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Got a nice long message from Blob
Videobob wrote:If you are getting your information from GBFANS you are getting 100% bullshit from people who have also never met me or done business with me.
If you notice my eBay profile, it is 100% positive feedback.
Considering we do around $10,000 or more in sales per month on eBay I would say that is pretty good, wouldn't you?

Bob's Prop Shop is an LLC corporation and licensed toy manufacture.
I have letters of endorsement from the film makers, actors and executives at Universal Studios.
Concerning the Delorean Time Machine at Universal in Hollywood you will find my name on the dedication plaque next to the car.
Why do you think that is?

You may check my eBay, Paypal and the BBB and you will not find a single complaint against my business in any way.

Now, suppose you owned and operated a huge Ghostbusters fan site where you sold memberships and parts. Your second in command makes your shells and other board members make electronics and other parts for you. Then, some guy becomes your biggest competition and is outselling you and providing better products, shipping them quickly and giving amazing customer performance?
What would you do about that?

The ONLY thing AJ and his buddies could come up with was to make me an enemy and to create all sorts of bullshit lies and excuses because they can not compete with me.
I have a 5000 sqft shop with 5 employees and we produce over half-a-million in sales each year.
To date we have built 15 Delorean Time Machines, 2 ECTO's, 2 KITTS, 4 Bluesmobiles and HUNDREDS of Proton Packs and kits.
We are the number one seller of GB items in the world.
My public sales record proves it.
I also work with some of the biggest convention promoters in the world, we travel coast to coast with our movie cars and props.
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Ejgunth87 wrote:This site sells cast parts from screen used parts that were acquired through legitimate means and with a COA. These items include- shells, bumpers and grips.
To clarify . Sellers on this site sell those items, the site itself does not.

I also changed your word usage from "recast" to "cast".

Recasting has a negative connotation. There are no recasters allowed on this site.

davemurry69 has been banned. His IP address on at least one of his posts came back to a European proxy server (big no-no), and his other posts were from various different wireless networks around Dallas that corresponded with Videobob's location. It is likely that he was either Videobob himself or one of his shop workers. If you read back through his other posts, it should be obvious that he was only here to defend and promote Videobob. He was actually suspected since the beginning as he signed up right around the time one of Videobob's other sockpuppet accounts was banned but nothing could be substantiated at the time.

In response to the email Videobob sent Zander.

It is interesting to note that Videobob has to keep creating new eBay accounts each year. That's fantastic that he does $10k in sales each month. Unfortunately that doesn't exactly add up to $500k per year. He went on LegalZoom and got a "LLC Corporation" as he calls it. Neat. That doesn't make what you do anymore legitimate.

Some details about GBFans. This site does not publish its sales figures. Claims about outselling, providing a better product, and customer satisfaction is laughable at best. Ghostbusters Fans sells many items that are officially licensed and is a direct retailer for many official GB items. I do not believe that Videobob currently sells a single item that is licensed, if so I believe he is only licensed to sell Flux Capacitors. (Edit: Wait. He sells Mattel wands with his packs! That's licensed... right?)

His name on the plaque on the DeLorean at Universal is a formality and the actual team has had to distance themselves from Videobob numerous times since. Videobob actually made a replica crew shirt that the rest of the team had, and went to see the car and gloat about it.

It is hard to believe that Videobob seems to think his actions could not be proven, when we know things factually and have enough evidence for his actions. This is similar to the time when he admitted to recasting and then a month later claimed that he didn't because there was no proof. He will tell you whatever you want to hear as long as you're someone who is looking to buy something.

It is extremely hilarious that Videobob posts his sales numbers like that. Last time it was half a million dollars in 5 years, now its half a million per year. Last time it was like 8 DeLoreans now it is 15. Last count was under 50 shells now it's hundreds. I guess we'll have to take his word for it.... but I know several license holders that would be extremely interested in hearing those numbers and would take them at his word for it.
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When Bob tried to strong arm me into joining him, he admitted to me that he recast several parts from other members. These emails from him are posted somewhere in this thread. Read them and tell me again how Bob is a good guy.

