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By GBFans
This topic was created to leave feedback for Spongeface.

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By FossilizedArt
Spongeface/Doug is the pinnacle of exemplary customer service and live tech support.

When I was having my sound issues, not only did Spongeface do the initial legwork and devise a solution, he sent me a prototype preamp module!

Then, after he began offering his mass-produced preamp/battery distribution modules, I purchased one of his build-it-yourself "bag of parts", and had some troubles with it. Spongeface took time off from his own busy schedule and joined me in a video conference where we did some live troubleshooting.

After the vid-conference stumped us both, he suggested I send the kit back to him for debugging. He stated that my soldering was sound, but the kit had somehow been fried, and he swapped out a few parts on it, tested, it, and sent it back, lickety-split.

I recieved the kit today in the mail, and tested it out, and it works flawlessly!

I highly recommend doing business with Spongeface/Doug. Thanks a TON, Doug, for all your help, and for offering such a killer product.

:crunch: :crunch: :crunch:
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By MRblahface
His board came fast and I was very happy, haven't used it yet but will soon.
By venkman4077
Went above and beyond for me yesterday. I'm having issues with my computer, and he went to the trouble of sending not one but two versions of intsructions for his Radio kit! Thanks Doug. Fast shipping, and Great packaging as well. Top Job. Thanks!
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By cowbybill
I purchased his modded MT-500 and all I can say is wow! He had great communication with me with my purchase and the questions I had, when he shipped it, the turnaround was super quick, and the MT-500 was extremely well packed.
Thanks Doug, you've done an outstanding job on this! Thanks again! : ) :crunch: :crunch: :crunch: :crunch:
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By Carpeteria
The MT-500 mod is a thing of beauty. Not so much an external beauty, but the real beauty. The kind that counts. The inside kind. The kind you take home to mom. The kind that inspires grandiose sonnets. The kind that pales even to the most splendid of flowery metaphors. Mr. Doug Spongeface is clearly a man who has his priorities in all of the right places, and I'm a better man for having taken part in his endeavors, even as a simple customer to his genius.

In short, thank you sir. Your creative marvel and whimsy are top notch, and your skills are immense and worthy of herald across this great land of ours. You are to be commended for your fine work, and thus I commend you duly.
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By nolatron
Received my MT500 board last week. Shipped exactly when he said it would and got here pretty quick. Good packing on the board and it works great.
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By 910dohead
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Not only is Doug awesome, but his products are amazing! I purchased 2 of his distort fix chips, 1 MT-500 sound chip kit and a MT-500 with the sound chip pre-installed. He has made 4 separate trips to the post office on account of me and I have been left with a smile every time. His communication is great and when I was having trouble with one of the sound kits (totally on my behalf), he was offering his time in helping me with it. I can't thank him enough. THANKS!!
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By Ecto_1
I received my MT-500 today in the mail pre-installed with his chip, and the smile on my face couldn't have been bigger! His customer service is excellent, and he sells a professional product! Just an all around great guy to deal with!
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By julz
Just recieved my mt500 and chip from Doug, I'm very happy chappy! Very well packed and shipped fast to New Zealand. The Mt500 chip is just fantastic, I've really enjoyed reading your thread and watching its progress and have been so impressed by how fast you put it together, it really brings the prop to life and I would recommend it to anybody that owns a lifeless mt500

Doug is a pleasure to buy from, he is very professional, and always takes the time to respond in depth to emails, forever going the extra mile to help you out.

Thanks once again!
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By skeg_man
This ia not the first or last time ill buy off Doug. Fantastic, all round nice bloke. The customer service he provides is by far the best i've ever had.

All the products Ive received off him have been of high quality and great worksmanship. As some have said above he is very fast with updates and response to emails. I will have no issues throwing more money at him when and if he releases any more sound kits.

Thanks again mate!!

