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By Dr.Dion
Just received my package today.... nice tubbing so very flexible and soft... really nice... thanks ;)
By pchrisbosh1
I've placed a couple seperate orders from Phish and both orders arrived promptly. Thanks for the great service.
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By KagaSakai
Received my totally awesome Legris straights today! Shipped super fast! Thanks, Ken!
By dfak2009
Got my ghost trap/thrower screw's, thank's so much hope to do business with you again Kenny
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By XxEctOxX
got my package today. really fast shipping, and great communication. Thank you
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By adsfuse
Supporting Member
Bought a DIY GB1 Ribbon Cable kit, some Clippard R701 and R331, some tubing, screws, and various other knick knacks from Kenny. Great guy, very passionate about the community and providing everyone with accurate parts and dedicates a considerable amount of his free time researching places to get everyone the best deals. Even picking it up locally everything was wrapped up and packed much more thoroughly than it needed to be. Great guy to deal with, I would highly recommend buying anything he says :)
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By IPv6Freely
Kenny is the man! I got my clippards and tubing from him... couldn't be happier!
By MandoMan
Got my yellow Nycoil tubing in yesterday, thanks a bunch Kenny!
By ajbernard
I recieved another order from Kenny yesterday and like everybody else I really like it! The tubing is great and his customer service is extremely good. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks agian Kenny!
By kevinj319
Got my order of an R701 and some banjo screws from Phish4dinner. The buying experience was great, everything went smoothly, and all items were exactly as described. I highly recommend Kenny.
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By KagaSakai
Ken comes through again! Genuine Nycoil tubing and two banjo screws delivered lighting fast! Thanks a million!
By Jasonrglass
I ordered A full set of tubing, plus 2 feet of vintage nycoil yellow tubing. Pricing was amazing, and the shipping was super fast. I WILL BUY FROM HIM AGAIN!!!
By Filandrius
Got some stuff from Ken the other day and I managed to forgot to post about it. I guess I was just too floored by the awesomeness to do so. Long story short: Kenny is a great seller, and a even greater guy. His stuff is accurate, and he has great prices to boot! Can't recommend him more. Buy from him without worries. Thanks man! :)
By Filandrius
Got another order from Ken, and without repeating everything I already said two posts up, everything was perfect. Can't recommend him more.
By pchrisbosh1
I bought numerous times from Kenny and he always comes through. Incredibely fast shipping and communication.
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By lannyjack
Thank you for the legris straights! Easy transaction and fast shipping
By MandoMan
I got my Legris straights last week, Kenny is always quick to ship and his communication and all-around friendliness is superb!
By Filandrius
Got some more stuff from Ken recently. Great seller, incredible stuff, yadda yadda yadda... I feel like a broken record. :D
By DRoomProductions
Totally satisfied with my order. Packaged very, VERY well. Will definately be a return customer!
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By David Thomas
Got my 2 legris straights no problem at all. Easy to communicate with and fast shipping. Thanks a lot Kenny

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