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By AJ Quick
Videobob has removed all references to the Discovery Channel.

He now simply states that he has a TV show coming out next year.

So chances are:

-He got his contract for a pilot pulled with the Discovery Channel.
-Never had a contract with the Discovery Channel.
-Never had anything and was filming the pilot on his own, with the hopes of it getting picked up.
By venkman71
That's not the only manhood he's uploaded online. Careful what you search for. ;)

I find it interesting that I'm "the expert"

I'd like to clear something up here as well,.... until now I didn't address any of this crap because in the world of the internets, there's nothing more pathetic than a good old fashioned nerd flame-war.

"The ion arm is fiberglass!'

"The ion arm is aluminum! I hate your face!"

Uh-uh,..... been down that road before and it's a dead end EVERY time.

HOWEVER,..... mom's good advice, "Ignore the bully and he'll go away" NEVER worked. It never HAS worked, and it never WILL work and in fact, I've found that sometimes keeping a low profile gets me into more trouble than a quick skirmish and moving on.
Therefore, (for anyone that still cares and I can't imagine there's a whole lot of you), I just wanna clear up one thing,.... this PM feed that Bob so lovingly keeps referring to in his videos was started right around the same time as the RPF debacle.

When he put up his "I'm gonna recast this shell" thread,....(his FIRST post on the RPF is a recasting thread, FYI), he also included a butt-load of semi-private and VERY private info about ME that he SWIPED from my facebook page, (before I knew you had to disable your page so non-friends couldn't see it).
So in order to shore up his argument he drags MY name into it and uses said swiped info in the quest back up his warped perspective.

So I sent him a little PM.

As you may well imagine, it was an angry one, and thus began this huge correspondence spanning months and months of me saying things like "stop using my Goddam name in your auctions", trying to correct, (a losing prospect, BTW), all the erroneous info he had about me and was stating as fact as well as trying to refute his argument that "we're both the same" as we are BOTH recasters.

I mean,.... come on.

Then, despite me trying to keep out of it, the next thing I know he's going to war with GB fans and is staging SELECTED dramatic readings from my friggin' messages and telling everybody,... "we talk every day! We're buddies!"

Right. There's a LOT of four letter words in those messages. A lot of anger and a LOT of informational things trying to correct the spin.

And here we are.

FYI, my chatty "buddy" hasn't contacted me at all since he said, "I know Sean's probably gonna be mad at me for this but,...."and then started reading our PM's in the video.

He will never get another written word from me again. Not even to tell him off.

Thanks for letting me clear the air, fellas. Sorry for the drama.

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By Zander Yurami
EctoGlow wrote:
renny310 wrote:

Dude...I know this guy personally, the stories I could tell have no idea. He thinks he is never wrong and that is just the tip of the ice burg man.

I 2nd this. I have stores on Raine and his "partner" Thiago, and a little info on BoB


I live down the road from the guys, and it took FOREVER to even get them to get me stuff.

I believe it was OVER A YEAR to get somethng that was mine.

*after someone moved and i couldnt get an address
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By goldenhawk
Video Bob has now gone off the deep end. Check out his latest ebay listing: ... 2c60be53eb

He's now including a Certificate of Authenticity. What is he trying to authenticate and who's signature appears on the certificate?
By gdonovan
Now the guy is selling a Corvair thermostat bellows on Ebay as a shock mount. On one hands states on Ebay he doesn't know where it comes from but then admits he has a Corvair sitting at his shop!

By gdonovan
In my mailbox this morning....

So what is the point of telling me what this thing is, then going onto gbfans and talking crap about me after the fact?
No, I didn't know where it came from.
Yes, my friend has his rare Corvair station wagon parked at my shop.
(Total coincidence. - I happen to own about 15 cars.)
No, I have never crawled under it to see one of these on it.
No, this is NOT to a Corvair in the first place, it is a different part.
The Corvair wasn't produced until 1960, this bellows is marked 1958.

This part came from Apex surplus in Burbank, they don't deal with car parts.
it most likely came from some sort of aircraft application, chances are it was an air cooled engine.

I put it up on eBay for a measly $1.00.
I sell my parts fairly.

Funny how guys like you suck the dick of these other tools who rip you off and you thank them for it.
I happen to know that AJ is actually paying $21 each for the knobs he is charging $30+ each for.
He stands to make about $2k-$3K off that order, not exactly charity.
Him and his cronies charge up the ass for their parts.
I know what the stuff costs to make.
They are all ripping you guys off left and right and you thank them and beg for more.
f****g hilarious.
Why don't you post that shit on gbfans?

Anyway, thanks for the info.
After some quick research I have figured out the correct part and sourced it.
Something I haven't seen on GBfans yet.

