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By AJ Quick
Note. As an update to what Gary Weaver said. All you have to do is check "RCMSales" feedback on eBay. There you will find feedback from erichunter. The auction numbers indicate that Videobob purchased:

- A Bumper.
- Booster
- Resin Booster Plug.

He also purchased a Proton Gun from propcrazed... which we all know was selling recast parts from Eric Hunter (KCGhostbuster) and MMM (irricanian).

I'm sure that's not all, but its what I've found just at first glance.

Thanks for spotting the recast. Looks like Bob did buy from me under a previous name (wish I'd caught that).

Not quite sure how I can stop him from recasting my part but I'm open to suggestions.

I'm wondering about the source of his other Bob-made parts...
Unfortunately I don't think there is any way to stop the Videobob's of the world, they are going to do it regardless of whatever steps you take to prevent them. Someone who recasts has no regard for rules and no scruples... Block them from purchasing they will just get some other user to buy it and then pass it over. Doesn't matter if it's Ebay, website or wherever.

I have been recast 4 times now and have caught them each time (with the help of others in the community), fact of the matter is recasters are lazy and make mistakes and it's those mistakes that ultimately lead to their downfall. Each time I have confronted them they have denied it despite overwhelming evidence to support the claims, then basically disappear once they know they've been caught red handed.

Everyone's been doing a good job so far keeping on top of these people, I think the best thing we can do is continue to make everyone in the community fully aware of their actions, boldly expose who the guilty ones are and just let them hang themselves. Eventually they will damage their reputations so badly no one will touch them.

Just my opinion
IPv6Freely wrote:"I will eventually redo it" seems to be a common theme for him. Why doesn't he just do some research and do it right the first time? He even has a motto now about it not being important to be done right??

That email cracked me up. I got something similar once when I posted on another forum about a bad experience with a companies customer service (they said they were going to come kick my ass...). I'd love to see VB actually try to fight it in court!.. lol.
I got sent another anonymous screen cap. I love the last line of the first paragraph and the first two bullets.

"Why would anyone want to buy one of these...over my production mold version?

"*I need to make it well built."
"* It need to be made with high quality materials."

Pretty much admits his recast shell is a low quality POS.

More from anon:

Bob posted some replies to the criticism over his work and whether or not it was recast.

PropXpert reposted AJ's comparison of KCGhostbusters Bumper to Bobs recast, and this is the aftermath:


Next, Bob got his hands on a resin thrower, it looks like it may be one of Irricanian's (MMM) but worst is that he plans on going into production of metal ones.



Lastly, hes name dropping Sean Bishop (Venkman 71) again, who hates his guts and most of the crew here loves. And renounces any recasting again other than the original shell.

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By AJ Quick
Videobob wrote:Just because some bonehead put together a bullshit photoshop pic doesnt make it true.
The evidence is really stacked up against him, and well.. I guess its obvious he is trying to just dodge the question completely.

All you have to do is take this high res photo Videobob provided and compare it directly to KCGhostbusters' bumper.

Videobob: ... 3268_o.jpg
KCGhostbuster: ... 0751222876

Oh... that and the fact that Videobob used his RCMSales eBay account to buy the exact same bumper from KCGhostbuster months prior.
KCGhostbuster wrote:Thanks for spotting the recast. Looks like Bob did buy from me under a previous name (wish I'd caught that).

Not quite sure how I can stop him from recasting my part but I'm open to suggestions.

Yeah. Its all "bullshit".
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By goldenhawk
VB's thrower is a recast of a recasting of the MMM gun kit. Colin has proof on another thread here.

So, from VB you can get a recast of a recast pack shell and thrower. He now has the whole thing listed on eBay assembled with the motherboard with the gaps.
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By Kingpin
KCGhostbuster has directly addressed Bob's rebuttle that Bob's bumper isn't a recast of KC's. If AJ's photo comparison weren't proof enough, KC's are the final nail in the coffin:

KCGhostbuster wrote:Mods, I suspect that this thread can be merged with others -however, I wanted it to stand alone for a little while.

