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By Ecto_1
Ok, now to get things back on track......

Introducing the terribly fitting motherboard: ... f=54&t=281

(If a mod could put the pictures in here, rather than the link Id be forever grateful! I Lack the needed skill set, lol)

That thing sits almost right inside the shell, if he claims it to be as authentic as he does, why the hell didn't he do some research, which is readily out there, that the motherboard sits just to the outside of the damn shell...

Another piece of the saga of ill fitting shit that will burn through the masses on ebay from the recaster!
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By Ecto_1
Today from Videobob

A message to the bully mods at gbfans about Massacci,
He has not bought any props from me.
The shell he has was bought from Raine, who recast of my shells.
This might sound odd, but this shell is a found part and community property.
Being that it is studio property, it has no owner and no one except the owner can dictate what is done with it. So unless someone can prove to me they made it no one can prove it is theirs, making it an orphan and therefor NOT a recast.
So yes, anyone can replicate it.
I keep my price on it low enough to make it not worth doing by someone else.

Nick came by my booth at the Texas Frightmare show where I was a guest and I told him he was welcomed to come by my shop and use my tools if he needed.
So even though he is not one of my customers, i do support the community.

Another person who walked by my booth was Matt Ham, (ectoglow) and we talked for Bout 30 minutes. He let me speak my mind and told me he respected the fact that I was willing to talk to him in a civil manner. So despite his nasty comments about me, I treated him respectfully and hopefully got my point acrossed.
I invited him to come to the shop and see some of my stuff, to use the tools if he needs, etc.
We talked about the shell as the whole "recasting" issue.
What people may not know about me and also may find ironic is that I too am against recasting.
I dont take peoples original art and copy it. I have only copied found parts.
I dont beleive that just because some else finds it first that it is theirs to dominate.
I firmly believe that this shell doesnt qualify, it is as public domain as a Clippard valve or a Raytheon knob!

That said, I am building my own shell that will be totally my own and this Studio shell will be retired
Simply beause I want it to be the community standard compatible size, with perfect size and level dimensions.

So before AJ beats me to the punch...

Clear admission of recasting, all at the same time denouncing recasting...
This is probably in fear of torching his site before it gets off the ground, prop builders HATE recasters!
How is a shell that is technically a piece of art, a found object? An orphan? There is still a clear lineage to this pack that involved unsavoury actions... BEFORE BOB EVEN RECAST IT YET AGAIN!

If I found Michealangelo's "David" lying on the side of the road, recast it and started to sell it as if it was part of some type of production lineage that never existed, Im pretty sure Id be shunned by the entire arts community.

How the hell does Bob think that his predicament is any different? Just because you can't tell who originally made something DOES NOT give you free domain to copy the shit out of it!
Note that this thread is not about Massacci. Somehow, as he usually does he has made this about him. I will only post about this briefly, but as a result of posting here.. he has been going all over the internet complaining and whining about GBFans and how everyone is out to get him. He has absolutely ZERO responsibility for his actions.

He also created this new Facebook group:

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By Ecto_1
Sorry again about throwing this sucker back on the rails, looks like Bob has replied to the motherboard being small, also, guess his little vendetta is back on... lol

Re: BPS Motherboard
by Videobob » Tue May 08, 2012 6:53 pm

It looks like it is too small, but it is actually the exact size of the shell. When monted it will fit perfect.
I am first using self etching primer and then painting them flat black.
I will sell them ONLY to people wo have previoisly bought my shell as it will most likely ot fit other shells.
Otherwise, it will be part of my "proton pack starter kit", which will give you most everything you need to build yourself a pack (except the gun) and you wont have to wander to other sellers and hope their stuff fits.
The kits will have all the holes drilled, painted, some parts mounted, etc.
It will be the cheapest solution for any fan who wants to get into a proton pack and will be easy to build.

No one will be able to touch this deal.
My plan is to water down and completely ruin the market on these props and make it so asshles like AJ and his douche buddies will be forced to lower their prices to nothing, making it not even worth doing anymore.
I buy resin by the DRUM now.
These guys will seriously regret ever starting a war with me.
The fans however, will love me. You will get this stuff cheap and enjoy it with me.
Le revelution'!!!!!
Buh bye....
According to him I made $40,000.00 last year in shell sales. Obviously, you know it's true if it came from him. "It's simple math".