When I offer my completed packs they will be built on real production shells, all metal guns,
genuine parts where applicable, sound effects, lights, vibration, everything dreamed of.
I plan to offer the best of the best and watch these fools drool for my tools.
- VB
By gdonovan

The 1960 Corvair rolled off the assembly line in 1959, and as someone who restores old Mopars I can assure you that car makers back then had parts for vehicles as much as a year in advance.

There is no shortage of 340 blocks with a 1967 date even though the engine wasn't introduced till 1968. Engine build dates often predate the chassis by as much as 8 months back in the day.

Look at the picture and decide for yourself, the purple cast to the new part is a protective coating. I had one of those parts in hand while working on a customers vehicle and played a fine practical joke on the parts store.

Call a parts store and ask for the thermostat for an air cooled engine and see the response you get, but there is one right there.
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By AJ Quick
Videobob strikes again.

This time recasting MMM's HGA.






MMM unfortunately sold an HGA to Videobob back in December on eBay.. where once someone has won / purchased something... it is hard to back out of without the risk of negative feedback.

MMM sells his for $15. Videobob sells his recasted copy for $25.
By irricanian
Ok, so if you're reselling it why not credit the original maker instead of making it look like it's a part of your regular inventory? When I resell someones parts I always give credit to the person who made it and state that this is a one off. Notice also it says in his description that it's a solid cast...mine are hollow!
HGA Resin Casting:
This is a solid built part and includes the allen head socket screws.
You can attach it with glue, epoxy, rivets, screws, your choice.
By irricanian
Kingpin wrote:He's just digging that grave of his, one shovel-load of BS at a time.
another shovel full...

Bob's Prop Shop (Official Fan Page) This is a part sold on ebay my Multimediamayhem. it was white and hollow. I filled it on with solid resin to make itmeasier to mount and then painted it black. I was simply going to mount it to my own pack to get it ready in a hurry however..., After examining it I have decided to go ahead and do these myself. I was going to avoid doing some of these smallerarts and the let the other people on ebay who already sell this type of stuff continue, but my fans demand a better partt and are willing to pay a few extra bucks for a part that is cadt in black and easy to mount.


Bob's Prop Shop (Official Fan Page) So post that on gbfans....
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By AJ Quick
What a classic attempt at trying to back peddle your way into people believing you were doing the right thing from the beginning. Lets dissect EXACTLY what Blob said.
This is a part sold on ebay my Multimediamayhem. it was white and hollow. I filled it on with solid resin to make itmeasier to mount and then painted it black. I was simply going to mount it to my own pack to get it ready in a hurry however..., After examining it I have decided to go ahead and do these myself. I was going to avoid doing some of these smallerarts and the let the other people on ebay who already sell this type of stuff continue, but my fans demand a better partt and are willing to pay a few extra bucks for a part that is cadt in black and easy to mount.
Bob claims the photo is of the original MMM purchased part that he resin filled and then painted black.

However. This photo was also accompanied by two other photos of Bob's latest (horrible) resin cast creations. Injector tubes and an Ion Arm. Both of which are cast in black resin.

Then lets go back to the quote:
my fans demand a better partt and are willing to pay a few extra bucks for a part that is cadt in black and easy to mount.
Therefore we already know that Bob uses black resin. If you compare the three photographs together is should be apparent that they are all three resin cast in black. All three are resin cast copies and not master items.

Then you have information from Irricanian (who knows his own stuff inside and out) and noted that the HGA is not exactly the same as the one he sold. Its been modified slightly. The holes on the side are slightly different. It looks like Videobob changed the MMM HGA slightly before recasting it.

Then it comes to the very last point. If (and I only mean this hypothetically, because we all know he did).. if Videobob did not recast MMM's HGA... why would he post it on his Facebook page showing off the new parts, if in fact they weren't his to begin with? That's a form of theft in the first place. Showing off a product that someone else makes and claiming it as your own.

Which we go back to the quote. If its MMM's work, and you are showing it off.. why post this to cover it up?
After examining it I have decided to go ahead and do these myself. I was going to avoid doing some of these smallerarts and the let the other people on ebay who already sell this type of stuff continue, but my fans demand a better partt and are willing to pay a few extra bucks for a part that is cadt in black and easy to mount.
Why post that crappy part (not saying as an attack on MMM's work, but rather as opposition to Blob's "better part" claim) if you tell people you're gonna do your own that's better? Are we to believe that you posted 3 images of parts, and one was supposed to be a oh this part is crappy we're gonna do it better.??

No. What we see here is a blatant attempt at attacking a competitors product, after having claimed it as your own. (Because, it is your own.. because you recast it.) This is a backhanded approach at trying to promote your product, while covering up the fact that its recast.

