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By AJ Quick
gEkX wrote:I believe he says propcrazed or popcrazed on eBay is making them.

Correct me if I'm wrong but poopcrazed is another known recaster, right?
Correct. Those Proton Guns are recast from parts made by MMM and KCGhostbuster. So it is a continuation. He is selling more recast parts.
By LandoSystem
About the labels... there's no need to start a witch hunt here, but I find it pretty suspicious. I think someone should ask Jubei about this to make sure he's not working with Bob to recast and sell Valentino's work.

So here's a screen cap where you can see the uncommon thickness of one of Bob's new labels, made of 1/16 thick aluminum printed with a special UV ink by a professional printer (Bob's words).

And here's a shot from Jubei's thread showing the uncommon thickness of his new labels, made of thick aluminum printed with special UV ink that is being printed and cut by a professional printer.


And while I can't see the labels clear enough on Bob's listing to accurately compare his labels to Valentino's (I'll leave that to someone else), I find it odd that he has the same number of duplicate labels Valentino created. Valentino and those who worked with him on the project decided to add a few extra copies of some labels, especially the smaller or more contrary ones, in the event that you were to damage or misplace them while working. It's not proof that they're the same labels but... I guess Bob had the same idea when he made his?
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By Zander Yurami
Speaking of Bob and Thiago/GBFreak, I have proof that they recasted a MMM gun that I left at Thiago's house.

I went over their when I first got my gun to get it put together. I left it there by mistake and went to get it the next day. No answer at the door even though his car was out front. The day turned into more than a year. I did get it back, but it was not easy. Back in Sep, i found a guy at Afest walking around in a Stantz costume, but the gun had the same error I made in mine while drilling it. When I asked about it, he said he got it from "some guy named GBFreak or something like that."

So in that year that Thiago had my gun, I believe he recasted it. It would make since that he didnt want to give me back my gun, seeing as it was his new 'master'

Hey guess what? If you block Bob from your auctions and he makes another account, or uses another pre-existing account he owns to buy from you, and you can 100% prove it is him, ebay will shut him down.

"Registering new accounts or using other existing accounts to avoid buying and selling restrictions or limits or other policy consequences."

Taken from here: ... ounts.html
ChapterMasterTu'Shan wrote:Seeing as eBay is apparently dicking me over because I refunded this a-hole's money and did everything by the book, I encourage EVERYONE that sells one eBay to block both rcmsales and tcbtexas from being able to make purchases off them
Welcome to the club. Same thing happened to me. I refunded his money and tried to cancel the sale but he refused and left me negative feedback. Due to eBay's buyer protection you can't leave anything but positive feeback for a buyer so I couldn't respond.

To make it 100% clear to everyone here. BLOCK RCMSALES & TCBTEXAS ON EBAY!
"Also, I did not know that propcrazed was selling a recast, I am no longer buying from him.
Dispite all the lies about me, I do not have recasted anything except the shell which I had blessings from the original owners and molders to do. (Via HMS Props and Sean Bishop) who both told me,
"Do what you want with it"
I have masters of all my parts and I don't knowingly support recasters.
I do honest business, build and deliver a good product.
Try it sometime.

- rcmsales"
"All I wanted to buy the part as anyone else would do and use it on one of my metal guns.
I already have all the metal parts molded from RJ's gun, with his permission of course.
Since he is not delivering his parts I tried to buy one from you.
Your the one being a jerk about it!
You deserved the negative feedback, you failed to deliver what I paid for and you slandered me.
I have recorded all your posts at ... &start=750
To send to ebay to prove there is an active conspiracy by my competition to sabotage my auctions
And my account.
This may result in the loss of yours or other accounts.
I am a valued power seller, selling $10,000+ per month on ebay.
They don't take kindly to people like you filing fraudulent reports.
If you would just deliver what you offer for sale you would not only increase your sales but your seller rating. The only one who loses is YOU.

- rcmsales"
egie wrote:has any of these talented pack maker taken on the challenge of making a VideoBob pack look good?
Yes. To the untrained eye, Bob's shell's look ok out of the box. He already primes them in black paint, but I learned that is more or less his way of hiding the piss-poor quality.

The more I worked with the shell, the more it fell apart. It was so thin in areas that a light sanding would punch right through the walls, or the fiberglass just flaked apart. The surface was full of holes that Bob obviously covered over with bondo, and would puncture rather easily. The fiberglass shattered in some places when I tried to drill holes. Bob blamed me for using the wrong tools, but never knew what types of drill bits I was using, and never volunteered to tell me what kind I should have been using.

