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By GBFans
This topic was created to leave feedback for Vincenzo330.

Please leave feedback for this person if you have completed a transaction with them recently. Remember to keep things factual and relavent to the discussion. Do not comment if you do not have a reason to (ex. you haven't had a transcation with them), and remember once a comment is submitted you will not be able to edit it. We also do not remove feedback unless it violates a rule, so do not be afraid to leave an honest opinion!
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By don-69
I would buy from this guy again he had quick response fast shipping and product was as described.. I highly recommend this seller.
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By Mr.Spider
Got my mt500 radio the other day, I would buy again as well
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By wvwolfman1981
Got my crank knob today. Looks great, have plans to use it on a vg pack. Great seller, great communication, super fast shipping, and great price. Will surely do business again in the future. Thanks.
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By GB Ty
He was very nice to do business with. I would buy from him again.
By ShadesMcPherson
Got my suit in RECORD time. A + seller, kept up emails with absolutely no delay, very kind and straight forward. 100% recommended!
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By JayTigran
Got my MT500 in one week (with Easter Weekend being part of that week), excellent service, answered any and all questions, and he held it for me while my PayPal did it's thing (stoopid slow paypal)

Excellent person, will defiantly do business with again
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By Ron Daniels
I've bought two patches from Vince and they have been precisely as advertised and arrived swiftly.
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By logirl26
very nice patch. i am a southern california boy and figured this patch would look great in my collection. very accurate and precise, shipped very quick. i recommend him to anybody for patches of the uniform. thanks bud!!!
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By jdeBroux
Ordered some brass clippard elbows and a GB1 Patch, Post Office botched my first order and the brass ended up missing. Called Cenzo up and he sent me another set no questions asked. AWESOME!!!!
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By NHVenkman
Ordered a mt500 off vinny a few months ago. I forgot to leave feedback, very quick shipping, will order from him again. Only problem is he did not send his wife in the box
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By xtrmn8r17
Got a no ghost logo from VinC, there was a little red stitching on the ghost, but its all good. Shipping was fast
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By Charnel
Got my patches yesterday. Good quality and fast shipping.
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By Smits
Patches arrived today--Feedback time!

Shipping: Fast and cheap
Patches: Lovely!
Velcro: Amazingly strong
Vinny: Quite a nice fella, whom I would deal with again.

Thank you kindly, sir! :D
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By kind2311
dang Vin you blew up in this community like a hemorrhoid
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By Nicholszz
I ordered a patch a few weeks back.
It arrived very quick. And was very much better then expected!
A+++++ For sure!
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