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By Brads_gimmick
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Hey GBFans community

Unsure what happened to my first topic but it would appear my post has gone missing...

I am most defiantly still in the market for any of the below in the hopes that someone may have any of the following which would help me tick off the last pieces of my pack build... If you do I would love to talk to you

What I'm in the market for:

3x Gen 1 Dark Grey 4mm Legris Elbows (or any set of 4mm Gen 1 Elbows to be honest)
1x Vintage Translucent "milky" white Slone hat light
1x Pacific Resistor
1 small length of Vintage 5/32 Yellow Nycoil Tubing for the Ion Arm (Doesn't have to be like the Venkman pack but just identifiable with the large NYCOIL logo or some portion there of)
At a Massive Stretch…
Dark & Light Blue Clippard 3814-1 Tubing: just enough for the Ion Arm, PPD, & Injector tube
Vintage Clippard Valves R701 & R331 valves

if you have these or anything else you think I could be interested in let’s talk as I’m not here to waste anyone’s time
Thanks all

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