Considering the fact that Bob has day-laborers from Home Depot making his shells and that he's buying resin by the drum now apparently, he probably could turn a nice profit... Unless we can broadcast the truth about him frequently and loudly enough.

I don't care if he makes a million dollars this year, his wallet is really of no concern to me. But if we can help stop people like techdisaster from getting ripped off then it's worth the effort in my eyes.

In a strange way what Bob is proposing could almost be a positive thing, making the hobby more inexpensive would be welcome, but sadly the quality of his already poorly made shells can only get worse from here. That and he's a filthy recaster ;)
From Bob. (Note: I added numbers next to each claim to offer a clear rebuttal).
1. I am really disgusted with the way these guys at GBFans have brainwashed you Tech,
You came here and first talked about how "awesome" the shell was and how you "don't know what your doing"..... (read first post),
2. You used the wrong tools and methods with your shell, bought other peoples parts and didnt expect them to need adjustments?
3. Only after they villified you for buying it did you start talking shit about it.
4. I offered you many times my help and you have ignored it all.
5. So let that be known that at no time did I refuse you service.
6. You chose to do exactly what they planned and spent $100 more for a shell direct from the main moderator so you could firmly place your nose directly in his ass.
7. Guys like you and guys like him are why the internet sucks.... A nation of bullies and pussies working together.
8. Out of the more than 50 shells I have shipped, you seem to be the only one with the problem.
9. So, enjoy being the puppet and dont forget to pay extra!
10. Oh yeah, dont ever dissagree with them or they will ban you!
11. Good luck,...sheep.
1. This has been a major learning experience for me. The aspect that changed my mind the most was the quality of the parts I received from other vendors. No sane person would ever call your product quality when put against parts from respected sellers on GBFans. I learned over time just how bad I got screwed. I wasn't brainwashed, my opinion simply evolved with experience.

2. It's possible I used the wrong tools and methods, although I used the same drill bits on every other part from other sellers with perfect results. Only your pack has needed bondo and filler to make right - I haven't needed to use that for anyone else's. I wasn't aware when I purchased a pack from you that it would not fit other people's parts. At the time I purchased the shell, you did not offer any other part besides an ALICE pack frame. I guess it was assumed that a buyer had to buy from other sellers - where else would they get the parts? You still don't offer a bumper to fit your shell - and the parts you've recently introduced are, in my opinion, not as accurate as I would like.

3. Absolutely no one has vilified me here. Not one person. I have my own fear that I would be blacklisted from sellers due to my association with you, but people have gone out of their way to assure me that is not the case. I have been able to order everything I've needed.

4. That is correct. You have offered help, which I have taken. I have all the bondo and glue that you have recommended. I don't fault you at all for your customer service and friendliness on your forum.

5. Correct again. You never refused to help.

6. Wrong on two accounts. I chose to get a new shell when it became obvious to me just how bad your shell is, and how much time I would waste to get it to my standards. My time is valuable to me. I did not purchase my new shell from a moderator as far as I know. Unless GBfans have moderators that do not have the "moderator" title above their name.

7. And guys like you are why feedback threads are necessary.

8. Different strokes for different folks. I'm certain there are plenty of people who are satisfied with different levels of quality and pride in their costumes. Your pack does not live up to a higher standard. Some will agree, some won't.

9. I would gladly be a puppet with a quality product I can be proud of than a rebel with a piece of garbage that I am ashamed of - at twice the price, and any day of the week.

10. I will disagree with them right now. I don't believe that "once a recaster, always a recaster." I believe that people can change and make things right. I sincerely hope you are a man of your word and retire your current shell, and then produce a quality one that people can be proud of. I personally think you have just as much right to scratch build and sell something you create as any one here (even though you are no longer welcome in the community). I will personally not support you - but I don't begrudge anyone who purchases an original creation from you when you go legit. That is my personal feeling that is staunchly opposite to the moderators here.

