This could not have come at a better time, especially since I am going to start putting together resin casted kits. I have an original light lens from the trap which does have a metal ring on it. If I can separate the ring I can cast the lens in clear red and then maybe aluminum cold cast the ring and put them back together. I also have a original CAL-R Resistor which I plan on possibly cold casting in copper. There is also an aluminum knob for the side of the trap that I plan on casting too.

Anyways, a friend of mine knows I am into my props and he happened to be going through a thrift store today. He is one of those types of guys who likes checking out what others call JUNK, lol. Anyways, in a zip lock bag were these two knobs. He knew I had just finished a ghost trap and he recognized those knobs right away as something that looks like it would go on the trap but he wasn't sure. Anyways he brings them to me, I check them out and I am blown away. I pull out the digital calipers and measure them and sure enough they share the measurements of the knobs that are on Sean's Ghost Trap plans!!! I can not wait to resin cast these. I will make it a two part mold that way the hole is still on the resin copies for those who wish to add them and still make them turn. Since these ones have a "D" shaped hole instead of a round one, I am guessing you can use a pot that has a D connection or you could drill the resin carefully to a round one to connect it however you would. Unless of course you would want to glue them into place. Anyways, I feel like this is an AMAZING addition to the resin casted ghost trap knob kit that I plan to create.
As for the "teardrop" pointer knob.... Those are very hard to come by but my buddies uncle has a lot of vintage military stuff so he said he will look, I'll just have to cast it and make sure he gets it back if they do have one. If not then I may have one fabricated to the exact dimensions. I know I could always 3D print one but there is just something very sketchy to me about 3D printing things as small as knobs and then resin casting them and I don't want to do that. As for the "square knobs".... I'm thinking they were actually once "Sliders" instead of actual knobs that turned. I would be willing to bet the the metal decoration on top of those was just some sort of add on to dress the knob up. For all we know it could be a square / rectangle shape with a hole drilled in the bottom and a decoration put on top. I will find out all I can over the next week or so because I plan to resin cast a full knob kit and throw in the resistor too very soon. Stay tuned guys!

By bromie
Hey, don't know if it helps but I posted links in damster's build for the knobs I used on my traps: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=40032&hilit=damster ... 0#p4891499

Some of the links I just tried don't seem to work anymore but the product numbers are still the same. Instead of the 5300E you've linked try looking for the Davies 1200-W. I haven't looked properly but I'd expect they're identical except for the diameter of the shaft it's designed to fit.

I used the 1200-W and just removed the metal cap from the end (some of the product pictures don't show the cap, but it's very easily prised off with a thin screwdriver or blade). I then painted the ends with metallic silver paint - I've not updated my trap builds yet but it'll explain what I mean.

Good luck!

By Glenn Frederick
I had actually came across the accurate knobs used on the trap and bromie is right about the 1200-W Davies knobs being identical like the ones used but the knobs I had found had a couple of things different.

They had a aluminum inserted in the middle like the screen used traps and they were for a 1/8 shaft. I believe both the knobs in the first movie were also 1/8 because the small black knob was only made for that size while the silver knob came in both 1/8 and 1/4.

The knobs I had found wasn't Davies brand but were exactly like the current Davies with the numbers 1200 on the bottom.
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By Theoderic
Kingpin wrote: February 23rd, 2019, 11:34 am
AndFisher wrote: February 23rd, 2019, 8:26 amThese are dead ringers, but I cannot seem to get hold of them anywhere.
They're close, but they're missing the silver detail on the flat end.
That wouldn't be an issue i think; it just a pretty easy fix to add some fitted aluminium discs to the top of these... and BAM - you're there :-D

But the lack of availability of these knobs, kinda kills it a bit. Well, so resin castings are second best so far i guess.
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