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By countspatula
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Hi all,
Leading up to finally releasing the Electronics Guide I am releasing guides for the Smoke Pump and Door Mech for my 3D printed Trap. These are helpful if you are putting together your own electronics pack and the smoke setup can be adapted for other uses. There's a hardware list in each guide and I have some kits in my shop as well. These guides will also be integrated into the Electronics Guide for which I have all the pictures and steps done and in the process of the actual writing.

3D Files
Smoke & Door Guides
Original 3D Trap Thread


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By countspatula
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#1: 95 page Electro-Mechanics Guide is now available for download in my shop -

#2: just added to my site - for free -
- Arduino Code - released as-is - no support!
- SFX Files
- Adafruit electronics list:
- Hardwired Hose Guide

Please see the Sneak Peek PDF which includes the first few sections of the guide as well as a full list of parts:

Due to Etsy's stingy digital file size limit the immediate download you get is a way lower resolution than I originally created. I will email you within 24 hours with a MediaFire link for the 95MB high res version that you can really zoom in on the pictures with. I can also do PayPal if you want to PM me.

The guide is geared toward the layman who can solder and carefully follow directions. The electronics are built outside the trap in modules with removable connectors. This allows everything to be tested then installed. The modular design allows for easier troubleshooting and maintenance.

- Fully illustrated with tons of photos
- Fully bookmarked and internally linked for easy navigation
- Tool list
- Hardware list - the fasteners needed for assembly - also available in my Standard Hardware Kit:
- Full parts list - all electronic parts are listed - most are available from Adafruit and a shopping list is included
- Skills needed section & FAQ
- Sanding and painting
- Assembling electronic modules
- Updated Deluxe Trap and Pedal build directions with integrated electronics installation for a seamless build
- Arduino setup
- Hardwired hose and Foster connection guide so Trap can be triggered from Pedal while hose can still be removed
- Troubleshooting
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