With the reveal of the smoking ghost trap (via incense cone), is this a viable option to get say a walmart trap to smoke? Im thinking about 3d printing an incense cone holder box or building one with placement for 4+ incense cones to place on the inside and then add metal incense cone holders to keep the print/trap from melting. Anyone think this is a bad idea? lol
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I used incense inside a LGB (1:22.5 scale) train station for smoke out of the chimney for a few months a while back and it left alot of funky gross residue all over the inside that took alot of scrubbing to remove , I cant inagine it would be good for electronics or moving parts :sigh:
Yeah, the Ecig setups are probably my best option, I used a Walmart trap to give out candy on halloween, stood on my porch, placed the trap on a table and stepped on the pedal when the kids came, and kept good social distance. They enjoyed it. Would definitely want to add to that setup with a fogging trap
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