This was my first Ghostbuster prop build ever. I start this project back in March 2011, and I'm just now getting around to finishing it because I was occupied by my proton pack/thrower build.

This has GB1 fashion all over it.

Key features:

White 26 pin header
Black D-Sub
Painted screws on Vector Plate
Legris Banjo replica with silver metal screw
Legris Straight
Removed red line on ribbon cable; although, I believe the ribbon cable everyone (including me) uses is not even correct.

noslliT wrote:Good job but the red line on the top is correct.
Thanks. I've look very close at GB1 shots and can't see it.

If u can show me that would be great.
The cable is folded in top and bottom . It's true some details are inferred from the gb2 pedal from PH but the 26 pin cable is correct. The detail of the cable is obscured due to the dark lighting and resolution of the shot.
One other detail is that the far right and left fin of the vector plate is trimmed off the pedal.
noslliT wrote:Good job but the red line on the top is correct.

Yep. You are right.

I did some further research by looking at the Blu-ray movie. When Ray steps on the pedal, and it moves a bit, you can BARELY see the red line on the right portion of the ribbon cable. Hard to see, but definitely there.


Too everyone else, ignore my red stripe statement in the first post.
Filandrius wrote:That is a GREAT pedal. :) Might I inquire where you got that white header?
I completely jacked Park's method.

I guess my statement is a little misleading.
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