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By Colin1980
Hi all
Iam just on the looking for the electrics
For a trap ive tryed to make it my self but with
No luck
Iam in the uk in Lincolnshire
Thanks guys
By tobycj
Charlesworth Dynamics on etsy sells his trap electronics plans, but they're full on DIY, rather than buying a PCB that's plug and play. There's a couple of other folk developing kits (both in the US though), but they're a way off being sold yet. I'd drop Ghost Mech 852 another message, and hopefully he'll get back to you soon.
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By Kingpin
Colin1980 wrote: December 8th, 2022, 1:07 pm Wants about £380 just for the electronics
Way to expensive
While that is higher than some, unfortunately electronics kits do have a tendency to be expensive... And that was before the chip shortage pushed prices up.
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By prodestrian
Colin1980 wrote:Ive tryed makeing Charlesworth Dynamics
One i have all the parts just can't seem to get it to work lol
I've seen you post this in 3 different places, but you haven't actually said why it doesn't work.
Where did you get up to? Did you get any of it working? Is there a part you're really stuck on?

It'd be a shame to buy all those parts and give up, only because you have a wire the wrong way around or one of the parts was delivered defective.

Jump into the Arduino for Ghostbusters Props group on Facebook and post some photos and details. Maybe we can help, maybe not. But it's worth a shot, right?

As a software engineer, I can tell you right now that "it doesn't work" is the least helpful phrase in troubleshooting.
Whereas something like "I plug it in and the red light flashes 3 times then it completely freezes"...we can work with that! :-D

Also Joseph Lavender has recently released some video tutorials about Arduino Proton Packs, it's possible we can point you to some clips which also apply to the Charlesworth Trap electronics.
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By Colin1980
Ok buddy
Well ive put all the code and Library on the arduino and the mp3 on the sd card check all the wires like 5 times they fine and all i get is a low buzzing off the mp3 player ive checked its getting 5v
Ive unplug every thing to see if anything was stopping the mp3 player from working andstill the same thing
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By prodestrian
Which MP3 player does it use?
You're right, it could definitely be the SD card. But for some MP3 players it can also be the way the card is formatted or how the files are copied over.

I think you're already making progress here!

I also believe there may be a gbfans thread where someone updated and improved Sean's Arduino code, but I'd have to dig around to find it.
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