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By Mercedesslr
Hi guys and gals I need some help.

Trying to get some quality labels for my Spirit Proton pack. I have not been able to find any files to do it myself let alone know how to attempt it myself.

The closest I found so far was a nice chrome metallic set on eBay however he won't ship outside the US. Preferably I'm looking for something like that or vinyl stickers like the sold-out set on the gbfans store.

Any help is greatly appreciated. :cool:
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By NotSabbat
Took me a bit to find it again, but here are the files I use on my full sized proton packs: ... -templates

I called my local kinkos and asked what kind of printer paper that I needed to use if I wanted them to make copies on paper I provided; I believe they said laser printer paper, but I dont recall 100%. I then purchased some white waterproof decal paper from Amazon and some brushed aluminum waterproof decal paper from an online shop that I found. I did some test prints on regular paper to make sure the scale was good and then had them print the files out on the provided sheets. Worked pretty well. You could do the same thing, just do some test prints to see what scale you need to print it out at first.

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