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By GBFans
This topic was created to leave feedback for AZspidey.

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By kind2311
Got some GB1 accurate key fob clips from Todd and they arrived very quickly.

Great seller ;)
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By Derek
Got my clips today!! Thanks for getting them here so quick...

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By lordgilpin
Ordered Some Ecto Google decals and foam padding and the quality is top-notch. Shipped quickly, communicated well, and I absolutely would do business with again! Thanks man!
By CCSpidey81
Got my Ecto-Goggle padding and stickers from Todd. Amazingly fast shipping, couldn't have had a better transaction. Hope to deal with again in the future. Thanks Todd!
By Borzou
Got AZ's padding and labelsfor the ecto goggles. It was shipped in a timely manner and the labels looks sweet.
By jimbo7
borzou wrote:Got AZ's padding and labelsfor the ecto goggles. It was shipped in a timely manner and the labels looks sweet.
same here. and everything looks great!
By punkdude908
got the goggle padding and stickers, awesome quality. i bought the kit in advance of even building my goggles bc i knew it was prob a limited run and it would be a while before i could finish my gbdan goggles. awesome quality padding and stickers, its going to make the goggles that much more bad@ss.
By Dreamstalker
I also got some goggle padding/stickers; excellent communication, prompt shipping and great quality.
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By RedSpecial
I got my Radiac meter today, shipping was fast and it was very well packed.
Cheers Todd!
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By cowbybill
Been meaning to post this, I ordered the Goggle pad and they are excellent! Thanks for making such a great product.
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By gbmickey
Just got my Radiac meter on the mail! This thing's a beauty:-) very well packaged and super fast shipping. Thanks Todd!
By MandoMan
Got in my goggle foam pad and labels today, quick shipping and great items! Thanks bro!
By jbeard1701
Got my Gigameter cast on Friday. Words cannot describe how AWESOME this casting is.
Todd outdid himself with this project.
Packaging was top notch & shipping was quick.
Thanks! --Jeff.
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By mburkit
I got my gigameter cast in last week and I finally got to open it up. It looks great and I can't wait (in a few years) when I have the time to tackle that project. But atleast he gave me a leg up on the build.
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By Kingpin
I recently purchased one of Todd's new Giga Meter kits, and I cannot adequately put into words how absolutely excellent the parts are. The details are crisp and the construction is sound, being almost like a very strong plastic in execution. This is the be-all, end-all Giga kit, and it frankly speaks for itself.

Thanks, Todd!

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