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By GBFans
This topic was created to leave feedback for CPU64.

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By mburkit
I recently asked CPU64 to build me an aluminum gun body for my new pack build. He got it made for me extremely fast and was nice enough to double check with me that I was satisfied with it before he shipped it out. I also did not have to pay until it was made and ready to ship. He had great communication with me and it showed up very quick. Thanks for making me such a great item!

Here are some pictures in comparison to my TC thrower on my current pack.
And lots of space on the inside for all the craziness that will be going in there . . .

Thanks again CPU64!
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By CPU64
Supporting Member
Glad you like it. ^_^
Did you get the freebie I taped to the box??
By Filandrius
I've ordered a custom set of aluminum injector tubes from Chris, and I've just got them. The shipping was lightning fast (4 business days) the craftmanship is superb, and the installation is going to be a breeze (he drilled and tapped every hole necessary, and supplied the bolts) He even got me a little template so that I know where to drill in my shell. All in all, this is a very satisfied customer! Thanks a lot! :)
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By 1.21 Gigawatts
I can't believe how good his stuff looks in pics, I can only imagine how nice it is in person. I cant WAIT to get my order! :)
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By kind2311
i received my metal thrower body this morning and it is an outstanding piece of work. thanks so much Chris!
By Filandrius
Just got my latest order from Chris, a set of filler tubes and EDA discs caps. Perfect in every way, couldn't ask for more. Thanks a lot man! :)
By BlkMesaHero
Got my thrower yesterday. CPU your the man!
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By bigi71
Got my aluminium gun body and an injector tube assembly today and both of those pieces are absolutely great. Communication with Chris was very good too, hes a great guy and makes awesome stuff :)
Thanks a lot for this !
By Sebastian Arms
Just got my aluminum thrower body with attached handle and rotating barrel. Frakken awesome. Painting and knob assemble to begin this weekend.

Thanks Chris for being such an artist.


By madeinsocal6
Ordered some aluminum pieces from Chris a while back to upgrade my pack and he communicated with me the whole time and shipped the items quickly and safely.

Thanks again for the help.
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By julz
Just recieved my ion arm, ppd, and injector tubes from Cris...

Frigan sweeeeeet! extremely well made...imma sleep with this ion arm under my pillow ;)

What can I say about Cris...hmmmm

very quick to respond to pm's , very easy to communicate with, fast turn around time and prompt shipping. The items showed up very well packed and they are all very well made! definatly recommend this chap!

Anybody wanting metal ion arms and injector tubes should totally harass this guy!
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By monolith21
I recently ordered an HGA, Ion Arm, and set of Injector tubes from Chris and they were so good I immediately ordered a thrower. His work is absolutely top notch and his communication is great.

Thanks man!
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By nick-a-tron
I comissioned Chris to weld up my GBnerds gun box and jimbo7 front handle along with a few other details. I am THRILLED with how it turned out! Couldnt be happier. Chris's welding skills are top notch...along with his box packing skills! I didnt know which i was more impressed with ;)


Thankyou Chris! I look forward to purchasing the rear instrument bar/trigger box assembly from you.
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By CPU64
Supporting Member
You're welcome!
I prefer making my own boxes, and I wanted to make sure it got there safe.
Especially after seeing the box that came to me... I don't know what they did to it, but it felt more like a thick paper bag. :3
By MandoMan
I just got an aluminum thrower and instrument bar/trigger box as well as an ion arm from Chris, and they are absolutely awesome! It feels great to hold an aluminum thrower, and it's wicked light-weight too. Highly recommend him, all around great guy to talk to and buy from!
By NHVenkman
recieved my front handle, side knobs, palm, rest and rear cylinder from Chris, great communication, great price. Only problem is he shipped too quick and my wife got to the mail before I knew it was there, so I had some explaining to do. A +++++++
By NHVenkman
I forgot to mention how amazing his parts look as well. All shiny and smooth.
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By BustingCO
Received my order today and I can't wait to place order after order with him. Parts looked great and shipping was lighting fast. I also want to say he response time for messages was fast and was super helpful with all my questions. Thanks :-D
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By c05ta
I received my instrument bar / trigger boxplease w/the installation door last nightand its beautiful!!!!
Every part sits together perfect, the only welding marks are the ones added for accuracy. Its almost a shame that i have to paint it black because it really looks amazing as it is.

I couldnt be happier with it :D

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By adsfuse
Supporting Member
I got a GB1 ion arm and GB1 and GB2 V-Hooks from Chris. He got everything shipped out and to my door super fast. Not only that, but the quality is superb. Definitely don't regret making this purchase :)
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By THEbryon
Shame on me for forgetting to leave feedback.

I ordered an ion arm and V-hook, what I received.... well there are no words in the english language to describe it.... so I'm forced to make one up right now.... scrumtrulescent.

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By lannyjack
Shame on me for forgetting to leave feedback.

I ordered an ion arm and V-hook, what I received.... well there are no words in the english language to describe it.... so I'm forced to make one up right now.... scrumtrulescent.

Sent from my T-Mobile G2 using Ghostbusters Fans on Android
I approve this message.

My V-Hook and Ion Arm that he made is amazing. Scrumtrulescent, even.

Awesome quailty on the parts, and great communication. Couldn't ask for more!
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By Kingpin
I recently placed an order for two of Chris's side knobs for the Proton Gun. They arrived last week in a nicely designed packet, and are beautiful pieces... I can see why some people are reluctant to paint his products. :)
By Polly
I got my metal gun box with front twist handle and it is amazing quality and you can tell he puts a lot of effort into what he sells.
By Dr. Stantz 24
Got a GBII V hook from him. Craftsman ship is breath taking. If you need a V hook Chris is who you want one from. Thanks again Chris for doing such good work !

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