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By GBFans
This topic was created to leave feedback for | alkaline |.

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By Garvin Ghostbuster
I just got my pack shell in the mail today and all I can say is WOW! The man has a eye for detail and knows how to put a quality pack shell out.
He keep me informed all the way, very fast shipping hope to get the chance to buy another from him.
By mcfly
Got my shell today and it looks fantastic! Pleasure to do business with John, who kept me up to date with emails until I got the shell to tell me what was going on and where we were in the process of things, and I'm looking forward to working on this pack.

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By Vincenzo330
My Alkaline shell arrived this week. It is truly a sight to behold. Nice crisp edges (even on the holes he cut for me) and a solid sturdy cast. Now if you will all excuse me there's a pack shell in need of some heavy petting... <3
By XenuPrime
I got my shell on time and he sent tracking information (I did not have to ask for it!). The shell is a high quality product. I had some questions and Alkaline answered them quickly. I will be buying from him again.
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By BSjohnson
John is a great guy to deal with. When I was in he process of ordering a fiberglass pack shell, he responded to all my emails promptly, politely and professionally. He gave me tracking info and even asked me a time or two in PM or in the chat if it had arrived yet. It's nice to have a seller interested in his customers' satisfaction.

The shell itself is just beautiful craftsmanship. Sturdy, clean, and detailed with nice crisp edges. He drilled the holes for no additional charge, and removed the flashing from the edges (which is more than can be said about some sellers). And the price was just right! The value of this shell is tremendous. Even if my wife did not immediately agree with me. :lol:

If I didn't already have the majority of my resin parts, I'd most likely order from alkaline. :crunch:
By jdeBroux
Got my shell in the mail tuesday. It was shipped in a big box well protected. Alkaline even included a Quality Control Spread sheet to show that he had inspected his own work to make sure it was up to his standards. This part surprised me. I think Alkaline has got a great thing going, the shell looks good, feels very strong and is going to be a great thing to work on. Alkaline informed me that small Snafu happened while cleaning up the pack and he fixed it and noted what happened in the quality review he included.

For all you noobs out there I whole heartedly endores and recommend Alkaline's Shell.

By ItalianNinja86
Got my shell im the mail today and all I can say is whats already been said

the shell is a work of art

Thanks a lot John

:crunch: you've earned it
By Filandrius
I've got my shell! I'VE GOT MY SHELL! Sorry, I'm kind of excited here. :P

Seriously, that thing is worth every single cent. It very well made, inspected professionaly (I've got a little chart and everything!) Well packed, fast shipping (except when customs decide to inspect it for 2 weeks... Well they're jealous because I have an Alkaline shell! :P) I can't really say anything else, John's shell are beautiful, everybody should get one. :D Thanks a lot!
By raider57
superbly crafted shell. lightweight and easy to work with. Excellent value.
John is a great guy to deal with as well!
By Davlin
Got my shell piece today. Awesome work, can't wait to work on it. Alkaline is a great guy and highly professional, whose on the fence about buying a shell should hesitate not more. :)
By quietontheset
First I would like to thanks John for the awesome work he did on my shell that arrived in the mail today and let everyone else who bought one of these shells and is waiting for them to arrive that you won't be disappointed. I am blown away with the condition of the shell. I might have to prep it for 10 minutes before its ready for paint and that is far less work I imagined I would need to put into the shell before the prep would be ready for paint. Everything looks great and the deal went smooth from first contact to delivery of the shell. I highly recommend these shells and doing business with alkaline. This is the first shell I have owned and the first pack I will be putting together but the quality really speaks for itself. I built custom cars professionally for 8 years and used fiberglass everyday and the glass work on the pack is top notch! I'm really picky when it comes to fiberglass so seeing the finished product really made me happy.


