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By Lucifan
I'm gonn'a jump in and add very impressed with the quality and service from Kathy. I ordered my patch and tag just this last weekend, and by tuesday they were off to arrive just today when I got home


VERY happy and definitely gonn'a be a repeat customer
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By punkdude908
i got my patch and custom nametag the other day in the it! great quality and it looks spot-on accurate (at least to me). great pricing and fast shipping too, especially for a custom job.
By Screwhead
got the Canadian Maple Leaf GB patch and a GB2 nametag.. AMAZING work!
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By Thumpernicus
Purchased 2 "No Ghosts" and 2 Customized name tags. Got them in 3 days. She is the ABSOLUTE BEST person to buy these from! Katarra8 on ebay.
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By Judhudson
Anyone have any pictures of her GB2 patch on their uniform?
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By EJLambert
I honestly can't recommend her enough. I had ordered a custom patch last year. Unlike my no-ghost patch, her name tag arrived in three days (and this was during the halloween season)
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By klooloo
Yup, Kathy is da best. So far I've placed two orders and was immensely pleased with every patch received!
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By Nicholszz
I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND her Name Patches, I've ordered 2 so far.
I plan to try and order some of her NO GHOST's soon.
Fast shipping, good price, and great communication.
She ASKS you if everything is okay before she makes / sends it.
At least she has with me both times.
By Soren
I ordered during the holidays, and Us to Italy took 2 weeks, but was very, very cheap.
I got a cutom nametag, ordered the gbII version and got the GBI instead, but that's not really a problem.
I would definetly buy from again!
By Pete33
i just bought a normal GB 1 logo patch from kattara, its my first purchase from this buyer and i was largely influenced to buy her patch from this site. but i am wondering, just how accurate is this patch? ive seen some pictures and it looks fantastic, but im wondering if someone could tell me just HOW accurate it is when attached to the suit.
By Pete33
well i got my GB 1 patch and leg hose w/ connector and belt clip, both are excellent!! the leg hose looks accurate and great quality, same for the patch, i think personally its the most movie accurate patch you can buy. i didnt stitch, i completely suck at that, but i used superglue and did it really close to the edge so that its just like its sewn. it looks superb, i am extremly pleased. the suit is almost complete. i also recently sanded/painted the suit zippers brass. this outfit has come a long way since i started making this outfit before halloween.
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By Lewis Tully
Just another note about Kathy/ Katarra8, (as if I haven't sung her praises enough before) I asked Kathy about printing a Zeddemore name tag with pink lettering for my gf's uniform (we're going with the "daughter of Winston" thing) and she said it'd be no problem, and for no extra charge. Totally awesome! Can't say enough good about this seller!
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By Ghostbuster J
Over the past couple years I've ordered quite a few patches from her and I've never been disappointed. I just ordered a name tag and a no ghost for my girlfriends new uniform and as usual they arrived within a couple days (ordered Thursday night, got them Saturday morning) and were very high quality. I'll never buy patches from anyone else as long as Katarra is around.
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Kathy does our franchise patches and as you can see, they're pretty fine.


Problem is her GB2 patches, at least as of November, are horrid:

So if you're looking to strap on the grey's, I'd call her and see if she has any better patterns to stitch from or find another source. But every other thing I've seen from Katarra8 is excellent.

By GB:A Rich
I've ordered from Kathy multiple times, fantastic quality, very fast shipping, and I will continue to do so.

For the people with custom logos, What was the turnaround time? I ordered a set for my team last month and haven't received them yet, I've politely messaged her multiple times but got no reply. Of course I've already paid for them, and knowing she is the go to girl for these sorta things I'm not too worried. Would just like a frame of reference from other people that have dealt with her.
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By realghostbusterjoe
I just received my custom name patch today and I am SO happy with the quality.

Below is a comparison pic between my patches. The one on top is from Kathy (Katarra8) and the one on the bottom was one
I had made at a local stitch shop. I think you can all see how much more movie authentic Katarras are!


Thanks again Kathy!
By GB:A Rich
I have waited six months for my set of custom patches and have still not received them. After contacting Katarra and asking what was up, I was told that they would be shipped the end of that week. Then I was told they had been a fire and she was having to shut the patch shop and be re-homed and it would cause a further delay, all the while she is providing custom patches via ebay, even to other members of my franchise. I have tried to contact her multiple times to little avail. I asked for a refund at the beginning of this month and have still not had a reply.

Very unhappy :(
By KyleS
She is the best! Prompt, helpful, and inexpensive. Buy from her!
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By JayTigran
got a smaller Maple Leaf logo and kids name tag for my daughter, only took a week

as always, happy as can be with her work

pics soon
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By FrancineStantz
Ordered a couple patches from her on Thursday and they arrived today (Saturday). I believe they are as screen accurate as you can get. She does awesome work.

This was my second time ordering from her. The first was in the fall of 2008. I thought her patches were awesome then but they've gotten better. The letters are a little bit thinner and more accurate. Awesome work!

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