Hi all,
I have been lurking around here for a few months while I worked on a fully 3D printed trap and pedal, it was revealed today and files are available. It's a hybrid GB1 /2 trap as I used overall dimensions of 2 but features from 1 such as the red rods and protruding cartridge.


This could not have happened without GBfans - so much good stuff here. I also have to thank members here who helped me out whether they know it or not:

Sean Bishop & Stefan Otto for posting great plans - they were my starting point and a good reference
Jack Doud for sending me the Terminal Reality SFX which I couldn't find anywhere
Demon Vice Commander & Hprops for the great labels


There are other 3D printed traps out there, but they usually have the side panels, etc modeled as one big piece which doesn't print well and makes it hard to paint. Each part is separate which means you can get a good looking trap just by printing in the appropriate color. I haven't seen the pedal 3D printed, so I did that too - it's trickier since there are more pieces that simply can't be printed like the relay, ribbon cable, etc. but I modeled as much as I could. I decided to use real hardware for assembly for aesthetic reasons, strength and to make the trap good for modding.

Files are available under a Attribution - Non-commercial - Share Alike Creative Commons license.
Trap Files: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1394492
Pedal Files: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1394639

Print guidelines and basic hardware are listed in the file downloads.

My final version of the trap and pedal is 3D printed but with as much real hardware on it as possible. I designed everything so that real parts are easy to substitute when possible. For example, the 3D printed 'aluminum' plates are 1/16" so they can be printed and used as a template to make 1/16" aluminum plates. The side panels are 1/4" so 1/4" MDF could be used, etc. I installed full electronics, light, sound and smoke, I will be detailing all of that later. It runs on Arduino, a bunch of Adafruit parts and e-cigarettes. I selected all the components and wired it, but I'm not a great electronics guy and/or programmer, so my friend Jeremy Williams (creator of Game Frame) did all the programming and helped with hooking everything together.



It uses a servo chain drive for the doors

In action:
https://youtu.be/_xaDdnWJYYU?list=PL_84 ... slg5U-oEvJ

I write for Tested.com and will be posting videos and articles, I'll provide more pictures and info as we go:
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... slg5U-oEvJ
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This is the trap and pedal fully (as much as it was possible) 3D printed. The only thing painted were the rods and 'brass' parts. Trap is fully printed except for fasteners. Pedal is needs a lot more real parts such as relay, ribbon cable, hinge, bellows and tubing. But even the relay socket is printed.




Even 3D printed the Foster connectors, they have magnets to hold them in place:


Close up of Deluxe trap opening. I used wire mesh just for something interesting. Used lighting gels to get correct color and 3 high intensity LEDS that alternate flashing. You can see the smoke outlets around the edge. Since it was 3D printed I was able to embed a pipe that goes around the inside lip.

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wishbone wrote:How did you like the dremel 3d printer? I don't know many using it yet. Looks like your prints came out pretty solid, how much finishing work did you have to do? PLA I'm guessing?
Overall the Dremel was a nice printer for the price with a few caveats. I was able to fit all parts on the print bed, it did a nice job down to .1mm layer height, etc. I had a lot of problem with the Dremel filament quality-wise and would recommend using 3rd party. This requires adding a spool holder to the top which is easy via Thingiverse. The original software needs work as it didn't even generate supports which is crazy. They are now working with Autodesk to use their Print Studio which does do supports. I really like the touch screen which would also display a 3D render of the file. Not as quiet as some printers, but overall it was great to use.

Everything was done in PLA which was new for me since I usually do ABS. It does a great job for mechanical and nut and bolt stuff and the PLA was a bit irritating since it's a lot more brittle. In the end it worked ok. I hate finishing work but found a workflow that I was ok with. Used Bondo Glazing and Spot putty which goes on real thin - perfect for hiding print lines. It dries super fast and sands easy. I also used epoxy putty to simulate the weld on the rear box - think I made mine a bit too thick.

I could have taken more time with this piece, but you get the idea.


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Cole Funstuff wrote:Excellent job! I really like the opening mechanism you came up with in the trap ears. Very clever!
Thanks, that took the longest and most tries to get right. I really wanted to keep the mechanism hidden and this worked out well. Here's some more picts:

The wings/ears are dovetailed to fit into main body

Used mini chain and sprockets. There wasn't enough room to make a direct connection to wing gear so had to use a transfer setup.

Slide the wing in, then pop the gear in. Very tight space, is kind of a pain

Grind flats on shafts - there are set screws in the doors.

These were press-fit sprockets and everything was working great - until every single one of them started slipping. Had to disassemble and hand drill tiny set screws. Thought about glue/loctite but the way this goes together makes it hard to do without getting glue where it shouldn't be. The setscrews also allowed for adjustments and service.

Testing: https://youtu.be/YFKtNePIOts?list=PL_84 ... slg5U-oEvJ
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Cole Funstuff wrote:Those are amazing pictures, thanks for sharing!

Any recommendation on where to source the chain and sprockets? I'd love to use this but worry that getting the chain tension and length right could be an issue.
You can get them at https://www.servocity.com. I also have hardware kits and hoses and will be adding door mech and smoke kits to my Etsy store:https://www.etsy.com/shop/CharlesworthDynamics
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This is literally my dream trap. I have never been more happy to see this come to light. It's pretty much exactly what I've been looking for myself and it has all of the features I want. I can't wait to get to work on this!
Here is the in-depth look at the electronics and mechanics of the Trap. Big thanks go out to Jeremy Williams, creator of the Game Frame https://ledseq.com for programming and electronics help.

http://www.tested.com/art/makers/565510 ... ghost-trap

I've had a lot of questions concerning hardware kits, directions, etc. All the 3D files are free to download and print:
Trap: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1394492
Pedal: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1394639

With the downloads is a list of basic hardware to put them together. I also have screw kits and Deluxe hardware upgrades on my Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CharlesworthDynamics

I'm working on assembly guides which will be offered as part of the free downloads. I'll be selling smoke and door kits and an electronics guide which includes a complete shopping list from Adafruit. We will also be releasing Jeremy's code for free.
absolutely love this and something I definitely plan to add to my list of projects I want to do. For those of us who neither have room or can afford a 3D printer is there any recommendations for a place to get these printed?
As a long time Tested subscriber, this was AWESOME to see. I am really thinking about doing this and really can't wait to see all the info on the electronics and what is needed to get it all wired. Bravo good sir, bravo!

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