Tell me how Bob is a good guy after he posts video after video claiming Sean Bishop said such and such, yet Sean comes here and refutes those claims and Bob never actual produces the emails he claims he has. I mean, you can pause the video of him "reading" these emails and they don't actually say what he claims. Was he a good guy for taking them down after people discovered this, or was he just covering his ass?

How does Bob's timeline of things even actually fit into reality? If Bob was new onto the scene then surly he wasn't a threat, so there wouldn't be much of a reason to ban someone when they were not a threat, unless they were doing something shady. But...

If Bob wasn't pulling shady practices, then why was he and his crew banned from, which is the biggest prop building site out there full of fans and pros like Adam Savage and Weta, and Volpin Props, and has no affiliation with GBFans, but banned for the same reason GBFans banned him? Hrm...

Why is Bob banned but the countless other shell makers not?

Why had the GBFans administration not put a stop to the thread from a new member asking for advice about producing Ghostbusters items? I mean, if they are so threatened by new sellers, then why can I buy 6 different types of shells instead of just the GBFans shell?

If Bob is such a great guy, why did he feel the need to post a video of himself urinating on the photo of another member of the BTTF community? Why did Bob attempt to ambush said member at a convention at this member's booth, then go run and hide in the bathroom when security was called? Totally sounds like a dude that isn't a giant douche.
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Since it's been spoken about, here you go.

The pissing video - e-mailed to me by Bob a few years ago. I shared it on Facebook, he promptly ran to facebook with the claim that I was harassing HIM. Sounds familar to anyone? ... sp=sharing

The ambush at Dallas Sci-Fi Expo - 2011. This was the one where he ran to the bathroom once he realized I was calling the show promoter. ... sp=sharing

As for the earlier comment that the Time Machine Restoration team has "distanced" themselves from Bob. It must have only been within the last couple of weeks. Just about a month ago they featured him on their Facebook page and have REPEATEDLY utilized Bob's "special skills" over the years when it suited them. Those are stories for another time, since they have no bearing on his legacy in the Ghostbusters community.

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I recommend everyone check out this thread: ... wood/page6

I got the low down of the story which is essentially this:

Adam Kontras bought a DeLorean and had Videobob convert it into a Time Machine. The car included a box with about $2300 worth of spare parts, and brand new parts that had yet to be installed. Adam got the converted car and realized the parts weren't there. Videobob claimed they weren't there. Then he claimed they were thrown out. Then he claimed they were lost. Then they claimed they were found.. etc. His story kept changing.

Now the parts are there and Videobob has pictures posted but refuses to correct the situation. He won't sort through the pile, he won't collect the parts and make sure they are all there. He's trying to tell Adam that oh the parts were abandoned they are his now. Or the parts were garbage we threw them away, but we have them now and you'll be charged storage fees. Just the typical BS from Videobob. He won't talk over email, he only wants to talk over the phone.. .where Videobob has already threatened to drive to Adam in Los Angeles and 'deal with it himself'.

Of course the real reason Videobob claims the parts didn't exist or were garbage or were thrown out is because Videobob can sell them and make some extra money.

Apparently Adam is already in contact with the police and will be taking that route. Videobob committed a felony just for recording Adam's phone conversation. The fact he posted it online is all the proof the police need to take action. In response, Videobob says he's going to throw everything in trash bags and take it to the police station to have them deal with it. (Probably not the smartest idea to walk into a police station and hand over the stolen items you have).

Why does anyone trust Videobob?
This is the next-to-last entry in the Adam Kontras/Videobob saga. He really documented all of it thoroughly on his website. Reading through all of it was just depressing. Feel free to go through the prior entries in June and July regarding this. No words. ... 71914.html
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I received another message from Mr. Moseley last night. He apparently is not a fan of Hoot's rebuild thread and decided to complain to me about it......

"Quote from Robert Moseley"
Concerning this thread: ... =2&t=37345

Such bullshit, I didn't make any of that stuff.
The shells and parts we are making now are superb.
Actually, I don't even offer shells by themselves on eBay any longer, I haven't in a while. I also have cut out most of the kits and we are just focusing on finished packs right now.

