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By EctoRalph
Count me in if anyone is organizing an event this weekend in Orlando or central florida in general. I've been trying to find local groups but have not been very successful other than some of the folks I met at Megacon Orlando. I'm hoping the movie will spark interest in the whole franchise again.
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By EctoRalph
I'm originally from Orlando and spend a lot of weekends there visiting family, but am currently in Gainesville. I too am still looking for a Central Florida group who does events and charity would be nice. Other than the Cat5 group I met at megacon who don't really post on GBFans but do everything on FB which I don't do, the rest of the busters I met were from out of state. From the directory I see several groups so hopefully they will chime in.
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By Doctor Disney
I work with several children and animal charities here in Central Florida and it would be nice to get a group together here! Let me n know and let's put something together.

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