By StaggeringElk
Just got shell 1 of 2 today and all I can say is wow! This is a great product and I am very happy with my purchase. I was like a little kid on christmas. There packing peanuts everywhere when I was opening to see that pack. John you have definitely made a dream that was 24 years in the making. Keep up the good work and looking forward to my other pack that should be in tomorrow.
By Nick Poppageorgio
Might I just say, John is wonderful to deal with and you won't be disappointed. I just ordered my shell today and he was very expedient and accommodating with his new summer run. I've only heard good things about his shell and cannot wait to receive it.
By rpburke1978
I received my |alkaline| shell in the mail a few weeks ago. I neglected to put some feedback in here for him, but, dude, it's nice. Crisp clean edges. Light yet sturdy construction. All holes already pre-drilled out to save time on construction. I'm building up my collection of parts slowly but surely, and this pack will be my best yet with a whole lot of help from this pack shell. Thanks, man.
By ArtsNFartsNCrafts
Hands down, Alkaline has set the standard. No corners are cut, on this shell.

except, y'know...the corners that may have literally been cut.
By madeinsocal6
I can only agree with what has already been said. I had been on GBFans for sometime before deciding what shell to buy. There just wasn't a shell that had the look I was looking for until John brought his to the market. I LOVE the way it looks but above that the customer service and strength of the pack exceed many expectations.

Thanks John.
By hikari_luv
I'm absolutely in LOVE with this pack shell!! Received it today and couldn't be happier!!! Thanks again John... it was a PLEASURE doing business with you :)!!!!!!!!! Hope to do more in the future ;)!
By 1.21 Gigawatts
Okay, I didn't want to simply post my first reaction when I got John's new black tinted fiberglass shell. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't just posting off the raw emotion of finally having it in my grubby hands. That said, its been in my possession for a few weeks-and after fiddling with it a bit- I can say that it is as fantastic to me today as the day I got it.

The shell itself fits Colin's aluminum motherboards near-perfectly, and there seems to be VERY little shrinkage or warping. The fiberglass is as thick if not thicker than many commercially produced fiberglass items (non-Prop) and seems like it would take quite the beating with ease. To be honest this was accidentally tested in a moment that almost made me have a heart attack, but alas there was not a mark left on it.

Speaking of the finish, the black resin should be another benefit if one were to accidentally scrape it after buildup. Honestly with a little sanding (if one was really pressed) I would hazard to say someone could go sans-paint and do a quick build up for a 'stunt' pack. It's taken every ounce of my being not to jump ahead of myself and fully tear into building on this thing! *....must wait on all parts, must wait on all parts..keep repeating...SOOO CLOSE TO DEADLINE ...*

Finally I want to say a couple of things about John. He is without a doubt one of the top sellers on here from a customer service perspective. Every email or PM was immediately responded to in a down to Earth and personal way. He is an absolute man of his word too... If he makes you a promise, he will stick to it and not give you an excuse as to why he had to renege. In this hobby you deal with a lot of worry and sometimes expect the worst. Rest assured that wont be your experience with him.

Sorry to gush, but its all the honest truth. I have nothing but good things to say about my entire experience: from the initial questions, to the order, to the wait, and final delivery of this pack shell. Top quality work and a top quality individual. One of the best experiences I've had on any board. Thanks for everything John!!
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By Mr.Spider
I instead will post raw emotion....... WHY HAVENT YOU BOUGHT FROM HIM YET ?!?!?!

In all seriousness, i bought johns shell, it arrived perfectly in a nice box, its pretty and light and strong and you need one, period
By Manuel1983

I also bought an Shell from John and I love it so much!!!! He is an very nice Guy!!! AWESOME Shell for an AWESOME Price!!!!

kind regards
By odog
Great shell I got it in a timely manner. Had it not been for me buying a house I would have been able to finish the pack before Dcon!
By Sebastian Arms
Got my shell as well.

Motherboard mounting to occur this weekend.

Then just waiting on a few tubes from another supplier and my second pack will be well on the way.

Thanks John,


By KagaSakai
I just now realized that I have never left feedback for John, and for that I am very sorry. I ordered a shell back in April and I was kept informed every step of the way until it arrived a few weeks later. John was very patient with my many questions and curiosities about the shell, and was happy to help during my build process. The shell is of a tremendous quality and I couldn't be happier with my purchase! If you take your time and do things right, you make a great pack with his shell! Highly recommended!


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