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By Ectotron
I'm looking to restore my firehouse. I need the two containment units, firepole with platform and sign. I also need the passenger door, ghost claw and roof-mounted seat with guns for Ecto-1. I can pay by Paypal or I have some Kenner Ghostbusters role playing gear I can trade-

Proton Pack set- backpack, wand and PKE meter. Good stickers, unbroken hose. No foam beam.
Ghost Spooker- I haven't tested it yet
Ghost Zapper- I have two, one that the projector works but sound does not, and another where the projector doesn't work and the sound works badly.
Ecto Goggles- no foam pops or Ecto Popper
Ghost Trap- hose has a break, pedal is in good shape

I'll provide pics if there is any interest.
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