Over the years we tried a few different ways of making shells, I had several people working for me and a few were better than others. What we have been building all this year is almost perfect.
We use a professional gel coat now with a high quality resin.
I learned that you need to get fresh resin and use industrial grade glass, the shit they sell at Home Depot is, well, SHIT.
What we are making now has no holes, no pits, no bubbles, no separations, the inside is as clean and outside.
All of our shells are painted inside and out and all holes are cut perfectly. Each one is signed and does bear several inlaid makers marks (as you know).
No doubt people are recasting it and reselling it.
Raine, (re-cast relics) has not worked for me in over a year.
He did recast and resell my shell and parts and I have nothing to do with that. I remain friends with him and I do occasionally buy his gun kits but he does not work for or with me.

I will tell you that my TV show did in fact get picked up my a major network and we have been shooting episodes for it to air early next year. I can't talk about the details of the episodes but I can tell you that your boards will be on fire talking about me when it airs.
You're welcome!!!
Hello everyone,

As some of you may know, Videobob has been in the eye of the community quite a bit over the past few days.
The event exploded yesterday, however.
Videobob called out our very own Vincenzo330 to what he called a "Pepsi Challenge". In said challenge, both a Bob's Prop Shop pack and a 330 Creations pack would be shown on video side by side, allowing for impartial potential customers to evaluate a representation of either community's products without the bias that would be found on either forum.

Not wanting to disappoint, Vincenzo accepted the challenge in a public post to the Bob's Prop Shop Facebook page. No, I won't link to the page. The following link is to a series of screen-caps taken approximately 12:00 AM MST, 09/27/14 just before all of the comments were erased. All comments were compiled into a single image to allow for ease of reading. Also, I may be a masochist.

I was able to screen-cap all but one image in the thread before Bob started deleting them - an irrelevant joke comment.

Please don't make me regret this... ... g~original
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If you guys haven't been following on Facebook the last few days, here is what happened:

Nerdcore rapper mc chris bought a Videobob pack on eBay to do as a giveaway for his fans. When he got it he opened the box, took a picture and posted it on his Facebook fan page.

Within minutes Vee, Lee Costa and others were politely asking about where he bought the pack from. The Mattel wand was a dead giveaway. Vee and others linked to the Videobob thread here (the one you're on) and stated plainly that the pack wasn't the best and was made using recast parts. mc chris asked for as much information he could, as he did not want to disappoint his fans by using a VB pack.

Now. The Facebook comment thread on mc chris' page had a lot of comments from people concerned about the fact that it is a Videobob pack. One of Videobob's 'employees' showed up and started promoting Videobob and trash talking the fans. Then Videobob himself showed up and started with his typical used car salesman charm. In one comment he said that his stuff was the best hands down, and he would do a "Pepsi Challenge" to compare his packs to anyone and he would win.

Vincenzo330 posted on his own V330 Creations page and Bob's Prop Shop page indicating that he would accept that challenge. The comments exploded with support for VinC and no one on Bob's own page showed up to support Bob. All those comments on Bob's page were deleted by Bob (no surprise). There were several comments from Videobob. At first he was all Yeah I'll accept this challenge.. Then it was I can't because I'm so busy with my TV show, then it was Well. This isn't gonna work because you guys are all "railroading" me and its just gonna be a popularity contest anyways. (Excuses.)

You can view screen caps of the deleted comments a few posts up that Kolten posted.

Now all the posts were deleted, and the only ones left is a back and forth between Videobob and VinC. Videobob's emotion and temperament changes with every single post. Some times he's apathetic, sometimes he's angry, sometimes he's threatening.. etc. He's backed out, backpeddled.. etc. Now he's trying to argue that his pack should be 100% fine for him to sell, and he's trying to use the same 'proof' he's been using for years.. expecting VinC to magically change his mind. He claims that since his shell is "screen used", he has the right to sell it. Hello. A screen used pack would have actually had to of been used on the screen for it to be screen used!

Now. If his shell actually were screen used. I might agree with it. But its not. Its a casting of a casting of a casting of part of a screen used shell. If he was the first person in the chain, it would be fine. The reason why it is not and why it is recasting is because he bought a casting from someone and decided that he would mold it and sell copies himself. That is the most literal definition of recasting there is. You buy a casting, you make a copy to sell, you're a recaster.

