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By boozer4
Ordered a V-Hook for my Matty wand and it came right on schedule. I just ordered a set of L brackets to hook the shell to the motherboard.... those should arrive Tuesday the 5th.

Thanks for the help! Great work on the Al parts :). Very happy
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By Paranormal
For many years like most of us here I dreamt of having my very own proton pack. I did my research, reached out to those in the community and one name kept coming up, Eric Gunther. I got in touch with Eric in hopes for a commissioned build and got the ball rolling. Eric was extremely helpful in every step of the process, from helping me select the best possible components to fit my budget, to customizing the pack to the specs I envisioned. He kept me updated every step of the way and was more than patient with my questions and requests. Not once did I feel rushed and always felt that he was just as invested in the quality of my pack if not even more so than I was. The day I picked up the finished pack was a dream come true. It was even better than I had hoped and everything was as I wanted it down to the smallest details. He explained everything in detail as to the workings of the pack and how to properly care for and maintain it. Eric is meticulous in his work ethic and a true professional when it comes to his customers. The pack was built with love and he did not cut corners. I can tell he treats his customers orders as if they were his own. I am 110% satisfied and would do business with him again no questions asked. Eric is a genuinely nice guy, and he knows what he's doing. I recommend him to anybody. Thanks again for everything Eric!
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By Redwing19
I ordered a bunch of parts from Ejgunth87 / Eric and he did an excellent job! Communication was quick and he was very helpful with the measurements I needed (booster tube). On top of that the parts he made are excellent! Thanks again!
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By Prologic9
I want to give a shout out review for Eric's GB2 V-hook.

Overall it's made with a high level of precision. The two sides mate perfectly with no overlap on either end.

The pressed steel female side I received is measurably heavier and stronger than the others I've used, which is much appreciated. I'm actually curious as to why; it appears identical in size, shape, and thickness. Is it made from a denser grade of steel?

If you're using a fiberglass shell the interior may not have room for the included backplate. But if you're using this on anything thinner like plastic or vacuform the increased support would be great. You could also potentially use the backplate as the baseplate, saving some weight.

Consequently of all the various V-hooks I have right now this one is easily my favorite.
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