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By MandoMan
Got my bumper/crankgen labels today, they are just as amazing as I expected them to be. A perfect compliment to the HGA labels! Thanks a bunch for getting these made Joe! I'm definitely looking forward to any future labels that are made!
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By julz
Got me bumper and crankgen labels today and I wanna say this...

HOT DAMN! they are trully something Joe!

And very nicely packaged as well my friend!

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By RedVirtue
Got some aluminum labels from Joe. They are the best labels I've ever owned. They transform the proton pack.

I also got a set of Resin casts from him as well. They are very nice and well casted.
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By Skully
Great seller ...and us willing to work a sweet deal if things don't Pan out on his end ....thanks Joe ...looking forward to future dealings..
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By Spook
Best labels in the history of ever!! Thanks for all the work you have done to put these together for us! Thanks Joe
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By Filandrius
Got my labels today, and as expected, they're perfect. Thank you so much for doing these, and please, keep them coming. :)
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By lannyjack
Joe's labels are amazing! Really crisp and clean - the attention to detail is great. I can't wait to put these on my pack.
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By mwells
I received my resin parts and pack labels from Joe the other day! The resin parts are very clean and will look awesome on my pack! The metal labels are the best that I have seen! I highly recommend Joe !
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By spark
Recently got labels and resin parts from Joe. Everything even the transaction was excellent!

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By David Thomas
Picked up an aluminum HGA label and set of resin parts from Joe, and everything looked great. Quick communication and fast shipping, great guy to deal with. Thanks man!
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By KagaSakai
I received my HGA and gear box labels, and they are top notch! Beautiful work, Joe! Thanks!
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By Nassik
Absolutely stunning labels! I couldn't be more impressed with Joe. What a fantastic job he's done.
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By Kingpin
My labels from Joe arrived today, and they're fantastic. I greatly look forward to the arrival of his new set of fuse labels. Excellent service and product.
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By 1985gbfan
Joe is the best seller on this web site, bar none. He has come through for me on many occasions and I intend to buy from him when ever possible. Fast shipping and great products. Joe is the man! :crunch::crunch::crunch::crunch:
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By Venkman1984
I got joes aluminum labels and hero resin parts, shipping was fast the parts very better than i ever thought they could be and his communication was great. Whatever Joe has to over in the future i will be upgrading it to my pack!!!!
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By Filandrius
I got my radiacmeter today, it's amazing. And it's so tiny! I love it to death, and I'm going to sleep with it tonight.

Yeah, I know, it's always the quiet ones.
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By BustingCO
Revived my real Ghostbusters toys another great transaction with Joe thank you fast shipping and freaking great communication :-)

Sent from my USCC-US760 using Ghostbusters Fans on Android
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By nolatron
Sent Joe $7 for a vent tube 5 weeks ago and it has not been delivered yet. Other than a post 2/5 weeks ago in his sale thread (which is now locked) saying all parts made and ready to ship, I've had zero communication back from him on the order.

Just would like to know where my part is.

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