He did the same thing with KCGhostbusters' bumper and MMM resin parts. He now claims that his bumper was just traced from KCGhostbusters... but if you look at them closely it has all the same imperfections that the KCGhostbusters bumper has! Not just the shape, but the faces and bevels are all the same. The MMM parts were 100% the same as well... but we called him out on those fast enough for him to make hot melt glue versions to replace the MMM recasts. He still sells the KCGhostbuster bumper as that part is far too complex for him to make himself.

Now Videobob has raised a question. Why is his pack shell casting a recast when, for example the screen used Booster Frame and Gun Grips we sold a few years ago not recasting. That has to do with the origin.

If Videobob had a screen used pack, he would be free to cast that pack and sell copies because he owns it, and because it is screen used. If someone else owns a screen used pack, and sells a copy to Videobob... he does not have ANY right to sell that and it is recasting. It doesn't matter that it is a casting of a casting of a screen used pack. The right to cast does not transfer when it is a copy of a copy. (The exception would of course be if permission were granted from the original owner).

With the Booster Frame and screen used grips, these were cast directly from screen used parts by the person that OWNS the screen used parts. They did the casting, and then sold me the castings to sell. I did not make them myself, they were done by the OWNER of the screen used item. That is deemed 100% OK by any prop community. A casting off of the screen used item is much different than the casting of a casting of a casting of a casting. It is also one of the only ways you can call something a screen used casting. A casting of a casting of a screen used item is not the same and that is recasting (unless there is owner permission involved).

It is a simple thing to understand really.

If you buy something, unless it is a screen used original, you cannot recast it without permission. Permission was not granted, it is recasting.

If anyone bought the screen used castings of the booster frame or grips, and then cast them themselves.. that would have been recasting too.
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Here is a big chunk of screen caps from the last bit that was deleted.

What is missing is the end part where Videobob emails Vincenzo330 screen caps from correspondence with the guy who wanted to be left out of all of this mess. (Despite VB still including his name on his certificate of authenticity).

VinC was at a family wedding all day and VB started posting that Since VinC has gone quiet, he knows I'm right... SO TAKE DOWN THE VIDEOBOB THREAD ON GBFANS!.

VinC popped back in letting VB know he was insane once again.

Hopefully VinC has those messages screen capped. VB is nuts.
Just wanted to let everyone know that this thread has been updated. Off topic posts have been removed, and we are left with an easy to navigate thread with only the main points left.

This is a reminder that this is a feedback thread, and as such is not a place for social commentary beyond reporting things Videobob has posted, said or done. From now on, any posts comprised of commentary will be saved, and then removed from the thread. Short comments with opinions on Videobob's character only clutter up this thread (and we all already know what his character is). This thread is only for a factual history of events. You are welcome to post your comments in a different thread.

I have also updated the main post with a better timeline of events and added a thread index so that you can quickly jump to events that have happened. Here is the index repeated here again:

Thread Index
Page 1 - Video's and information about the recast pack shells.
Page 2 - Recast MMM Parts
Page 3 - Recast KCGhostbuster Bumper
Page 4 - Recast KC Bumper Cont., DMCA Takedown, Feekback Threats, Perjury
Page 5 - Recast Thrower, Threats to ThrowinChicken
Page 6 - Adam Kontras DeLorean Dispute, OKC Challenge / Threats

To reiterate. This thread is not for social commentary, but rather a catalog of things Videobob has said or done as they pertain to his actions related to his business / Ghostbusters. Any other posts will be saved, and then removed.
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DISCLAIMER: This post recounts my experience canceling an order from Bob’s Prop Shop. I have no intention of slandering Bob or his company. This is my personal account of our interaction and I will attempt to be as subjective as possible. It should be said up top that I have not received a Bob’s Prop Replica and cannot personally attest to it’s quality. My interactions with Bob’s Prop Shop were limited to what is outlined in this email, which I present subjectively for this forum.

