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By Jason Spencer
Hi there,
Totally Newbie here so I'm sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place.
I have zero diy skills and was wondering if anyone offers a commission service where I can buy a completed pack or if anyone could recommend a vendor who offers this service and maybe also who to avoid?
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By Kingpin
Always good to meet another UK ghosthead. :)

Given you're this side of the pond, BenofKent jumps to the head of the pack as he does do Pack commissions, though as noted before, there is quite a queue wait for his Packs as he's extremely popular on both sides of the Atlantic.
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By kind2311
It's generally a good idea to just buy a completed pack rather than commission one. There is a greater chance of complications when commissioning something in the online propping community.

There are a lot of packs for sale on ebay across an entire range of prices. Search "Proton Pack", and then sort by price from highest to lowest in order to view the completed packs first. ... =0&_sop=16

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