Once I started buying parts for the shell from members here, none of them fit right - parts were all too big for the shell. (It's what happens when a product is recasted multiple times - it shrinks) I looked at the amount of parts that I was going to have to modify to fit the shell, as well as the amount of quality issues that had to be fixed, and I gave it up. If you buy his shell to save money, you're locked in to purchasing all of his crap if you want it to fit right. It's a downhill slide of disappointment and misery.

Bob does not care quality or accuracy. It's obvious to me that his most accurate parts have been re-casted from other members, and the parts he claims to have fabricated himself look like shit. In other words, if he is selling something that looks like crap, he most certainly built it from scratch. If he is selling something that looks screen accurate, it was probably found to be purchased off of eBay and recasted. Watch his videos or read his comments on his Facebook page. He doesn't care about details, and jumps all over your shit if you point out the obvious flaws in his work. He bitches about how unfair he is treated at GBfans, but he uses multiple ebay accounts to buy parts from sellers here. He is a lazy leech that doesn't add anything to the hobby, and should be avoided at all costs.
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I must say, it's quite comical having to make this post after looking above and reading my remarks from a couple of months ago about NOT kicking the hornets nest, but an email I received this evening has forced me here.
This is Videobob.
I would like to talk with you about an offer I have for you.
Despite what people say, I don\'t actually go around recasting people\'s parts. That\'s all bullshit.
The shell is a whole different story which I am happy to explain to you if you want to hear it.

Anyway, if I wanted to recast your gun I could do it easily. That\'s not what I am about and not what I do. I am however one of the biggest seller\'s of GB parts and have shipped hundreds of my shells and packs in the last year. I just signed a deal with Universal Studios and I am now a licensed seller of officail BTTF props and toys. I also just made myself a LLC corporation. My next project is a deal with Sony.
For those of whom who are working WITH me will prosper, those who are not... well, will be ceased and desissted.
So this is a case of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.
So I am going to TRY to make a relationship with you and possibly AJ and those at GBFANS to sweep our pas
t under the rug and try to make a shitload of money together.

I think your stuff is tits. It\'s the best. I want it.
I want you to be the supplier of all my gun kits that I include in my Proton Pack kits and finished packs. I want to buy them from you in bulk, with your support.
Again, if I wanted to recast it all I would have to do would be to get one of my buddies to buy one and send it to me, or I could have it scanned and 3D printed just like you did.
I don\'t want to do that.
I want to outsource as much as I can.

Here\'s the option.... you can ignore me or tell me to \"f*** off\" if you choose. My response to that will be to have someone model one for me, print it and make them for me. I am going to have these made and sell a shitload of them regaurdless.
So who do you want to profit from it?
You or me?
Not only that, but anyone who is my competition will be crushed by me.
It\'s just business bro.
I am holding out the olive branch.
This is serious business with se
rious money involved.

If you want to make some history, contact me.
However, please don\'t delay, I am working on this project as we speak.

(wait till you see my new carbon fiber shells!!!)
Oh yeah...
- Videobob
Well, take that as you will.
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Come on guys.

I know it is easy to read something like this and then take his threats as truth. But if you have read this whole thread, how many brags / boasts / gloats from Videobob have actually been true? The TV Show on the Discovery Channel? The now 12+ DeLoreans he has built? The Auction Kings car selling $55,000 on TV?

None were actually true.

He may have some connections with Universal / Back to the Future guys. But do you honestly think they allowed him to get licensing for the stuff he sells? Afterall he was selling Flux Capactior replicas... meanwhile Diamond Select and others ACTUALLY had the license to do them. Why would Universal allow that to occur and then start working with him? It's a lie to make him seem legitimate.

Just like the way he thinks the LLC makes him look legitimate. It's not like you can just spend $100 on LegalZoom and get that taken care of in a day.

Another recent example is the photo he paid to have taken with Christopher Lloyd at a convention... and then started saying Christopher Lloyd was endorsing Videobob's Flux Capacitors...

Videobob has boasted at numerous occasions the number of Proton Pack shells he has sold. Those numbers have always been higher than they actually are. First it was over 50 (when the number was closer to a dozen or two). Then over a hundred. Now "hundreds". Jackdoud is right. If that many packs are floating around out there, they would have turned up by now. I doubt he sells very much on his personal website... but If we look at his eBay sales specifically, he has sold less than 75.

Meanwhile he has sold over 33 of KCGhostbusters' recast bumper... and who knows how many MMM and KC Proton Guns.

This "hundreds" number. While not true is a pretty good way for Sony's lawyers to start a case with him. Lets just say 200 x $250 = $50000 and that is a decent chunk of dough for Sony to go after. Plus the videos of the 'factory' churning out Ecto replicas with the Ghostbusters logo on the side and Proton Pack bodies strewn about. It would only take minutes for Sony to make note of this and have their lawyers draft something up.