I can also not claim to know who specifically authored the emails pasted here from Bob’s Prop Shop, only that I received them in my correspondence from their email address. The emails presented here are cut and pasted, along with their time-stamps from my personal email. I am hiding my personal email address and altering Bob’s Prop Shop’s even though I believe it is public knowledge.

If anyone wants to claim they are false, they have that right. I don’t know how to prove they are real, except to say I have no motivation to lie. Fonts change slightly in some of the pasted areas, I don’t know why. My only motivation in posting here at all is to help people understand their buyer’s rights and to have some insight into dealings with Bob’s Prop Shop, such as they are. Thank you.


My name is Dan, longtime GB fan and a lurker here on the forums.

This Halloween Season, I decided that after 10 years of GB Cosplay and a brand new job, I deserved to celebrate and finally get myself a gorgeous, dedicated GB1 hero pack. I saw some amazing options at a variety of prices, but soon happened upon a site that promised me the best money could buy.

So I purchased a Bob’s Prop Shop Proton Pack, directly from a link on their website.

Cost: $2580.00 paid through a Paypal link on the Bob’s Prop Shop Website.

Sep 28, 2014 at 4:33 PM

Bob's Prop Shop Moseley <>

I got your order for the Proton Pack.
We had taken down our ebay sales because we are totally overwhelmed with orders right now.
It will take us a few weeks to get this order done and there is no way i can assure you that with shipping
that it will be there in time for Halloween.
We will do everything in our power, with the exception of sacrificing quality, to make sure that happens.
Please be patient and we will do our best!


After making the purchase I was disappointed to not be getting the pack by Halloween, but decided that quality was better than speed and that I should just sit tight and be glad I got an order in.

The link to purchase packs from the Bob’s Shop website was removed soon after this email. I was the last lucky customer!!!

But as I surfed the web looking at more packs, I quickly found the thread on Bob’s Prop Shop here at GB FANS.

Post after post, I found people online reporting their packs not working, deteriorating quickly, the danger of rigging Matty wands to packs, the overall poor quality of the shell, etc… I understood this was all hearsay, but it was enough to leave me rattled. The sheer QUANTITY of negative reviews were difficult to ignore.

I started doing the math on the parts, I started doing more specific comparison shopping — and before long I realized I’d very possibly made a terrible mistake. …And I wasn’t even going to get it in time for Halloween.

I decided to make the attempt to cancel the item and get a refund. I used the fact that the item would not be ready in time as an excuse to cancel.

After my first email, Bob’s Shop replied that they’d “speed up” the build on my pack so that it could come in time for Halloween.

I appreciated the prompt reply and adjustment to the schedule, but still had a sick feeling in my stomach.

Maybe Bob’s Packs are indeed the best in the country. I no longer wanted to find out. After talking it over with my wife, who supports my hobbies (and has her own paypal store, so she knows their policies,) she told me I should get a refund through Paypal.

I’m easily prone to guilt. So I immediately decide I’m awful to inconvenience the good folks at Bob’s Prop Shop. I want my refund, but I also don’t want any trouble. The GBFans forum painted a negative picture of their customer service and I didn’t want to incite any drama.

I also ASSUMED that asking for a refund through Paypal might be too harsh an action, or one that would drag on forever.

So, I made what I thought was a very fair offer to Bob’s Prop Shop, in the hopes that we could resolve the matter immediately:


Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 1:29 PM


Wanted to offer you a 15% "restocking fee" to immediately stop work on my pack. I apologize but have gotten cold feet on the purchase - after some research I feel it's not the pack I am looking for. I'm aware of your seller's rights but would hope to amicably settle the matter and pay you the fee for your time instead of taking the matter up with paypal. If this is agreeable to you please refund my money minus 15% via the paypal service.

I truly apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, but I presume since you'd moved me up in your build schedule the pack can now go to it's originally intended customer.

Thank you


I received the following notification an hour later:

From: <>
Date: Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 2:30 PM
Subject: Cancelled Shipment with PayPal Shipping with U.S. Postal Service®


Bob's Prop Shop, LLC has cancelled the shipping label for the reason below:

Changed Mind

Your package will no longer be shipped using PayPal Shipping with U.S. Postal Service.


It seemed perhaps my offer had been accepted.

