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By EctoFuzzy
i have made a few purchases now (GBFans kit, vent relay, wand tip expansion, white strobe, etc.). all his products are excellent quality and very easy to use (great for a novice like me). he is a pleasure to deal with and makes some amazing items. i highly recommend anything Spongeface produces! you won't be disappointed!
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By evallded
IMO, when you are taking someones money, Im busy is NOT an excuse. Doug had zero excuses.

I said Doug....... take my money. He did! and 3 days later I had a package with everything I ordered, professionally packaged and ready to rock!!!

5 star show all around, from communication, personality, quality products, and timely handling. Keep building cool stuff Doug, and I will keep buying it!
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By csullivan1980
Doug has overall be one of the best guy in this whole community. Excellent communication and offers awesome help when needed.

He's helped me out when I was struggling with a few parts to quick and fast repairs.

I can't say enough good things about SF!!
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By Grimmy GB
I am happy to announce that I am a proud owner of one of his GB1 gizmos. You seriously have to bask in all of its glory upon arrival; dinner had to wait to do so :)
The shipping is super fast, communication is lightning quick and concise, and (once again) the product exceeds any and all expectations!
Thanks Doug!
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By robandliv
I bought Matty Neutrino Wand Adaptor Board for PackLight. Wow is his shipping fast. Have not installed it yet, can not wait to see some lights on my pack.
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By alphabeta001
Ordered the belt gizmo 2 kit and it arrived yesterday. Brilliant bit of kit and would happily buy from Doug again.
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By ghostfan003
Many months ago I ordered the GB1 gizmo and it is truly high quality...just like Spongeface's service. All the parts are top quality and it was fun to learn how to solder the components together. Everything came quickly. I couldn't be happier.
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By Cyberkorr
Excellent Props seller!! Bought a Gizmo kit from Spongeface. The parts are high quality and the instructions are very well detailed. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to buy some great quality props for their uniform. Looking forward to more purchases! Still want Sponge's MT500 radio with sound module!!!!
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By Grimmy GB
Once again, Doug insures a perfect transaction. Ordered some upgrades for the wife's pack and a friend's pack. His friendly banter sure does make one smile! Thanks dude!
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By TK5759
I purchased a Matty adapter back in July and started having trouble with the power cell and cyclotron light speeds while mounting things to my motherboard. I PM'ed Doug and shortly had a response thereafter. Doug has been a great help troubleshooting and offered me different things to try and it worked. Doug, I can't say enough good things about your service. :)
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By Pseudodonn7
Spongeface! I've bought several items over the years. The Gizmo, the Walkie Talkies, and possibly some other things I've missed.

Very friendly guy! Definitely deserves some credit as a GB Seller. And he's coming out with a lot of new stuff I'm gonna have to save up my money and buy again.

I recently purchased something that is currently unavailable to buy. One of his stunt belt gizmos! Basically it's a large velcro piece, with an image of one of his Gizmo products slapped on! Very nice quality, and I highly recommend it to help alleviate belt weight and for when your girlfriend accidentally stomps on your belt when you put it in the driver's side seat when you're taking her into a haunted house, then is chased by some hooligans back into the car, forgets it's there, and stomps on hours of your hard work! I was just glad the glass didn't cut her feet. Now this pad is extra durable and guaranteed not to scar your girlfriend and is smooth enough to let her gracious feet step all over your equipment. Okay, this is getting kind of lewd so I'll just say...

Go here ... 31&t=39414 for your Belt Gizmo Welcome Mattes... I mean Stunt Belt Gizmos. :D

No seriously, his stuff is awesome. I wouldn't joke about it if it wasn't.
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By gbchef
Yesterday I received Doug's interactive mt500 radio. This thing is awesome. I have been nerding out over this since I opened the box. Yet again Doug scores a 15 out of 10 stars.
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By TK5759
I purchased a Matty adapter back in July and started having trouble with the power cell and cyclotron light speeds while mounting things to my motherboard. I PM'ed Doug and shortly had a response thereafter. Doug has been a great help troubleshooting and offered me different things to try and it worked. Doug, I can't say enough good things about your service. :)
Doug once again came through with his service and knowledge. He helped me narrow down my problem and devise a solution. My pack was down for maybe 3 days tops and he didn't charge me anything extra for his help (unless the bill's in the mail... ;)) I would have no doubts in my mind about ordering from him again and I will sing his praises to anyone who asks me about him.

