So. I 3D printed and assembled a trap pedal with hose. I was just thinking it was going to be static along with my spirit trap. But I just had a thought. How hard do you think it would be to disconnect the momentary switch from the trap. (Leaving the mechanism inside) Then wiring in my own switch from the pedal down the hose into the trap. The doors wouldn't be activated from the pedal but the lights and sounds would be..

Make sense?!?!?Image
That might just be a possibility.. LoL my printer is down right now. (Just have to make some simple repairs..) if I can get everything up and running it would be after wondercon next weekend. Would you want everything printed or would you get some of the kits that have the real parts that you can install? My relay is real so is the connector. Real metal quick connects. (Got those at home depot though). Comouter connectors are real. For me I printed the actual foot pedal. Boxes lids. Base, top and bottom bellows connector. Banjo connector and smaller connectors for the yellow and red hose..

In short yes interested lol..
I was able to actually do what I wanted but if I could get the doors to work. That would be even better..

https://youtu.be/MY4KYT033X8[IMG]https: ... 68279b.jpg[/IMG]ImageImage
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