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By GabOchoa
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I got my light kits, bezel face, cool white vent and a strobe LED. His products have so many features you can spend hours just testing and playing with them, plus the quality is excellent. Thank you Doug!
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By DeadRoach
Received a number of things from Doug as of late, and all I can say is WOW. product quality is the best, communication is great, products are very well packed and shipping is fast!
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By LT86
This guy is amazing! Great communication and fast shipping. I most recently ordered his GB2 gizmo and was worth every penny. Its people like Doug that make childhood dreams come true. You won't be disappointed.
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By Venkman's Swagger
Grabbed 2 items from Spongeface, 1 custom and 1 regular. Both are excellent. Communication and service were top class and shipping was fast also. Thanks Doug, you da man!!
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By iam8114
Purchased a radio from Doug. Same as the rest, fast shipping and great communication.
By denney13
Got the relay in a few weeks ago but just got it installed today. And it is perfect. I love how u can fine tune the relay. I highly recommend using this relay and anything else he offers.
By Ljaat
Received one of the radios and gizmo kit today.. amazing work! Friendly and very fast..
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By pyhasanon
I just want to say that Doug has by far some of the best customer service out there! You ask him a question about anything related to his products, and he'll have an answer! Want to come up with something crazy for your build and integrate it with any of his products? He'll have a solution! Excellent!
By Ecto-won-ton
I purchased a vent relay from sponge face and it arrived today and right off the bat I have to say -great packaging! Very cool. I didn't wait long for delivery and it arrived in great condition. I can tell that Doug takes a lot of pride in his work and he has done a top job on this board. 10/10
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By bluewaterbaboon
I purchased the Belt Gizmo kit and it was an amazing kit. Shipment was quick and I had in 2 days. All parts were packaged well. This was a fun build and would recommend to purchase from Spongeface. High quality product and great to work with.
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By SpenglerTrance
I purchased the pre-amp board to use with Crix's soundboard and it was just what I needed. Super reliable. I love this guy!
By Ultimate_Cupcake
Just got my mt-500 its been a ton of fun to play with, and looks great with my collection, Sponge was very Communicative and over all great.
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By LandoSystem
Where do I even start with this guy?
I bought the GB1 gizmo board when they were first offered and was very impressed with the speed and quality of the communication from him. The product is beautiful and impressive.

Since then I've ordered the complete GBII gizmo kit and it was a TON of fun to assemble and it's just gorgeous.

I've also ordered a Crix board distortion fix / battery reducer module that worked great and I have a color change cyclotron kit and vent relay board I haven't hooked up yet. Exemplary communication and shipping all around.

I also ordered a VG radio decal set and it's shockingly high quality. The extra bit of accuracy doesn't go unnoticed.

I've recently had the misfortune of working with sellers who are of dubious morality and quality and it made me appreciate Spongeface even more than I already did.

Simply put, he's awesome and I wish more people worked like he does to make his customers happy.
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By SCFoximus
Just got my Matty Wand coupler and splitless loom. The coupler fits snug on the wand and hose just as promised, the transaction went smoothly and only took about 2 days to get here.

Thanks Doug!
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By Hoot
This is more of a feedback for interaction with Spongeface.
Usually, I don't generally need technical support but when I do, its on a pretty damn epic scale.
The other night, we couldn't get my relay to do jack squat.
Not only did we work through it together and determine that it was easier for Doug to send me a new one rather than develop an epic alcohol habit due to dealing with me, the man was a general saint to deal with.

I can't thank you enough for dealing with me man. You're definitely one of the best !
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By Hijacker
I've bought a few things from Doug over the past few months. I have nothing but amazingly good things to say about him. He's always VERY approachable. His shipping is always fast. The quality of his work is top notch!

I'm very pleased with my belt gizmo. It's almost indistinguishable from the real deal. He really took the time to go the extra mile during the creation process for this unit. His instructions are very clear cut and easy to follow.

I also bought a bargraph bezel from him. I have yet to put it together, but I"m again floored by the quality of the piece and how much thought has been put into the design process.
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By Jake LeRoy
Got a mt500 with sound board from Doug and I am very impressed with it! Shipping was lightning fast!
If you don't have one of these you better pick one up!

Thanks Doug!
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By PrometheanWorks
Purchased an HT1000 with TVG labels. Got it it on Mon.; superb quality and super-fast shipping. Thanks again, Sponge!
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By Grimmy GB
Here we go again!...
I purchased another good sized order but for the wife's build. In particular, I got her the GB2 gizmo kit. Holy smokes this thing is immaculate! She was overly ecstatic, and jumped on the build right away.
So...thank you once again, Doug, for grade A service, excellent packaging, flawless products, and extremely fast shipping!
By Bill Venkman
I purchased a Matty wand 3D printed coupler from Spongeface. It looks great and is a perfect snug fit. Shipping, communication and packaging were all excellent. I'd buy from him again.
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By robandliv
I also bought a 3D printed coupler. I want to say I ordered it on a Saturday and by Tuesday of that next week I had it. I bought two of them. Plus I was worried about not having enough split loom for both my packs i am working on. He was able to work out that worry as well.
By venkman30
I ordered a matty coupler and adapter board. Quality is top notch for both. Shipping was great and communication was awesome. I'd deffinately buy from him again and highly recommend him to others as well.
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By CCSpidey81
I've had two flawless transactions with Spongeface in these past 2 weeks, One for his Matty wand adapter board, and the other for his split loom and coupler. Both were extremely well packaged, very fast shipping, and great communication. I would definitely buy from him again and highly recommend everyone to check out his offerings.
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