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By Grimmy GB
So I collected a hodge podge of information from the various plans and concocted this thing. I've been working off and on with it for about 2 weeks when I get some free time. It's an easy one thus far.

Battery compartment made of a .04" styrene sign from the Home Depot

As you can see, I decided to off center the light

This thing is now primed and I see a butt load of areas that need filling

Working on the body a bit



That's it for now. This build will be pretty slow. I'll update as I move along.
By Riggs45
This looks Great Grimmy! I'll be looking at this one if I get around to building one! You have talent good sir, I've been through all your builds. Fantastic job all around!
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By Grimmy GB
Thanks, Riggs! One day, I'll jump back on this one lol. I would say that once Christmas is gone, I'll jump on all the projects. BTW, I'm keeping up with you also :D Keep up the great work!
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By Grimmy GB
Venkman's Swagger wrote:No really YOU da man! I love everything you do bro
Thanks amigo! I wish I could divvy up my priorities and have everything completed together. Right now, I'm all like "GET THE PACK BUILT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW" lol
Necro'ing a build thread! Well, at least until we start getting the important parts for my wife's pack.

So, I had to rework the MDF a bit; having to resize and re-cut. This one looks quite more tolerant.
This guy is all kinds of happy being bonded together. I think that I'm going to do a removable cartridge but still in stunt mode. Hopefully, this thing will be complete by August (which is also the goals for the wife's pack).


Lower frame.

More to come.
I posted my cad files if you want them for a comparison. I kept everything spaced to work with a tape measure or ruler.

Choo off to a good start though! Further along than me ^_^. I plan on getting back to work on the three way build after AwesomeCon this next weekend.

I can also send you my spreadsheet where I've catalogued all the greeblies I've bought and where to get them.
Hijacker wrote:I posted my cad files if you want them for a comparison. I kept everything spaced to work with a tape measure or ruler.

Choo off to a good start though! Further along than me ^_^. I plan on getting back to work on the three way build after AwesomeCon this next weekend.

I can also send you my spreadsheet where I've catalogued all the greeblies I've bought and where to get them.
I actually think that I'm all good this one time. I really appreciate it dude! Of course, I say that now but might be likely to contact you down the road a little ways lol.
Riggs45 wrote:Yes! I've been waiting for this! It's what I think is next for me. Show me how's it done buddy!
So, to start, I used jt001's cut outs, but if I build another, I'm not using his again. The measurements aren't even close to the same. I'd definitely use Bart's :)
Hijacker wrote:I've been looking over front knobs for a GB1 trap lately. The damned sliders (bar style knob) are friggin hard for me to find.
I ended up getting the nick-a-tron set of love, myself. I didn't even know where to begin with sourcing the knobs. If I decide to build all metal, full hero, I'll search them out like you are :)
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By Grimmy GB
Hey guys...I'm kind of bummed that I haven't posted any updates on this. It's more-so on my Facebook since image hosting is not needed.
Anyway, I wanted to at least post a video of where I'm at with this thing and give some "slight" (LOL) details...

From Instagram...

Here's what I've done thus far:

-Trap casing and cartridge are made from MDF as seen in posts above. People tell you NOT to do this but I did: I sealed the MDF with wood glue; especially the edges. I thinned the wood glue with a tiny bit of water for smooth application. It worked very well for me!
-The cartridge doors are made from MDF with styrene inner offset lockers.
-The inner end pieces for the cartridge are made from styrene.
-The battery compartment and bargraph display are made from styrene.
-The handle, handle neck, and bargraph display ears are made from wood dowels (round and square). I really want to upgrade the handle to aluminum though.
-Everything is mostly held in by wood glue or super glue. There are exceptions with screws.
-The plating on the sides and front are aluminum. I cut them all by myself (lol), and they're crooked as a moving snake.
-The red side rods are from Eric Gunther. LOVE THEM!
-The front round knobs are real, as are the flat mixer knobs (although they're far from accurate). The bottom round knob hides the charging port for the smoking unit battery (courtesy of the Fincher team).
-Both side knobs are nick-a-tron resin until I can gather/build/modify the real ones. So far, all real ones that I have found have been oversized. The resistor side knob is attached to a potentiometer supplied by the Fincher team. I have a hook-up for a fan but decided to go with forced instead (thanks Riggs, ol boy!).
-The lights are Heavy Props and tied into the 11.1v li-ion battery with the smoking unit. In doing this, I had to jump the switch on the board so it's always "on". After consulting with Kris (Heavy Props/Crix), the board can handle the 11.1v battery. All that happens is the lighting speeds up; at which I really dig!
-The battery compartment houses the smoking motor. I also made an aluminum bracket for the foster to connect to so I can hold the trap "by the tail". The foster also locks in the battery compartment: DOUBLE WHAMMY!
-Using a small piece of frosted lexan for the window under the doors. This has a hole in which a tube from the smoking unit protrudes.
-I used the same paint as my pack, using the same buffing techniques.
-Stickers/dry rubs are from GBFans. I'm still trying to find a "fire" sticker for the top of the battery compartment.
-The skate bearings are courtesy of riggs45 (Joe)....thanks dude! They're attached via square wooden dowels.
-GB1 "Venkman" holster courtesy of momeraths24 (Franchesky)....LOVE IT!!!