And then we have this gem:
I was going to avoid doing some of these smallerarts and the let the other people on ebay who already sell this type of stuff continue, but ...
You heard it here first. He was just going to let everyone on eBay sell the small parts. But not anymore. Blob will be rolling around and absorbing all your sales with his far superior (and expensive products):



Yeah. You're fans sure do demand a higher quality part.
By irricanian
AJ Quick wrote:Videobob strikes again.

This time recasting MMM's HGA.


Bob's Prop Shop (Official Fan Page) This part was hollow with a thin 1/4" wall, I filled it with resin to make it solid because it gives more area to glue it in place, I also use rivets to hold these parts in place ensuring it will not come off. Much better than a thin layer of glue. I did a little sanding to it because it was rough out of the mold. I painted it with a flat black.
Bob's Prop Shop (Official Fan Page) The douchebags on GBFANS are talking about this part and making all sorts of claims. AJ needs to stick to ripping off his sheep and stop stalking me and what I am doing. What a bunch of trolls.
By irricanian
So these are supposed to be one off parts he bought from other sellers on Ebay ...., then how come i can buy 4 of each on his website

Your shopping cart
Your Shopping Cart Description Price Quantity Amount
HGA Resin Casting (with screws)
Choose Shipping Method:: USA Standard Shipping
24.99 quantity: 4

Ion Arm Casting
Choose Shipping Method:: USA Standard Shipping
24.99 quantity: 4

Injector Tubes Casting
Choose Shipping Method:: USA Standard Shipping
34.99 quantity: 4

Item total:$339.88Shipping and handling: $22.97Total:$362.85 USD

ORYou can apply gift certificates, rewards, or other discounts later.
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By AJ Quick
Videobob wrote:Unfortunately, I can't go on GBFANS and defend myself or explain things.
The HGA looks the same because it is.
I bought them from the dude on eBay, I modified it and painted it and put it back up for sale because I decided I didn't want it.
It looks the same because it IS the same.
Also, go look at his "price" then look at his "shipping", my price is not that far off, especially since I FIXED it,
sanded it, filled it, painted it.... etc.
Doesn't really explain why he is selling multiples of them does it? Nor why he charges shipping on top of his price?
Videobob wrote:Also, it is real easy to get banned from GBFANS, all you have to do is offer to sell stuff on a regular basis.
He will rip you apart and try everything he can to trash you.
There is a looooong story to my production made pack shell, where it came from and all the other very respected
people who were involved in "re-casting" it.
"Re-casting" is the biggest bullshit scam argument of all time....
"I stole this first!"
Unless you INVENTED IT you are ripping it off, just ask any REAL artist.
Wake up.
The sooner you and other people realize that forums like mine and AJ's are BUSINESSES the better.
We both "help people out" by selling them stuff.
This is my job and how I make a living, you can buy what I have for sale and enjoy my quality made parts,
fast shipping and customer service or you can go make it yourself.
It's your choice.
Its funny that Blob doesn't actually disagree with the recasting statement. He just kinda says its the same thing everyone else is doing. However in the world of prop replicas, its quite different. When you actually go to your competitor, buy their product, recast it and sell copies of for your own profit. That is stealing. No ifs ands or buts about it.

When you make your own prop part, even if its based on someone else's work.. that's making a replica prop. That's what just about everyone here does. If you sell copies of your own self made prop replica part.. that's a grey area. And its slightly LESS grey, if its a part that isn't available for purchase through an original supplier (meaning the movie it was made for was 100% custom, like the Proton Pack shell). And its even LESS grey if its just one part of a completed prop replica. An HGA for example.

When you go and buy something from a perceived competitor, recast it and resell it. That's stealing. Be it a Proton Pack shell you purchased through a third party to avoid a road block, or a HGA you bought off of eBay. Its theft. Making your own from scratch, of a custom made, not of a "found part" and selling copies of that.. is grey. Making direct castings from a found item is a grey area. Buying a casting of a found item from another seller (aka competitor), and then making castings of that is recasting.

Blob has a history of doing this for year and years in the BTTF community. How many eBay usernames has he gone through?

I also wouldn't say that is very nice customer service. You probably get the customer service, only after you are a customer and give him money. I guess the most important line is:
Videobob wrote:It's your choice.
Which I am thankful for as so many people choose GBFans over Videobob. ;)
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By AJ Quick
It looks like Videobob has finally backpeddled and made his own parts which he claims are far more accurate and superior to the ones he original bought to recast. Its pretty funny to read him trash talking the parts he bought, so he could sell these parts to his follower. He claimed the welds that were on the other parts were pretty crappy, and therefore his new hot melt glue welds are pretty bad ass.

You be the judge!

