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Hi all, so I have gotten approval and have started working on an event at my workspace for the release of the new GB film. I work at Dezerland Park (the former Artegon Mall) on I drive in Orlando, and I am curious as to how many GB fans I can get over here for this. The greater the turnout the more we can do to make the event amazing. We have an indoor go cart track, arcade, bowling alley, trampoline park, pinball lounge, and a giant car museum which includes a replica of the Ecto 1. There is also a full movie theater attached to the building so you wouldn't have to go anywhere to have a good time and see the movie afterwards. But first I need to find out how many of you would be interested in, and be able to attend, an event like this to repot back to my bosses.
Just a friendly tip that while GBFans forums will always remain awesome, you're much better off hitting up the various franchises on social media.
To help your cause providing links to Deserlandpark will help. It would also be a good idea to provide dates then assume everyone knows Ghostbusters is coming out in November. This event is planned for November, exact date is being discussed will get more people to comitt. Providing pictures of the batmobiles, and Ecto will get more views. I might just check the place out next time i'm in Florida.
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