Nine minutes later, I received an email from Bob’s Prop Shop directly:


Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 2:39 PM
Bob's Prop Shop Moseley <bobspropshop@….>

I have already printed the non refundable $55.91 shipping label,
I also paid ebay 10% fee of $250 for the transaction, and Paypal takes another $75.12
for a total of $381.03
You would rather pay me that instead of having one of the best built packs in the country?

And, what "research".
Have you seen my feedback and testimonials?
Despite what ever any competition tries to make up, our stuff is all that we say it is.

If you want to paypal me the $381.03 as a "friend" payment to this email, let me know.
Maybe you should give me a call?


I resisted the urge to call personally.

I wanted to accept the proposal made in the email but I just didn’t understand why he/they were asking for additional payments when they could just refund me my money minus the difference.

The idea of sending more money gave me a bad feeling.

Why was I being asked for shipping fees for a package I’d just been notified was cancelled?

Why am I being charged Ebay fees when I purchased the pack on his website?

I decided to call Paypal and find out what my buyer’s rights were.

As I was doing that, Bob’s shop sent me another email saying:


Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 2:59 PM
Bob's Prop Shop Moseley <bobspropshop@…>
we actually have 2 proton packs ready to ship tomorrow.


I appreciated that they wanted to send me a pack right away, but timing wasn’t the issue.

In the email below I actually ACCEPT Bob’s Shop’s proposal.

In the same email, I also question the fees - but rather than suggest they were false I instead took the stance that THEY might not know their rights (Because maybe they didn’t.) I mistakingly refer to Paypal as “Ebay,” toward the end. Not sure why the font appears this way. Perhaps because part of my original email was composed in a text editor and then pasted into my gmail.


Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 3:43 PM


I appreciate your working with me on this and don't doubt the quality of
your product. Your feedback and testimonials are without a doubt
impressive. That said, I would rather pay you the amount you proposed
and go separate ways.

I appreciate your proposal - just remember that I didn't buy this pack through Ebay, I bought it directly from your website. You'd told me you already had shut your Ebay store down by the time I sent my order in through paypal, so luckily you didn't need to pay Ebay $250 for my particular order.

I have a paypal store too, so just to ease your mind you should know they will refund your $75.12 to you when you refund my money. So you're covered there, too.

USPS normally refunds printed labels (it does take two weeks however,) so since I've inconvenienced you enough I'll gladly pay that fee for you.

I've already sent you a $2,500 balance. So I prefer not to make any more paypal payments.

Can you not just refund my payment minus the fee for your trouble?

You can also friend me a new payment to my email address, but I prefer it were handled cleanly though Ebay's system.

I appreciate your position and thank you for accommodating my customer
needs. I'd like to cleanly take the refund and part ways, but if you'd
feel better doing this with paypal as a moderator, I'm fine with that

Thank you


After awaiting a response and becoming overall nervous, I decide it’s best to go through Paypal, no matter how long it takes.
So without awaiting a reply from Bob’s Prop Shop, I decide to leap ahead and go through Paypal’s cancellation service.

I notify Bob’s Shop:


Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 4:54 PM

Decided to just go through paypal, they'll send a formal request - makes things easier and will clear up for you your rights regarding all the fees owed to you. Sorry for all the back and forth - know I've inundated you with emails.

This will be easiest for both of us.


We email each other almost simultaneously, because they respond:


Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 4:54 PM

Bob's Prop Shop Moseley <bobspropshop@…com>

So you want a refund, less 15%, as you suggested to me originally?
That is $375.00

I have a pack ready to ship to you today/morning if you change your mind.
Let me know!


My reply:


Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 4:55 PM

OMG I literally just wrote you in another window that I sent a paypal request. The fees got confusing so I'm letting them handle it - sorry for all the back and forth. I'll handle it however they see fit - that should be best for us both. Thanks for letting me know and have a good weekend.


Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 4:57 PM

Bob's Prop Shop Moseley <bobspropshop@…com>

I don't see the request, if you want to cancel it we can resolve this ourselves instead of some long drawn out thing.


Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 5:01 PM

It was put in by phone so it should show up through their system soon. If not, let me know. I'm leaving work so I'll be away from my PC but I'll check in soon. I should receive a copy of the same email from paypal if it goes though. Have a good weekend, I hope this resolves things. Hope it wont be drawn out, they made it sound very simple. If so, at least you know you're covered properly. Thanks again man.


Truth be known, I wasn’t in the least confused. I was playing it that way to avoid any drama, but the fact was I had become suspicious of the fees and had learned my buyer’s rights from Paypal:

1. I was entitled to a full refund, no questions asked, even though the Bob’s Prop Shop Website says NO REFUNDS.
2. Paypal refunds the seller their fee when my refund is issued.
3. Paypal refunds the seller their shipping fees.
4. There were no Ebay fees incurred, if there were they would have also been refunded.

I leave work and go out to dinner.

Meantime, another email comes from Bob’s Shop:


Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 5:09 PM

Bob's Prop Shop Moseley <bobspropshop@…com>

So what's the problem with my pack?
You write me this long drawn out email about how much you want it, we build the best stuff, I even put you at the top of the list
and then you change your mind for no reason?
I can't afford to lose sales, I spend the money from these on equipment, parts, costs, labor, etc.
My account will end up going negative and I don't even really have the money to give back to you right now.
It costs a lot more to make these than people think!
I just don't understand what the problem is?


I acknowledge it’s difficult to have a customer cancel an order and not be given a concrete reason other than I no longer wanted the item. But it was my right. I felt it best not to engage, since I did not want to argue and because the topic was irrelevant. I was canceling the order. And any storefront that claims to be a professional service should understand the fact.

The tone of the email felt a bit desperate so it made me nervous. I call Paypal back just to REASSURE ME of my rights.

This time, the rep I spoke to was not happy to hear that Bob’s Shop had asked me for a "friend" transaction. That is apparently a huge no-no for sellers.

As a result, They immediately froze the money so Bob’s Shop could not use it.

They then informed me that if Bob’s Shop did not refund my money in full by the coming Monday, Paypal would. The latest my money would be returned was Oct 13th. The full amount - 2580 to be exact. This was iron clad. I needed to do nothing further. It was a done deal.

But Bob’s Shop doesn’t know this, so they write back.


Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 7:50 PM
Bob's Prop Shop Moseley <bobspropshop@…com>

OK, so just to clarify things...
I am going to give you a refund less a 15% restocking fee.
The original price was $2580.00, less 15% which is $387.00, giving you a refund of $2193.00


….I think to myself, Yes, that would have been the deal and I would have honored it if Bob’s Shop had accepted my initial proposal.

Unfortunately they instead asked me for even more money, to compensate for fees I later learned were false.

Perhaps they were ignorant of their seller’s rights. But in any case, it did not sit well with me that I was expected to pay more.

And quite nervous to send a “Friend” payment to what had been advertised as a professional storefront.

So not feeling good at this point - I DO NOT WRITE BACK to Bob’s Prop Shop.

They receive the official refund request from Paypal.

Their response follows.


Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 7:41 PM

Dear Robert Moseley ,
Your buyer — for the transaction of $2,580.00 USD made on Sep 28, 2014 is asking for a full refund since the transaction has been canceled already between the two of you. Now in issuing a full refund to your buyer the fee which was deducted from the payment will be reversed back.
This request was made by the buyer because he doesn't want to file a case against you.
Your prompt response on this matter will be greatly appreciated.
Sincerely, Bryan PayPal Customer Solutions PayPal, an eBay Company


Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 9:36 PM

Bob's Prop Shop Moseley <bobspropshop@…com>

so are you trying to deny my the restocking fee you offered now?
I was trying to resolve this but you keep jumping ahead and making this difficult.
If you want a swift refund we can do this now, otherwise it will be the long and drawn out version with paypal

Sent from my iPad


….So despite the fact that Paypal was already acknowledging my refund, Bob’s Shop again implies that by my going to Paypal things will now be “long and drawn out” instead of “swift.’

I do indeed keep jumping ahead, but I’m not making things more difficult, I’m making them extremely simple.