11. Good luck to you as well. These problems are not going to go away as long as you're selling a recasted low quality product.
I think people are assuming that you purchased a shell from me, and that I somehow coaxed you into it.

For the record, I haven't sold anything to techdisaster and I certainly haven't tried to suade him in any particular direction except for away from recasting scum.

This thread has been our only interaction but apparently that makes me a bully and him a pussy?
Here is the board. Red circles are where his board is too small for his own shell. Blue circle is where not only is it too small, but I can see under the lip of the shell, and by the angle it was taken I am on the wrong side of it meaning the board should appear to cover up more of the gap. Plus! Blue circles also show how the board was not laser/waterjet but cut with a damned table saw, nice sharp angular lines.



Full size hillarity of the board can be found here:
Well, the screwed up dimensions and the gaps at the edges still didn't stop VB from selling his motherboards on ebay. I'd love to see how VB explains the gaps at the edges to his customers. "But, the screen used packs are supposed to be that way." LOL

On VB's board, who's his lacky ponybuilder757. He seems to kiss VB's behind a lot.
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By AJ Quick
Its ok. Bob covers for the problems by telling everyone better motherboards might be produced.
Well, this is how the first batch of 22 came out.
I think that when we do them again I will make sure they are a little bigger and maybe even thicker.
They are .090 now, I wanted them thinner to be lighter.
Everyone wants everything to be CHEAP so something has to give somewhere!!!
If I do them again I will do them at .125 which is about 1/8" thick and about 1/8" wider around the whole shell
(which is almost 1/2" wider over all)
If you want to wait till that happens you can.
Otherwise you can get one of these or just make one yourself with a sharpie, a jigsaw and piece of stock.
I guess when you are making things CHEAP the thing that has to give is accuracy and quality.

I think the advice he gives at the end is the best. Make your own.
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By Kingpin
BahamaBuster wrote:Image
Even accouting for cuts going a bit wide of the margin, most of the red and blue sections could've been easily avoided if he'd simply drawn around the shell with a marker.

It's illustrative of what his non-recasted Proton Pack shell will probably end up like: you can't hope for a good replication of the complex lines and shapes of the Proton Pack if he manages to screw up something as arguably simple as the motherboard.
noslliT wrote:I really like that we are making it well known that videobob and his land of misfit props are a black eye across many fan bases but I hope this board will get back on track soon. Bob's childish behavior and even more embarrassing fashion sense is starting to get a little old. Don't get me wrong I find it entertaining but I feel this has been the main topic around here for a comically long time. I don't feel his antics are ever going to end unfortunately.
i agree. but at the same time, it really helps weed out the people that are problems. look at jacob king, massaccai, bustin justin, and damn near everyone that's in that ghostbusters fans haters group on facebook that have joined and remained.

keeping it current helps. letting something like this fall to the bottom doesnt help people that actually do research for the things they buy on ebay. if making a substantial purchase, id be more inclined to take advice from thread that's updated more often than one that hasnt been touched in months.

i want to add, the "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA'S" and the "YEAH'S!" dont really bring much to the table here and they are very annoying. there's a particular user who's responses ive reported a few times in this thread because of it.
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By AJ Quick
More gems posted by Videobob today.

Unfortunately much of it is dragging Sean Bishop (Venkman71) through the mud. I do not like this at all. Videobob has absolutely ZERO respect for anyone. I'll quote a few excerpts from Videobob and add a few comments:
Videobob wrote:Most of my "proof" about this shell is based more upon people's word than it is anything else.
You are right, the shell has been recasted many times and with each generation it shrinks, looses detail and it warps.
We fixed a lot of the imperfections by using heat to flatten and move many of the warps, used bondo do build up and sharpen
some of the ridges and what I call the "castle walls" and what not.
So the photos of my FIRST casting was not that good, we have gone through 4 molds of this shell and have made modifications with each one. The one we currently are making is pretty good.

Also, you act as though I can't build stuff... I have personally built 9 Delorean Time Machines and most of the parts on it.
Some parts I got from fellow builders, but I assure you I do know how to make stuff!
Not to mention the couple of KITT cars and BLUES BROTHERS cars and lots of other cool cars we have done.
I have been making and selling props since 2003, since 2008 full time.
In other words, this is my full time job.
Apparently all the credibility this shell is claimed to have is all based on what other people have told him. I guess that's why he claims its production used from the original films? Its because someone told him that? I guess misleading people isn't his fault.. its someone else's fault.