Its not surprising that Nick Mason (Massacci) was the one posting early on about Videobob as if he had no connection to him at all.

It just shows that even Videobob's supporters aren't knowledgable about what Videobob says and does. In the above post / screenshot he is talking about a comment as if it was "BS" coming from GBFans. When in fact it was posted on Bob's website. It asks a question of Bob which is quite clear.

Why don't the accurate parts fit on what is supposed to be a screen used shell. It is a question posed to Videobob after he said this:
Videobob wrote:MY parts fit MY shell.
If you peice meal parts from all different vendors you will have to make mods regaurdless amd thats just how it is.
Next week I will be shipping my motherboard, bumper, ladder, Booster tube, etc.
All of this btw could have been fixed if in seconds if you were simply using the correct tools.
The booster tube for instance could have been sliced to the correct fit in 30 seconds on a band saw.
Your holes are breaking through because your using the wrong bits on fiberrglass, (keyword "glass".)
There are really simple fillers that can fix this for cheap, if you want my help and my parts then just ask and I will send you the extra things you need, some of which for free, just ask.
You just have to get over all the hype of people who are all trying to sell you something for more.
Its not his fault the shell is bad. Its the fault of the buyer for using the wrong tools, using the wrong filler.. or the fault of the buyer for being too stupid. Its all cunningly put up as a sales pitch to buy his parts.

Why buy better parts when you can buy Bob's cardboard and hot melt glue parts? They are the only parts that will fit his claimed screen used "production" shell.
Oh look, now Massacci is "part of the community". I'd just like to refer everyone to this conversation from about a week ago - ... 19#p388819


I'm a moderator so I'm supposed to oppress my opinion and try to be political, but honestly in this case I'm going to make an exception. I would love it if you left and never came back, that's the honest truth and I'm not interested in sugar coating it.

You are no better than VideoBob in my book. You are a thorn in the side of this community.

You have caused nothing but drama since the day you started posting here. First you threw a tantrum because no franchises wanted to let you join (gee, I wonder why).

Then you threw a tantrum when no one wanted to trade you a Ghost Trap for a Rubies Darth Vader suit.

Then you threw a tantrum when your "fan fiction" wasn't well received.

Recently you stalked a seller here across pm here, email and even Facebook and then left him negative feedback WITHIN 5 DAYS OF A PURCHASE because you hadn't received it yet.

You consistently start threads asking questions for which there are THOROUGH answers available by just using the search function.

And ever since VideoBob appeared on the GBFans radar you've flocked to him. You are so desperate to fit in somewhere that you'll align yourself with anyone who shows you the slightest bit of attention.

A quick read through that link I just posted can see your latest tantrum, when you weren't adorned for your "Art".

Please, seriously, do everyone a favor and never come back. The victim card is getting old. Maybe it's time to ask yourself "Why doesn't anyone like me?"

Here are a few choice examples of Massacci's "contributions" to the community.

"MocoSpace" ... 11&t=22189

"Starting a Franchise" ... 72&t=22164

"Starting a Franchise (Again) ... 72&t=22521

"Endorsing VideoBob" ... 95#p345895

"Seller Feedback" ... 43#p384343

Sadly the thread begging for an exchange for a Ghost Trap has expired (After 90 days with no responses the "For Sale" threads do that) but I think everyone gets the picture.
I hope to God no one here lumps me in with VideoBob, Bob's prop shop, or any of their shananigans. I bought his pack without doing the proper research, and I have since ordered a new one from a respected seller here. Vincenzo330, please let me know if I'm ever doing anything that is not in the communities best interest, or anything I can do to distance myself from those guys.
I don't want to make this look like a pile-on. You shouldn't have to fear discussing your purchases regardless of where they come from. Massacci has gone out of his way to make himself unwelcome here and it has very little to do with him owning a VidoeBob shell.

It's really not my business how anyone spends their money, all I can hope is that we can educate people so that they can make informed purchases.

If seeing the facts help stop people from buying from VideoBob then that's great, if they see it too late then that's unfortunate. I'm truly not interested in keeping track of who buys what merchandise and from whom and I really wouldn't give anyone a hard time about buying something just because I don't agree with their purchase.

While I wish that you could have seen all of this before buying from Bob I certainly can't fault you for it, no one can. I really wish all of the drama surrounding this hobby would just go away but sadly it's something we have to deal with. We have a great community here as far as I'm concerned, we weed out the bad seeds as they become problematic.

You don't necessarily have to be an asset here to get along well, just don't be a detriment, that's all we ask. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but we have black and white rules on recasting and those who blatantly break them will be promptly removed.

The best thing you can do to help out with this stuff is to spread the word and try to help sway people you know from making uninformed purchases.
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