This is a direct message to Video Bob. First, let's review (quoting from your prop forum post):

"As for the bumper, I am going to go to the shop and either just sand down a section of it or maybe cut it in half to show the wood inside. That's the best I can do.

I will admit this, I did buy the other bumper on eBay, I ended up just giving it away with one of my shells but before I sent it out I traced the top section out on a piece of paper to use to guide me in building mine.

So that's why they are similar, but I had to build mine much smaller to make it fit."

Bob, I'm flattered that you liked my bumper enough to buy it and ultimately trace the top section for use on your own bumper. It's good that you were able to craft a smaller version of the bumper that's a better fit for your shell.

I can only image that the constant, swirling discussion around your parts has to be extremely frustrating. Worse, with a potential television show in the works these accusations have to be unnerving. Obviously you need to protect your reputation to make sure that the production company you're working with feels comfortable and secure working with you.

Please don't sand down or otherwise deface your bumper. A lot of work goes into making bucks and, as you know, molds ultimately fail and need to be replaced -so you'll need your master again eventually.

To help resolve accusations against you of recasting my bumper, I'm posting pics of my original buck against the pictures you've posted yours. Hopefully this will clear up the issue permanently.

My bumper:

Your bumper:

My bumper:

Your bumper:

My bumper:

Your bumper:

Obviously, with the exception of a complete copy of the bumpers' general shape, contour and measurements in all dimensions, our bumpers are completely different. [/sarcasm]

Just to verify, a few more pictures:

So, there you have it. All confusion about you recasting my work should be cleared up. You have recast my bumper. There is no difference in size or shape in any of the bumpers dimensions.

I can imagine you're much relieved to have this issue decisively settled.

I understand, due to circumstances beyond your control, you are not able to post directly to the GBFans site. Please don't let that be a barrier to responding to my direct message. If you post a response on your forum I'm sure some kindly individual will relay it to me.

Thank you for your time.

Thanks for copying my post over. I think my post may have been mis-intepreted as an endorsement of Bob. That is not the case.

I've posted the following statement on my thread and am adding it to this one:


I think my thread may have caused some confusion. My intent was to be as sarcastic as possible - my words and pictures are in direct contradiction to each other. Blame late-night writing and anger as the primary culprits for the ambiguity.

To be crystal clear:


Bob claims that his bumper is smaller than mine, but the comparison pictures clearly show that the bumpers are identical in all measurements except height (where he's chopped off the taper of the legs).

There is no way on the planet it is possible to reproduce a piece with such exactness without recasting it. I couldn't scratch build another bumper and have be that close to my original. And neither can Bob.


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By goldenhawk
Well, now we know VB posted pics of the Sony pack stolen from Vince.
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By AJ Quick
Just wanted to add a few things here. Recently we filed a DMCA report to have the stolen pictures removed from Videobob's server. Not only did Videobob post all the pictures that were owned by Me, VinC & Sony... Videobob claimed ownership and copyright of them. Videobob was forced to remove the images by his webhost. We also filed a few DMCA takedowns with Facebook for posting a picture of me on his pages.

He posted this new threat:


If any of this were true. Then the page where the copyrighted photos were posted would not still look like this:


And his host would not have emailed him these notices (I was CC'ed in on them.. just so you know. I'm sure we'll see posts by Videobob claiming I hacked into his email).



And if the Facebook "violations" weren't valid. Why would Facebook email me this?


It must really suck to be Videobob. You would think for someone that lies professionally, he would be good at it.
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By AJ Quick
And even though Videobob deleted the topic where the actual evidence of his theft took place. We have copies of it.


I guess his statement about uploading the pictures to his personal server was incorrect. That doesn't make them his.
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By Crix
Bob tried buying a light kit from me last week on the username 'rcmsales' via eBay. I could have sworn I had him on my block list, but when a guy has however many account names he does, it's hard to keep up.

Needless to say, I refunded him and immediately opened a transaction cancellation request:


a few days later, he 'rejected' the cancellation request (way to go eBay, protect those sellers!), so I called eBay directly and they manually cancelled the transaction, and refunded my seller fees, etc.