Videobob plainly states how this is a recast of a recast of a recast and therefore it is shrunken and no longer accurate. To claim in anyway that this shell is production used from Ghostbusters OR Universal Studios Florida is misleading. Its a lump of resin and fiberglass.. and judging from the changes Videobob claims to have made.. its probably another generation recast now.
Videobob wrote:Now back to this shell and why I recast it.
If you know who Sean Bishop is then you also know he is "Venkman71" and in my opinion one of the most respected of the prop builders out there.
Even though Sean doesn't like me and he bad mouths me, I refuse to speak ill of him because I have a lot of respect for what he has done. He works for Dreamworks and has helped build a great Time Machine as well as one of the best ECTO's out there.
I think we all can agree that if he says this shell is the real deal, then it is.
So, here is a screen shot of my facebook email conversation with him about the shell...
The important quote is bolded. Videobob admits to recasting this shell. However as we'll find out later in the quotes its not his fault he recast it.. its GBFans and the RPF's fault for banning him.

Now as we have seen over and over he is dragging Sean through the mud. And despite being asked not to, has posted Sean's conversations between each other. I'm not going to post them here out of respect to Sean (though I'll post a relevant excerpts), but you if you do see the conversations you can see Sean wants nothing to do with Videobob right off the bat. Its not like in the videos Videobob has posted where he acts all buddy buddy with Sean.

Here are snippets from their messages. I've blurred Venkman71's posts out of respect, except for him asking to be removed from Videobob's auction as I think its very relevant.. and shows how Videobob just does not give a shit. He tried to and continues to use Venkman71's name as an endorsement for his product.

Important stuff outlined in red.



Here between the two we see that Videobob wouldn't recast anything of Sean's... but he would recast other's stuff. And as you can see from the highlighted quote his full intentions were to produce enough to have and enough to sell. Plainly because he didn't have the talent to build his own. When Venkman71 asked him to take his name down from the auction we have another gem from Videobob. Here Videobob states that the item being sold on Eba IS NOT a casting. He claims it was the original from the mold that he got from Thiago (which was purchased from Ross). He explicitly states that it wasn't a recast. Where have we seen that before? Oh yeah.. back when he recast Irricanian's stuff and claimed the parts he was selling were the original ones he bought too.

The auctions are no longer around as they were pulled from eBay almost immediately.
Videobob wrote:After this debacle, I was called up by some very important people in the community who are prop builders, some of which actually worked on the movie Ghostbusters. They told me that the shell was real and that I was really shafted by the RPF and GBFANS, they disagree with AJ and ART at RPF and I should NOT have been banned, that what I did was acceptable use of public domain.
No. What you did is purchase an item and then recast it with the full intent of reselling it to profit and take money away from the original seller. That's recasting and that is against the rules of GBFans and the RPF. Case closed. GBFans is my website, The RPF is Art Andrews' we do not have to allow you to be on either of them for no reason what so ever. The fact that you violated our core values cements your banning permanently.
Well, VB is still selling those undersized motherboards. Hell, he's using one on his peronal build. Check out the pic below with all the gaps. If VB doesn't care about the quality of his own personal pack, then what does that mean for others.
Badmouthing him, eh? By sending him private messages asking him to,...

Stop using my name in his ebay auctions.

Stop referring to me in threads regarding this shell.

Take my name off of your "C.O.A." from Bob's prop shop, (Cripes,...), that you include with your shells.

Stop discussing my personal property, the knowledge of which you obtained by deception, with EVERYBODY who will f**king listen.

Stop posting the private PM's discussing said issues, ON THE INTERNET!

I can see I'm being QUITE unreasonable.

The ridiculous thing is,....who GIVES A SH!T what MY opinion is on some old PROP?

He says,...."I know I shouldn't do this,...." right before he "does this".

He has no respect, no honor, no scruples and no common sense.

