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By denney13
I bought a few things from the shop including a shell and mother board. I couldn't b happier with them. Can't wait to get started as soon as my other parts get here.
By Team Browning
Ordered a pile of trap parts and got it all in a quick shipment right before this weekend. Enjoyed a weekend of prop building. Thanks a ton!!! Everything was there. Just wish the shop would get more re-stocks in.
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By Cadger
I've bought a bunch of things from the shop lately. I am most pleased! The items are good and Aj handles the transactions very professionally!
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By Borzou
So I ordered the GB2 name patch from the shop and I received it in a timely manner except I thought I ordered it under my own name, Borzou. So naturally I was a bit disappointed when I saw this:


Borzou99 used to be my old user name. So I sent AJ a friendly message because I've known him for a while and chances are that I probably messed up the name request.


Then he gives me an unexpected response.


I usually don't check the rest of the package when I get something because there's usually an invoice in there. But this time, there was an envelope inside my envelope that I had neglected to see.


He got me good. :cool:

Tl;dr - Got an awesome nametag and was pranked at the same time. 11/10, would buy from again.
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By EctoFuzzy
i've placed multiple orders with the shop and have never had a complaint. always packed will and shipped quickly. will continue to order from AJ and GBfans.
Ordered a splitless loom cable and GBII ribbon cable to the uk.

Very impressed with the time, presentation, packaging and products. Will be ordering from AJ again.
Thanks, Mate.

:crunch: :crunch: ...You....You've earned it.

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By Grimmy GB
Ordered the tan hose connector and the yellow hose. The shipping was so freaking fast, and the product is amazing! Attaching the combo tonight ^^
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By Matt Campbell
Received my GB1 Custom name tag in the mail today and have to save I'm really pleased with it.
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By EctoFuzzy
got my fiberglass shell and motherboard today in the mail! couldn't be happier! awaiting the next package with the smaller parts. Thank you, AJ!
By Mat
The past few orders have been painless, especially this last one! When I think about the somewhat random pick list of parts, it must have been fun to organize! Items arrived in a timely manner, expertly packaged and the light and sound god is it satisfying! :mrgreen:
By XGhostbuster
Thank You So Much AJ!!! Excellent Service Well Packaged.

It got to me in the UK in 14 Days and that was with Customs holding it for a few days.

Thanks :)
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By 1985gbfan
Got a lot of Funko POP toys and they shipped out when they said they would and I received them very quickly. Thanks again AJ for the great service.
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By 1985gbfan
Ordered my grey elbow pads on Thursday of last week and guess what got here today? Amazing speed and the product looks amazing as well. Thanks AJ.
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By goldenhawk
Bought the blue brick battery, the Zener Cards and a set of elbow pads from the newest run. Top notch products. Great job AJ.
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By methos2523
received my second flightsuit a few days back... needless to say when i got this tiny package in the post, i was slightly worried lol


God knows how AJ managed to fold up an entire truspec flightsuit into a package i'd expect to find underwear in... but he managed it lol
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By methos2523
lol i just didn't expect a box only just bigger than my hand to fit an entire flightsuit in... it's even too small for my cats to sit in lol
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By LandoSystem
I placed an order for 2 Ramis memorial pins, a white hat light and a gbfans sound kit. I ordered them in the middle of the Halloween rush (though I don't need them for halloween - does that make me an a-hole?).

The estimated ship date is clearly (very clearly) posted on the shop page and in my order status page. It shipped right when it was supposed to, arrived quicker than anticipated, was packed well and everything looks and works great.

The Spengler / Ramis memorial pins are just beautiful. Very sturdy and well made, especially for only costing a buck each.

The hat light is great.

And this sound kit... I can't say enough about how wonderful it is. It's so well designed and user friendly. Everything about it is awesome.
The extra features are such a treat.
Being able to run everything off one battery is a relief. So is having a built-in amp.
It's louder than my last sound board that used an external amp (the older one would distort when turned up to comparable volume).
The mp3 input is extremely handy. It much easier than wiring one to an amp and more functional, too (my old amp could not play mp3 sounds and pack sounds at the same time without severe distortion).
It's also so easy to hook up I thought I'd left a few steps out. It only took a few minutes. It also works perfectly with the Heavy Props pack & wand kits.
This sound board is one of the best purchases I've made for my pack and I can't recommend it more.
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By SCFoximus
Ordered side knobs for my goggles on Monday after reading the notice in the shop that said things wouldn't be able ship until the 21st. I wasn't worried as I knew AJ ships super quickly. Well, they arrived at my house almost a full week before the date I was expecting them to ship out. Thanks AJ!
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By deadderek
Just got my grey elbow pads...they look amazing! Fast shipping and great service as always.
By undead ghosthead
I ordered a MB from the shop back when certain parts were not likely to ship until the 24th or so of October. Lo and behold, a large flat box arrived on the 25th. I wasn't sure what it was since I had made my order two weeks before IIRC, and honestly I had forgotten about it haha. I certainly didn't think it was going to arrive that soon either so I was like "what is this?".

I look forward to ordering more parts from the store and can't wait. I was actually putting my 2nd order together when it was shut down, hahaha.
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