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By obiwanjabroni
Hi Doug, I've been trying to PM you but for some reason all messages to you seem to be stuck in my outbox. Could you drop me a PM?

Bought a bezel kit from Doug and it's been super easy to work with/assemble. Came quickly too!
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By Kingpin
obiwanjabroni wrote: November 8th, 2019, 8:02 am Hi Doug, I've been trying to PM you but for some reason all messages to you seem to be stuck in my outbox. Could you drop me a PM?
They're not "stuck". Private Messages remain in the outbox until they're read by the recipient.
By SMC164

Doug put up with more than he bargained for when I bought from him. I bothered him with questions and with troubleshooting. He was absolutely amazing and my pack is now fully operational and better than I could have imagined.

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By Ectotainment
A few months back, I purchased a number of Spongeface's upgrade kits for 2 Spirit packs I made for Halloween. Since then I've also purchased some other items for a hero build I'm planning on now and his new Spirit Halloween Radio upgrade board. I can't say enough good things about Doug. His instructions manuals are top notch and his engineering skills speak for themselves. He was always very responsive, helpful and professional. I would recommend his good and services to anyone looking to get into this hobby. Thanks again!
By NickFame13
I recommend Spongeface to anyone and everyone for his stellar work, quality of products, and spectacular customer support and service! Everything that makes my pack purr is from Spongeface!
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By duke009
I have purchased two kits from Doug, both arrived in a timely manner and up to the highest quality i can give. Highly recommended and will be buying his other kits soon!
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By Kingpin
Ubanksy wrote: May 13th, 2020, 7:27 am How can I buy from him? I'd love proper lights and sounds.
Doug regularly sells items through the Marketplace here, and on eBay.
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