I could spend a lifetime trying to point out right from wrong to that guy and still he'd never get it. So I ignore him,....and every few months, he does this. Cause he's stupid.

I'm sorry this horsesh!t made it's way over here.

Bob will use every scrap of misinformation he can dig up, twist or create for one thing and one thing only,....selling useless trinkets to people who don't know any better and then creating a mythology to back up his sh!tty behavior. :sigh:

Ignore a bully and he'll go away,...........yeah,....not so much.
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By AJ Quick
If you read Videobob's build thread for one of his own Proton Pack shells... he talks about the motherboard. I don't have an exact quote, but it was something like. 'The motherboard isn't a perfect fit, but who cares anyways? This is all supposed to be fun right?'

But you go to his eBay auction where he misleads people into buying the Motherboard:
This is a 0.90 thick aluminum motherboard that is CNC router cut to exactly fit one of our "Bob's Prop Shop" Ghostbusters Proton Pack shell.
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By Ecto_1
Heres the quote AJ you alluded to above

"Here is the shell mounted to my aluminum motherboard.
I know it is a little bit too small and I will correct that on the next batch, but quite frankly who cares?
It's just for fun, right?"

Also hes locked out his forums and taken off any of his bashing of the site, but at the same time taken ANY and ALL criticism anyone had for his projects... pure scum!

I guess he believes that if he silences his opposition that he can go on doing his thing as he pleases.
By Smits
I just happened to see this pop up on my FB sidebar. It was about eBay issues and reading through the conversation, guess who popped up?


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By Ecto_1
Ok, so as this thread gave me great joy to follow and I absolutely hated the fact that Bob locked his forums, I decided to do some "espionage" because really, someone needs to be keeping an eye on this asshole. So anyways, in the theme around here lately with many scratch building their own ladder assemblies, including myself, I present to you, the Video Bob Booster Frame Turd 2.0 "mine's better than what 20 others already do" edition


As you can see, he is getting grilled about the inaccuracies still, and I laugh that the guy "scoured" reference pictures and still can't get the f****g angles on the pencils right.

Maybe instead of props, he should go into Gb themed comedy, cause this shit is just funny!
noslliT wrote:First off there is no way he made that bumper from scratch.
I love how he says people are selling recasts of his recast.
Someone (who wants to remain anonymous) sent me these screen captures from Bob's site concerning his bumper.
It's very strange that he typically uses all black resin, except for his first bumper pull. Can anyone claim this bumper?

Wasn't VD Slob complaining about not knowing the proper measurement for the booster tube ... but he somehow whips this out? I also chuckle at how he documents his inaccurate booster frame to show he's not recasting, but refuses to show his scratch-built bumper.
By noslliT
It's fairly easy to deduce that all he's doing is purchasing parts off eBay and just recasting whatever he gets his hands on. He's only forced to tap dance a little and make it look like he's actually doing some of his own work just to appease people for whatever motives. I see a few parts I recognize already. It's just incredible that he'll recast just about anything. This is a hobby which is a distraction from normal life.
Whether it be parts or knowledge or just to screw around we're here to help each other and respect one another's work which is not limited to recasting our creations and turning a buck on it.
Replication is the biggest form of flattery not duplication.
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By AJ Quick
I'm gonna go out on a very short limb here and say that its KC Ghostbuster's part:


Sure Videobob filled in a few of the sharp edges, but what he didn't change was the overall shape of the roundness in the corners... KC Ghostbusters front part is very distinct. That and the sidewall thickness on the right hand side is thick and squared off. Most everyone else that sells a bumper has highly rounded edges there to match the real bumper more closely.
Aj, you are 100% right. Checking the previous sales on the part show a buyer from Feb 15, 2012 with the same feedback score as Bob's old Ebay account - RCMSales (Feedback score of 5974). You can verify the buyer here: ... 0628140000

I'd love to go into more detail of my experiences with Videoboob, but I'd hate to get more e-mail videos :)

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By AJ Quick
Thanks for posting that Gary. Now we have another eBay name to put to him. We'll have to talk to Eric Hunter (KCGhostbuster) if he sold one to Videobob around that time.

I guess we've been ruffling some feathers. Videobob just sent me this email.

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