For users in Canada. Eh?
By lillie450
Hey guys, so the Ghosbusters of BC are going to have a booth at Vancouver Fan Expo on April 20 and 21st.

I would love to see some other GBs there.

And on top of having a booth at the con we are also throwing the official after party at Fan Club on Granville street (10pm-3am)

Check this video where last_minute tells you all the details ...

At the con and at the party we are raising money for the BC Children's Hospital. We will be taking donations for pictures and wearing one of the guys packs, doing a 50/50 draw and a costume contest.

If you aren't able to make the event we are also collecting donations on the BC CHF website. Click the link for more details ... 29344&PH=2

AND we are going to have an online auction of some amazing stuff we have collected, all of which is GB related. When that is up and running I will post a link.

So lets all do are part to raise some money for the kids.


Venkman, Slimer, and I all think you guys should be there :)
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By Last_Minute
We all don't come back to GBFans all that often, but in 2013 we raised just over $4,000 and in 2014 just over $2,200.

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