What Videobob is really trying to do here is to scare ThrowingChicken into believing he has no other option than to join Videobob. It is basically:

I don't recast. That's all bullshit. But I'm gonna get the license from Sony. So if you want to sell me your stuff you can do it to make a load of money. But if you don't. I'm gonna recast it and then you'll get a cease and disssissst from me. lol k?

This letter alone is a legal goldmine. If Videobob does get a hold of TC's gun kit and recasts it. I would implore TC to do everything in his legal ability to make a nightmare out of it. TC as an artist making an art project (it doesn't matter if it can be assembled to resemble a Proton Gun or not) holds the legal right to his work. It would be a walk in the park to demonstrate the damages Videobob will have caused to TC if such a thing were to happen. Especially if Videobob starts bragging about how many "hundreds" he has sold.

I also note that TC posted on his Facebook page how Thiago.. (one of Videobob's $10 / hour employees) had been contacting TC this week to see exactly how TC made his mold. When Videobob says "However, please don\'t delay, I am working on this project as we speak." he means.. We're already in the process of recasting your kit.
Videobob wrote:So I see what path you are taking on GBFans.
Were you hoping that maybe some of the GBFans would support the idea?
None of those dweebs matter dude. 10 shit talkers vs. a million consumers?

I made no threats or ultimatums, just a generous offer to do business or to understand the facts
of business. Thats just the way things work man.

As I said, I am not nor will I recast your gun or anyone else's.
I have purchased finished guns that turned out to be recasts, but thats out of my control.
I was attempting to do the right thing with you and your "community" but as Peck says,
"you thought it would be more fun to insult me".

So, I will have a 3D modeler make up the gun and all the parts for me in CAD and have them
printed in ABS for me.
You and I both know that your $200 gun kit costs you about $10 in resin, so watch how
cheap I sell mine! They will be every bit as good, in BLACK and with proper mounting points
for the electronics.
I am also working on a plug and play harness that will come with it.

I just had a meeting with a company that will do my shells in carbon fiber.
They will be super light and strong, untouchable.

You will find that people just want the best part for the best money.
They don't care who made it and who made what by themselves or what was outsourced.
Thats all irrelevant.
Go ask Wal-Mart how that works.

As for my licenses, Diamond Select's license was a set unit production agreement
as is mine, so it was non exclusive.
I can assure you that when my deal with Sony is complete I will do everything I can to shut down
my opposition as best as I can.
I took in 80K in the last month, 2 Time Machines, a Bluesmobile and 4 full Proton Packs.
Business is good.
The only one who loses in this equation is YOU dude.
So you can play your internet games like a 6 year old or you can grow up and do real business.
It won't do you any good to kiss up to GBFans when the website is deleted by Sony!!!
- Bob
Second one tonight:
Videobob wrote:Smooth move.... you screwed yourself out of at least a $20,000 sale.
If AJ was smart he would befriend me, let me sell on his site and promote me while taking
a commission. He would pocket several grand a month.
Just goes to show that talent doesn't equal brains!

It just creates more work for me but in the end a lot more profits....
its guys like you who create monsters like me.
By refusing to help and share in the business I am forced to have to do things on
my own and ultimately end up crushing the other guy.

BTW, hiring a CAD modeler to look at photos and measurements I took of the screen used parts at Sony and them print them on an ABS printer is NOT recasting....nothing of the sort!
So I don't get how you guys are claiming that shit.
I am simply hiring a company to manufacture parts for me,
that COULD have been YOU!!!
Why is that a bad thing?

I tried to be nice....I tried to offer to make you a bunch of cash and the opportunity
to do something really cool....gee, what a jerk I am?
What a horrible guy? Offering to make you tens of thousands of dollars?
How disgusting????
Now go post that for your buddies (who don't actually pay your bills like I would have)
they just rattle their worthless opinions.
Enjoy the lower-middle class....
I saw photos of your house so I know you don't have a lot of money,
you could have bought a new car off of just one of my orders.
You have let bullies and peer pressure keep you from moving forward in your
hobby and business.
Despite blobular belief... Ghostbusters Fans and Videobob are not competitors. Ghostbusters Fans is an established fan community that has been the go to resource for Ghostbusters for the past 12+ years. We work directly with license holders to help them produce better quality products, and are a huge benefit to Columbia Pictures. The parts we sell are all for the most part either officially licensed Ghostbusters merchandise, or found items, or replicas of found items. Videobob can talk about the Proton Pack shells we "sell" until he is blue in the balls. The fact of the matter is we do not currently (and have not in the past) sold Proton Pack shells. If we did, they certainly wouldn't be a recast of a recast of a recast, or parts copied from other fans without permission. Most of the claims made by Videobob in regard to this mysterious phpBB forum actually apply directly to how he runs his own forum. It isn't really hard to poke holes into anything Videobob says when the product he is peddling already looks like swiss cheese.
More BS from Video Bob this time about Joe Luna's Pack for sale:
This video is hard to sit through....because it is really boring, but this is a perfect example of why people buy packs from us.
It is also an example of how many people try to mock or replicate the way we do things, the way we advertise, etc.

