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By Darth_Egon
Hey guys I’m looking for a Marty ghost trap. Doesn’t have to be pretty just needs to work properly! I can barter as I have all kinds of movie props and or cash. Please let me know.
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By ArdentProps
Well, there is only one trap going on eBay right for $700 lol, they are super hard to find. I do wish you good luck though!
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By Ecto24601
Keep looking on ebay, but be prepared to spend 500-800 bucks on it. But get a mint one for the money. I won't regret a single dime I spent on mine, even when we get a Hasbro Plasma series trap.
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By Kingpin
I think it's more an assumption than anything else. A while back an interview was conducted with a member of Hasbro's staff featured a Ghost Trap on a shelf beside the Spengler wand. However, the Trap in question appeared to have a base similar to a production gift presented to Logan Kim, so I'd be hesitant about assuming there'll be a Plasma Series Ghost Trap until we see something a bit more substantive from Hasbro.

Whilst a Ghost Trap did appear on a shelf of one of the Hasbro staff a little while back
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By RealGhostbusterJay
Because the pandemic has delayed the film several times and is likely to keep doing so new merch isn't gonna come out for a while. I know a lot of us are hoping for a new trap as well as a PKE and Goggles. The new trap IF they release one might nit be for a long time however and may not be exactly the way the original version looked as the Spengler wand is designed to look patched together as it's seen in afterlife. Trap might have the same look. Keep checking ebay or there are some buy and sell groups on FB.

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