I (Will Boyer) met you during Heroes Con? Sweet. We did, but didn't know I'd see you on here - or that you'd be a pastor! Ha ha ha... Well, I was called by God to serve Him when I was 17, but am still trying to figure out what He wants me to do, so I try to be in ministry when I can as well. Good to hear from/meet a brother! Anyway, I hope you're doing well!
By CNC Ghostbusters
Ray Stanz GB wrote:Winston is about 45 min from me. I even have family there. Next time I am in town would love to meet up and talk shop

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PM or E-mail me at samuraimilo AT hotmail DOT com when you are and we'll try to arrange something. Just in case because I don't check the PM's or anything here very often, sadly.
By CNC Ghostbusters
Oh, um, wanted to say... I just realized that I replied to two people replying or talking about me or my group that I had actually ALREADY replied to a LONG TIME AGO, but COMPLETELY FORGOT, lol. Sorry, but, um... That's my SHORT term memory for you!! lol
By crazyecto
Hey guys I live in Raleigh. Currently working on a GBII flight suit . Starting a ghost trap build this summer, then moving on to completing a pack I started several years ago. Any events or get togethers in the area I'd be happy to attend.
By Gareee
We are waaaay over in waynesville, and geekout in Asheville will be ur next event. (The carolina GBs will be there with their ecto as well.)

Or maybe someone closer has something going on?
By JCool
Pre-Halloween posting:

I've got some extra gear in case anyone needs it for this year, including a couple Lifegard IVs (essentially the same model as the movie).

I'm needing help on a Matty trap holster - anyone got some thoughts / advice?
By Gareee
I just added flush mount picture hanger on a metal battery door replacement I made, and used the same template available here for the holster. (We made ours from scrap leather.)

(If you have the newer wider/thicker military pistol belts, you do need to change the belt loop portion though.)

I think I documented the holster builds in my trap threads when I did our custom traps.
By JCool
Gareee -- I've got a belt holster done up already with a Dixie hook on it and it fits into the older style web belts. Wasn't sure the best way to attach the other half of the dixie bracket to the Matty Trap. Do you happen to have an extra of the metal battery door that I could attach mine to?
By Gareee
I just used a tin snips and cut a replacement door traced on a sheet of metal from lowe's. Then I used a dremel with grinding bits and sandpaper to dull all the edges of the replacement door.

A new door only really took an hour or so to make tops. I then used metal screws, washers and nuts to attach the flush mount hanger to the replacement door. know I posted pics of the work here, since it was right when the traps were released and no one had really come up with the hardware to holster the trap yet.

I got the metal sheets in the heater duct section of lowe's and the sheets were like 8x11, and cost less than a buck. You don't need anything super thick, just something more durable and reliable than the original plastic battery door.
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By padsave17
Hey guys,

I live in Apex, just South of Raleigh and just getting started. I haven't seen a post here in a while, so I thought I'd jump start it back up.

Anyone close?

By JCool
Hey pad - I'm in Raleigh just south of downtown. Was that you I saw pictures of from Animazement this past weekend?
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By Toolride
Hey All,

I just wanted to toss in this thread that there's an active Ghostbusters of North Carolina franchise active now. We've got members all over the state. We also have an Ecto as well. Please visit our facebook page for more information about the group and what we're up to and information on joining. We're always looking for new recuits!


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By Gareee
Awesome logo.. did you guys have patches made? (We are over in Waynesville.)
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By Toolride
Gareee wrote:Awesome logo.. did you guys have patches made? (We are over in Waynesville.)
We do have patches and t-shirts available with out logo. If you send a message to the facebook page, a member will let you know the cost. They're $6 per patch (we just ordered more due to demand.)

Our next big event will be at the Raleigh Supercon July 14-16. We'll be there as special guest Friday-Sunday... but stay tuned to our facebook page for up-to-the-date info on where we'll be. Here's a link to Raleigh Supercon's page:

We also are looking for members to join up! Recruitment information in on our facebook page as well.
By DreamCatcherAM
New to the forum but I'm a NC Ghostbuster fan. Also I've met the Carolina Ghostbusters when they came to my University back in 2015. They even had the Ecto-1 on campus.
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By Merrimon
Another fan in North Carolina (Raleigh) checking in! It seems this thread is so dead that we'll be the ones being busted! haha PM me or reply if anyone is alive - looking to get involved in a NC chapter.

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