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By adsfuse
Supporting Member
Bought an MT500 with the sound module installed from him and I have to say this piece is great, better than I even hoepd for actually. I spend a large part of my time now annoying my fiance with quotes from both movies and the video game :). I also got one of the chargers that Doug is offering and it really does work especially well as a display piece next to my Matty trap, it makes it look like the radio is "charging". Definitely a happy customer.
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By chrism023
Just recieved my MT 500 with installed sound board as well as the charger, it was very quickly sent, and he was very helpful, and continues to be, the only thing I can say bad, is the volume of the sounds on my radio aren't too loud, not sure why, but they aren't but I can live with that, thanks if I knew how to leave the crunch bar pic thing, I would in a heartbeat!
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By Ejgunth87
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Doug is an awesome seller. Great help throughout the whole installation process, and was even willing to help me out with other electrical problems I was having on my pack. His work is great and I look forward to future items that he sells. Highly recommended.
By BahamaBuster
Just got my board today. It came in a bubble mailer. Inside of that was a copy of my paypal payment, and a copy of the wiring instructions in color. The board itself was inside of a cardboard jewelry box with a custom logo on it which I thought was a nice touch, made it look professional. Upon opening the box I could see the board, which had bubble wrap protecting it. Honestly I was highly impressed with how the package was shipped. On top of that communications by PM were fast, questions answered quickly and he shipped it the day after I sent payment (Whcih was late at night if I recall). Highly pleased with the entire transaction. Keep up the good work!
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By IPv6Freely
Spongeface is an awesome guy. He's mega helpful, so when the opportunity came up to buy his pre-amp, I jumped on it. No more sound issues!

I also just recently bought a MT500 radio from him with the sound module pre-installed. FANTASTIC!

Top notch seller, great communication, and always willing to lend a hand via PM :)
Just got my modded MT500 in the post this morning and it is awesome, i haven't been able to put it down. I highly recommend if your interested in doug's kits get one he is a excellent seller, answers all questions, and shipping speed is excellent.
By aburns84
I ordered the mt500 sound kit with static on Friday and I had it on Monday. His communication was great. He answered my questions quickly and answered everything in one go. Great customer service. Took me about two hours to install the sound kit, but it was me more than the kit. I need three hands since it is hard to hold the solder gun, solder, and wire at the same time. Plus you are working in a box the size of a deck of playing cards. I wasn't able to get it working right away, but after re-reading the instructions he commented on where to look based on his test script. Two of my soldering points needed to be re-done and seperated. Great job listing that. Sound kit quality was great. Gave my radio a real boost. No longer a display piece. It is now a functional and important part of my costume. The sound on the radio was great. For a radio speaker the sound is clear and crisp. Love the extra features he added like the simulated conversation, the commercial, and the slimer scene that you can access with one button. I'd buy from him in a heart beat. If he ever developes a drop in replacement for exoray's sound kit without any distoartion I'll be his first customer. He's safe to buy from guys. Don't hesitate for one minute.
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By Ron Daniels
Purchased a MT500 holster from Spongeface; it arrived quickly and as described. He also was great with communicating with me and was a general pleasure to do business with.
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By IPv6Freely
Yet another flawless transaction w/ Spongeface. Couldn't be happier!
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By IPv6Freely
Oh, should mention that its the short-body holster he was selling. Inside is the short-body radio I also bought from Spongeface, complete with radio chatter sound chip :)
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By jblancha2003
I just got my modded MT500 and a 2nd sound kit in the mail this morning. The radio mod is great, excellent sound quality. Spongeface is an outstanding seller, reponds to PMs quickly, and shipped everything immediately.
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By LandoSystem
I ordered one of his sound module distort fix / battery eliminator boards recently and it was the best online sales transaction I've had with anyone in a very long time.
He took the time to seek me out and send me a PM when his item was back in stock. I'm sure he's a busy man with a ton of customers, but he took the time to speak to read through his thread and hunt me down. He spoke to me personally and it showed that he values me as a buyer. This is a big deal and the very definition of quality customer service.
His communication was respectful and courteous and highly professional and he shipped it right after I paid. He has fantastic prices for what he offers and it goes without saying that his products are top of the line.
You cannot possibly get any better than this.
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By jblancha2003
I just got my belt gizmo kit in the mail, it looks amazing! I can't wait to put it together. It was very well packed and arrived quickly. Another great kit from spongeface.
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By BustingCO
I just got my belt gizmo kit in the mail, it looks amazing! I can't wait to put it together. It was very well packed and arrived quickly. Another great kit from spongeface.
I couldn't say it any better my self thanks spongeface! :-D

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