So this guy wants to convince you why you should buy his pack because "he made it himself" and it he "doesn't do this to make money" because "he is a real fan, not some prop shop just trying to make money".....
He also talks about he and friend build this at his "studio"?
It is advertised as "build #6" and he takes "commissions".
It sounds to me like he is doing to make money!!!! hahaha

Hey, I don't care about people making and selling their own props, that's all great, the point of this is that he basically tries to compare what he is doing to what we are doing.

He has a some cool features with the addition of a few hard to find "real" parts he keeps harping on (over and over and over)
But he forgot to paint certain parts, (which is why we make our parts out of black resin so they are not bright white underneath!)

There are similarities to his packs and ours, we also use aluminum handles on our guns, etc. However you will see our lighting system is much better looking.
He uses a little 9V battery to power the pack (no sounds).
We use a 12 Volt pack using 10-AA rechargeables, they can be swapped out with alkalines in an jam.
So far no one has ever needed to do this because the pack lasts
all day and most people know enough to charge it up!
No big deal.

He also talks about how he is a "real fan" and not some "prop shop trying to make money".... What?
Here's the difference.
He is a casual fan, on his spare time he likes to dabble in building these in between Big-Macs and Xbox games.
For us, this is our life. We do it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
We love it so much we made it our living!!!
We are immersed in this hobby, we know every little nook and cranny of the proton pack, we have gone to Sony in Culver City to study the real things many times!
With experience comes quality, we have shipped 20 of these packs this year! We have precise and tested methods of what works and what doesn't.
We have industrial tools for doing the best job possible!
You can't replicate these methods on your Mommy's kitchen table!

Bottom line is, for only a couple hundred bucks more, you can get one of our packs with all the sound effects, with the rechargable system and charger on a shell sourced from the REAL one.
It's a no brainer!!!
This is why we are the #1 seller of Ghostbusters Proton Packs!!!
This Guy is just the lowest of the low. #1 seller of packs my ass!
I have no doubt that Bob may have one or two sockpuppet accounts to help pad his Facebook reputation. Don't forget that his "employees" also help out in his plans as well. Two of his shop-monkeys we're helping to cause me grief at the last Dallas show.

Before VB did his little video ambush two of his flunkies came to the car dresses as Marty's. One was filming me while the other asked some stupid questions. Didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what they were about pretty quickly. They ran off in pretty short order and then VB came by a short while later to do his stupid video assault - which I'm sure many of you had seen on youtube before he took it down and/or set it to private.

Honestly, I'd take pity on him if he didn't get off on causing me and others so much grief. He's a recurring ass-pimple to a great many hobbyists.

Going along with the blind followers remark by johnson, one of Bob's more recent tactics is to have his customers provide "testimony" for the packs in exchange for receiving a shirt:


To what extent his customers know about the product they are receiving is hard to tell. It's ironic how the testimony provided goes on and on about "accuracy" when the people are in no position of authority to even know. Some of them are well aware that he is a recaster and know they overpaid but continue to remain in a state of denial. One such person is Vaughan MacDonald who goes by valacanes on eBay and XShadowPaws on youtube.

Here's a screen cap from his video:


Comments and ratings were disabled since he was unable to defend the reasons for his purchase. Bob gave him the advice of just ignoring and blocking everyone:


If you watch it you'll see how he goes on and on about the accuracy of the intricate details but when things get pointed out to him he doesn't care. Part of his excuse for ordering from Bob is that he couldn't find an international seller here on GBFans and he said he was turned away from here when looking for help. I don't have access to some of his initial comments since they were deleted off the video. Here's most of our messages:


Here he his supporting recasting:


It might be in the interest of the vendors here on GB Fans to start collecting information on who is involved with Videbob and openly supports his products so as not to allow them to receive community products, especially on eBay. Just a thought. Maybe a different thread should be created for that purpose?
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For the first time since this thread started I have some positive news regarding a certain villain.

People have often felt powerless to stop thieves like Bob from doing as he pleases. Yesterday on facebook a NY film maker announced that VidoeBob was going to be participating in his documentary and the outcry from fans was TREMENDOUS! It was so overwhelming that they immediately REMOVED him from the project!

If you have ever wanted to really make a statement against recasters, here is your chance.

Consider making a contribution to this post-Bob project and show these gentlemen that they've made a wise decision!

Link ---> ... ck-in-time

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