My hat's off to you Doug. :)
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By DefenderDarko
Ordered a Matty Wand adapter board. It works incredibly well. The guy is a classic electronics genius. It got here within a few days, too. I'm definitely going to be ordering more stuff...
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By Jairus
I ordered a second gizmo circuit kit, and not only is it a beautiful improvement on something I was convinced was perfect to begin with, but it was shipped incredibly quickly. I'm incredibly happy and so glad that Doug continues to offer such great items to this community.
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By dbcraig42
Doug has exceeded all expectations and not only delivers a great line of "I gotta have that" parts, but also does it with excellent and quick communication, great pricing and speedy shipping.
By joegianco
I just recently received his matty wand circuit board and coupler. Excellent products that work really, really well. The thing I am most impressed with though was the speed of everything. I inquired about the availability of his products and 4 days later was opening up a package far sooner that I ever expected.

Overall it was speedy, communicative, professional service.

I look forward to purchasing again when I have more money to spare.
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By Cyberkorr
I've ordered the Gizmo kit and an MT500 conversion radio. Excellent communication, shipping is fast and packaging is great. Sponge's products themselves are simply amazing! If you want a Gizmo for your uniform, this is THE kit to get!

Highly recommend to all GBfans!!!!
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By Mike Decay
Bought quite a few items from Doug over last several months. He has always helped me out greatly and transactions have always been smooth. Thanks so much!!
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By Jordin
Bought a bar graph bezel and special board from Doug got everything super fast and it was packaged really well. I'll never get over those cute little ghost labs boxes.
By ghostbusterJon
Have found Doug to be a very patient and helpful guy - as a newbie to building packs I had some questions and made basic mistakes that he had time to advise on and I never felt stupid as a result of that, which meant at the end of the day I was more confident in buying from him and spent more through this site because of the confidence he instilled.

In terms of his products they are very well thought out and the integration from one to the other makes them the most simplest solution to assembling equipment together and allows other sellers to build off that - e.g. JimFins vent kit integrating with the spongeface vent relay.

On that very item I have to point out that I had some query's before buying the relay and through Dougs friendly communications he took on board a suggestion that led to the relay now being usable with the Matty wand; I think its great that someone has that much time for the community both pro and newbie and is clearly enthusiastic to work on new ideas.

Delivery was fast and I look forward to following his advice during my build...

Happy GBFan!
By Ecto Ernie
I am very pleased with Spongeface's work. I bought four bargraph bezels from him a few days ago, and I already have them in hand. Super Fast Shipping and super straight work. If I ever need any more parts that are available by Spongeface, I'll likely do business with him again.

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I recently purchased one of Spongeface/Doug's MT500 Completes, and I couldn't be happier with the entirety of the transaction with him. He's been extremely communicative, and an overall top notch seller. Guys like Spongeface/Doug and his business Ghostlab42 is what make this community such a pleasure to be a part of. 20/10 - would work with him again (Gizmo coming soon!)
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By gbchef
I purchased Doug's new semi hero incandescent cycletron bulb adapter. I haven't used it yet as I am slowly collecting parts for my Semi hero build. But, as always the transaction was perfect. His customer service is un matched!
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By tito
Ordered a complete set from SPONGEFACE:

Adapter board, loom w/cable, and 3D printed coupler for the Matty wand. It all arrived amazingly fast and the 3D printed coupler fits absolutely perfectly! Anyone who wasn't a builder or fan of Matty props would notice it.

I wouldn't hesitate to order from SPONGEFACE's shop again!
*Now to patiently wait for the GBFans Power Cell and Cyclotron Light Kit to restock..
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Purchased the Matty Wand Adaptor Board from him! Polite & speedy feedback, as well as speedy shipment and well packaged!

(I need a GBFans lightkit to use it, but) he's a great guy, and I would absolutely do business with him again!

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