Then I get this notification:


Sat, Oct 4, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Hello Dan,
Your package from Bob's Prop Shop, LLC is on its way. You can track it online using this tracking number.
U.S. Postal Service: 9464109699937929454704

I’m not quite sure what to think at this point.

They’d already sent me a shipment cancellation. How could they then turn around and claim to have shipped the item?

According to Paypal, it didn’t matter. I could refuse delivery of any package sent, and even if it were left with me, the refund was going through.

Had a pack arrived, I would have returned it of course. But no pack ever came.

Paypal informed me on a phone call that the tracking number above was submitted to them by Bob’s Shop as proof of shipment when they protested my refund request.

Paypal said it was a dead link that showed no delivery activity.

By this time the situation had now escalated to a formal complaint and a case was opened against Bob’s Prop Shop.

I followed up with the consumer complaint department of Ebay services, and file a formal case since I am now concerned about the way the Prop Shop has handled the transaction.

Wed, Oct 8, 2014 at 11:23 AM

I email “Jessica,” after speaking to her on the phone.

I send her a full account of all that transpired with Bob’s Shop.

Out of fairness, I make sure they know I have no personal grudge against Bob’s Prop Shop.

I didn’t want to make any claims that were unjust. I stuck to the facts, just as they are presented here.

I also make sure they knew I had no first-hand problem with the product in question.

I make clear that my motivation for canceling the order was initially the GB Forums fan thread I’d read concerning the seller.

I forward all Bob’s Shop’s emails, including their requests for fees and “friend” payments as well as their discouragements that I not handle my refund through Paypal.

Finally, I send them the link to the GBFans forum regarding Bob’s Shop.

At this point I have not heard back regarding their investigation of their seller’s account.

I don’t know what happened since except of course for my refund:


Tue, Oct 14, 2014 at 7:05 PM

Dear Dan ——,

We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your

We were able to recover $2,580.00 USD and this amount has been credited to
you. Please allow five business days for this adjustment to be posted.


With the money returned I was able to purchase a GB 1 Hero Pack with a Bigi330 shell, an aluminum thrower (from Freeky Geeky) and even Dan Aykroyd’s autograph. I had it for Halloween and since then it’s been turning heads and busting others (In a spiritual sense of course.)

Would I have been happy with a Bob’s Pack?

I cannot say. Maybe all the stories on this thread are ghost stories and I was just spooked by a phantom.

But I did not want to find out the hard way that I was one of the unhappy ones. And it turns out, I didn’t have to.


BUT I AM posting my experience for posterity, so that people can infer their own opinions and that investigative buyers understand their rights when buying/selling from ANY online storefront, especially at higher price points.

I’m quite thankful to everyone at GBFans who posted on the subject of Bob’s Prop Shop and to friends at the SoCal Ghostbusters for helping direct me to what I feel was a great quality build for my $$ when I reached out to them online.


IF YOU ARE A SELLER, KNOW YOUR SELLER’S RIGHTS as well as those of your customers.

And when shopping, never forget to DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Thanks to all and now onto what’s important - love of the franchise and wishing you all a holiday of happy ‘busting!

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Speaking as someone who was recently banned from Facebook [for having an unusual name], it's not hard to get someone banned... if you wanted to go down such a route, that is.

Personally, I'm just glad I found this place before I fell in to the trap of buying from Bob.
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im alittle late to this, but this is starting to get serious. those are serious threats... i would contact local law enforcement immediately, and start a log with all these videos.

if this were me i would have already taken legal action, this is ridiculous
It seems Bob is wanting to branch out into a new fandom now.

He was offering to buy people's props at Dallas Vintage Toys today. Mostly Power Rangers helmets and weapons.

I have already warned the Texas Power Rangers about him, and hopfully they do something.

How does this asshat get so many guest spots?
Rodimus wrote:I just looked at his eBay rating: he has zero negative feedback. How is that possible?
I was wondering the same... is it possible to delete or nullify negative feedback?
pyhasanon wrote:
Rodimus wrote:I just looked at his eBay rating: he has zero negative feedback. How is that possible?
I was wondering the same... is it possible to delete or nullify negative feedback?
I think he can dispute them with Ebay for removal. OR people don't know what they're buying.
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