I am currently working on the pedal. Via Hijacker (Bart), he has helped me out with not only this, but with some trap problems/questions/sourcing.
-The boxed relay is courtesy of Hoot (Matt)...thanks dude!
-Using a red lamp indicator from Radio Shack for now.
-The pedal plate is MDF and sealed with wood glue.
-The pedal is aluminum from the shop on here (side boxes are from the shop also). The sides have been trimmed and sanded as per reference photos.
-An acorn nut is inserted just under the front of the pedal.
-Bellows is cut to the right size, but I cannot figure out the best course to attaching it.

Current to-do list:
-Add yellow striping on doors (courtesy of riggs45).
-Install LED white lighting inside the cartridge. A trigger switch will be used via consorting with Shawn Swift.
-Add "fire" label to the top of the battery compartment.

-Install the pedal hinge.
-Paint the pedal assembly.
-Plumb the fosters using rubber black hose and braided wire.
-Add dry rubs and stickers.
-Anchor the bellows (still no clue on how though).
-Anchor the tubing.
-Add bottom wear feet.
-Wire the red indicator for static lighting.
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By Naptime
AMAZING JOB!!! So impressed with your trap. I just followed you on Instagram so I could see more of your process.
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By Grimmy GB
Naptime wrote:AMAZING JOB!!! So impressed with your trap. I just followed you on Instagram so I could see more of your process.
HOLY CRAP! IT'S NAP!!!!!! Dude! Great to see you about and I started following you as well ;)
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By Naptime
Yessir, it's that time of year again! Truth is, I've been creeping around the site the whole year - just keeping quiet though. Couldn't help but comment on the awesomeness of your trap! You have strong Kung fu, Grimmy!
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By Grimmy GB
Riggs45 wrote:I'm dying to see this thing! I cant wait to see how much it puts out!
Thank you my Canadian brotha!
I'm glad you mentioned this Joe! With Crix's light kit on the Fincher smoke kit, I've noticed something about output versus battery strength: as the battery dies, the light kit runs static (lights don't flash) and the smoke output is less. I figured it would just shut off as opposed to slowing down. This is a great indicator, honestly!
By Riggs45
Yeah I noticed with mine when it gets low it flickers on and off like the smoke kit steals all of the power from the lights. It is a good indicator.

Phil, I had mine of separate batteries but it wasn't worth the loss of space inside. The battery lasts all day anyway it takes quite a lot of use to kill it.
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By Grimmy GB
A lot happened since my last post:
Finished the pedal assembly.
Waiting on a better indicator light to show for the pedal.

Went to Canada and stayed with my boy Riggs and his lovely wife. Master Hoot and lovely wife were there too. It was the most fun weekend we've had in probably ever!

Riggs had some square feet to put on bottom of the pedal. I ended up not wearing it this go around (kind of ran out of belt space LOL!).
Riggs and I put the yellow striping on the trap doors. It turned out AMAZING! Actually, even better than I thought it would.
I dropped the trap. Luckily it was on the handle. Alas, I upgraded to an aluminum handle. I forgot to mention that part. Anyway, it loosened it up quite a bit. We tacked a bit of hot glue in the threads to tense it up; twas an excellent idea! I need to hit it with epoxy for a permanent solution.
The smoking unit worked flawless. IN FACT...I ran out of juice after the first day LOL!
I have an LED that is working intermittently on the bargraph. Not sure if it just pulled out a little or it burned out. The lights go static when one fails.

And, finally, as Louis says in the second movie, "BOY THIS EQUIPMENT'S HEAVY!" True.Fracking.Statement.
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