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By RealGhostbusterJay
I spoke to Mike some weeks ago. He says mine should be shipped in December. Hopefully there's no issues as I'd hate to see his last few full commissions be over shadowed by issues from customers but also see why he's done making full packs and only selling parts these days. I can't say I'm ok waiting a year for a fully paid for pack. I know he has a wedding coming up but even so I'd like to think most have been patient with him. The other thing is if he's getting reviews from Yes Have Some Podcast and Ghostheads then I'd hope he'd be somewhat cognizant of that and want to make sure he wasn't making those folks or productions looked at as unfavorable. If you haven't heard anything by November maybe drop him a line again and simply be direct with what the hold up is. If there seems to be issues then you might need to use the Paypal refund term which does have an expiry date but for items like this where there are payment plans or special circumstances then you might have some support there. Hopefully things are just busy. I'm not going to get hosed on another pack regardless of who's making it.
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By RealGhostbusterJay
Well bit of an update.

My pack was supposed to ship in December and things had been on schedule however I got a message the other day saying it might be late due to childcare issues with having kids home and not being able to go to the shop due to COVID and kids staying home. haven't responded as of yet. I'm hopeful were not looking at more then a month. With this pandemic it isn't really fair to compare it to the previous years where frankly put if personal stuff starts to come up it's usually a sign the project is not going to get done or not going to be what was promised. I do have to give him some type of date however as PP buyer help only exists for so long and that's not something I can just hope works out with an investment such as this. I'm hopeful that despite the lack of shop time he can get it shipped shortly as it was only 2 years ago I got my first pack after a mess of issues and having to have it basically rebuilt. Anyone else have updates?
By J. McFly
I received my pack end of Nov and the wand just arrived a few days ago. Mike ended up not charging me for shipping since the process took much longer than expected. I'm happy with the way the pack turned out. Everything is as described and up to par with my expectations. You definitely need to check in regularly with him to make sure things are still progressing but you will be happy with it once he's done.
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By RealGhostbusterJay
He had said that my pack would ship January. I dropped him a line last week and then Thursday this week and still haven't heard anything. I'm hoping it's because he's in the shop trying to get these orders done but I'd feel better if he would at least respond to the message. I will update again next week and if he hasn't replied I'll have to start looking at PP protection sadly I think. It would suck if he's dealing with family being ill and what not but with no updates it's hard to sympathize. Hope he and his family are alright.
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By Kingpin
We've only just reached the end of the first full week of January, it could be some personal business has arisen that's called his attention away from answering correspondence.

Hopefully you'll hear from him soon.
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By RealGhostbusterJay
Understandable. I'm just keeping people appraised. Life is busy for many right now. I'm trying to get some repairs done on my first pack which was a horrid experience so I can keep myself busy till then.

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