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By Ectotainment
Hey everyone,

I'm currently working on a modded Spirit Halloween ghost trap being controlled by Arduino. My goal is to have all the knobs have a function. So far, I have functions for all knobs/switches, but I have one Arduino input/output pin available and could utilize that for one more function/mode. The trap has a polyphonic sound card, neopixel lights inside, a neopixel bar graph, smoke kit and rocker servo to jiggle the axles like the Matty trap.

So far I have:
Tear drop knob: selects 1 of 5 ghosts which change the trap light color and sound fx or random mode.
Right side knob: controls volume
Front knobs:
1 main power
2 toggles smoke kit
3 service mode (opens doors to refill smoke liquid)
4 party mode (disco lights, preloaded songs or bluetooth connectivity)
Rear switch: activates main trap sequence: idle, open, close, bar graph, sparks, full with ghost lights and axel jiggle like Mattel trap.

So for the last pin, I can add a secondary function to one of the front knobs. Here are some ideas I have but I'm looking for some suggestions from the community.

1) Soundtrack mode: overlay the musical score from the movie over the other trap sounds.
2) Ghost escape: after activated the trap would overload/beep then the trap would jiggle the doors open and the ghost escapes .
3) Scare mode: after activated the trap would randomly open with ghost sounds and smoke so you could set it down somewhere idle and have it scare someone.
4) Add movie quotes like: "that wasn't such a chore, now was it?" Etc.

I could possibly integrate a few additional functions with the one pin depending on what state the trap is in. So any suggestions are welcome.

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