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By Heroic35
Bought the mini mates set of I love this town and AJ shipped very quickly. Beat several eBay packages that I ordered before this order. Way to go AJ!
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By AJ Quick
Do you plan on offering the LEGO set on this site as well?

As soon as all the details are flushed out.

Please keep in mind this is a Feedback thread.
Do you plan on offering the LEGO set on this site as well?

As soon as all the details are flushed out.

Please keep in mind this is a Feedback thread.
Whoops, sorry bout that.
By Mat
More positive praise; received pack shell and motherboard the other day; superb packing job. I was pretty impressed with the rigidity and overall appearance of the shell; the fiber glass job is as written; professional grade, very robust! It really does look like a piece of cast iron. Delivery Time was on par with my estimate (ordered early January arrived mid February) Motherboard is nice too; the water jet edges are bur free. I've seen water jet tables in action, but never bothered to look at parts cut via this method; on par, if not cleaner than laser cut parts!

Pictures ("picture") speak louder than words!
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By NightOwl24
Just wanted to drop a quick line thanking the GBFans shop. I've made a number of orders in the past month and they've all arrived in great time and in perfect shape. I know I'll be making even more orders in the near future, just wanted to let you know I've appreciated the quick service.
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By VincentVegaFFF
I've bought a fair amount of items from the store recently, mostly pack parts and I've been pleased with everything. It ships quickly, and everything is packaged really well. I also got the shell and motherboard and both are excellent.

The shell did end up shipping 8 days later than expected, it would get pushed a few days back then again and again but I understand there are other factors at play with these shells such as weather, bad pulls so I'm not complaining. I was just anxious to finally get the the shell on my hands and it arrived today and looks great. There's a small chip near one of the cyclotron rings, really tiny that could be easily fixed with a bit of bondo but I actually like it. It looks like something that would be on an actual pack so I'll be keeping it.

Overall I couldn't be happier with everything and I'm already planning my next purchase from the shop.

Oh and the supporting membership coin is really nice too.
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By egie
Been getting various parts, all are very good quality, packaged well, and ship out fast!
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By ryan376
I've been on a spending spree preparing to build my own pack and feel great spending my money here! Packages always arrive within a week of ordering and are always packaged well. Plus the secure feeling that I know im not getting screwed when I buy here. Its really taken the worry out of everything. My mailman wants to know what I'm getting as he too is apparently a fan and knows its me as soon as he sees the senders label! Keep on keepin on!
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By GhostBustin_84
I've made many transaction here. Always great n shipped in a very timely manner! Not to mention AJ bringing us stuff that would be hard to get elsewhere. You do a wonderful job AJ! I can't thank you enough for what you do. Rock on brotha!!
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By Heroic35
Received my GBFan elbow pads today. Great shipping and well done.

Thank you AJ!
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By freudiandave
Ordered several parts over the last few weeks, including a shell that just arrived. Fast service, great source for parts. Can't say enough good things about the service AJ is providing to the community!
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By abaka
Ordered a set of Wand Lights and unfortunately got pack lights instead. At first I panicked and double checked my order thinking I'd ordered the wrong thing, but I had ordered gun lights.

I messaged AJ and informed him of the situation and proposed rather than me sending back these and him sending the right items that I'd just take these if he could refund me the difference. By the time I sat down, had my dinner...I came back to a reply from AJ informing me not only had he refunded the difference, he also refunded some extra for the inconvenience.

Fantastic service, and these things can happen, it's about how you manage them and AJ done good in my book.

I just hope that this isn't the last run of wand lights because I will want more of these at some point when the moneys bit looser!!
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By Sopedaddy
Got my subway art t-shirt and pins on Thursday great transaction! Also nice to see bigger sizes.! Thanks again!
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By bishopdonmiguel
Over the past few months, I have placed a half-dozen or so orders through AJ's shop. Shipping is fast. Communication is clear. Items are packed with care. I could not be more satisfied.
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By deadderek
Ordered a belt from the shop, couldn't be happier! Arrived 2 days earlier than I expected it to. Happily will be ordering from again. (I'm looking at you elbow pads!)

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By joviaaldreetje
Ordered the full GBfans Sound and Light Kit and it arrived yesterday. Very well packaged and just an awesome product. Had it running in less then 15 minutes!

Thanks again AJ!
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By Venkman's Swagger
Ordered full light and sound kit, speaker, cables plus some barbs, banjo's and clippard brass elbows. All came extremely well packaged. Speaker, sound and light kit works like a charm. Amazing kit and so easy to put together. Thanks AJ for making my weekend
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By Matt Campbell
In the last month and a half I have purchased chemical gloves, grey elbow pads, yellow uniform hose, GB 1 logo shoulder patch, and a khaki flight suit from the GBFans Shop, my transactions went smoothly and delivery was prompt, I've got no complaints at all. If I can get it from the Shop I will, and seeing as Joey/JoJo/Pepi seems to be M.I.A. once again I'll most likely give my money to the Shop for a custom GB 1 name tag since AJ is now offering them.
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