I was concerned about negative feedback, but the woman with eBay assured me that if negative feedback was left, they'd remove it if I just called back and asked.

Fast forward to this morning, I check eBay and come to find this:


Anyways, a quick 10 minute call to eBay had the negative feedback removed, and they noted on my account that any future purchases from him using different user names would be met with serious consequences on his end.

Either way, stay classy, Bob.
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By AJ Quick
Looks like Videobob has committed perjury.

He has written a signed notice indicating that the photos taken by Vincenzo330 do not belong to Vince... but are in fact Videobob's property. He also claims to have "trademarked" the red suspenders, and claims that I have "his" Back to the Future Hoverboard. You really can't make this stuff up.

I'm really looking forward to this court case he has brewing.

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By JoeLuna33
I have had my VB experiance. He tried to buy a thrower from me on eBay. I cancelled the transaction.
By JoeLuna33
Kingpin wrote:I assume it was one of the usual usernames he's been using, rather than a new one?
It was through rcmsales. I cancelled the transaction but he denied it. He has already threatened me with negative feedback if I don't allow him to buy it. He already bought a complete thrower from propcrazed who I believe has recaster KC Ghostbuster's thrower parts.
By EctoDeath
I remember that. Something about a Mr. Fusion recast and how he changed the posts people were making in his forum to make it appear as though he had the original maker's blessing and praise for "improving" the casting.
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By AJ Quick
That may very well be true.

The thing I'm thinking of are the little boxes at the corners of the car that have the big power plugs going into them. And maybe the wormhole emitter. I can't remember exact details as it was a few years ago.
By Jubei Mercado
Friends or no, I'd like my opinions to be heard and respected, hear other's opinions, share in a wealth of knowledge, and like I said, express a love for GB props. I'd like to be a part of this community and adhere to the rules of posting and respect of other community members, despite disagreement of prop ethics.

Some of this thread's hatred and comments has spilled over to my FB page which I keep do public. If you guys have negative things to say, I think it's better said here in the forum for everyone to see and discuss.
Ok heres a few other eBay user ID's to avoid and watch out for. These are bobs recasting buddies. They also use thier ebay accounts to sell and buy for bob.

recastrelics also known here as Trendkiller he has been banned for a good while.

gbfreek83 This is Thiago's if you been around the last 3 years you know who he is. His GBfans username was the same as his ebay id.

Avoid these guy at all cost! recastrelics sells bobs bumpers. gbfreek sells hose connectors that never show up.

These guys are bobs boys.

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By AJ Quick
Cross posted from the Ecto forum.

Wanted to do a little more research on one of the cars Videobob is selling as an "Ecto". After a quick (and I mean quick) Google Search.. I find this: ... ield)-3000
Cadillac Hearse on Air Bags, 1963 California car. The glass was removed to chop the top 8". The airbag suspension is built, the rear drive line is built. The previous owner moved on to a Jeep project. click on this link to see more pictures
This is a big project, it will be a one of a kind when finished, what you see it what you get, no motor or transmission, The title was lost many years ago, I checked with DMV and they said the buyer can apply for a bonded texas title approx $300
You get what you see in the pictures, along with a bill of sale from me.
First $3,000 cash
So Videobob did nothing more than spray paint (no booth, no oven, no filtration) a car white and red.. and now expects to make $9000+ profit. (Highly doubt he paid the asking price for it either.)

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By AJ Quick
He deleted the topic on his site where one of his actual followers asks for proof that his bumper was not recast. Videobob said he would post it.. but I guess that's the nail in it for that one. (Although I would have thought all the photographic proof KCGhostbuster posted would have been the nail).
I was trying to steer somebody clear of buying one of Bob's shells when I noticed this video on one of his ebay auctions. I think it was posted yesterday. I don't know if anybody else has seen it, but it made me laugh...that is his goal right? To make us laugh?

By JoeLuna33
He claims that he has seen the screen used packs, correct?
So which screen used pack doesn't have a vent tube, and has the split loom just going directly into the plate? I
like that mod, I may "reuse" it on my next pack.
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