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Polite & speedy feedback
I meant "communication", not "feedback", if a mod can edit that (and delete this clarification).
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By gbchef
I received my reboot mobo today and it is amazing!! Like every other transaction I have had with Doug, this was a perfect experience! His awesome product, quick and efficient shipping, and just all around great experience will keep me coming back time after time!
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By Ryan The Ghostbuster
It came!!
I could not even make it in to the Lab from the mail catcher with out opening it, beautiful work, clean holes no finishing needed absolute top notch professional work and packing.
I will put this in feedback just wanted to post here too to let you all know good things are coming.

PS. Don't hold hunk of aluminium, overhead, outside during thunderstorm.
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By Venkman's Swagger
I recently bought a few packages from Doug and each purchase was an absolute pleasure. He ships out super quick, answers any questions and the quality of his parts is amazing. They'll be more parts ordered in the future and I can't wait
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By Krieger
Recently purchased two MT500 radios and holsters, and a gizmo kit from Doug - fast delivery and response to my questions, excellent product - now all I have to do is finish my wife's gizmo so I can purchase mine and get started on that one - thanks Doug!
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By barison82
Just received Doug's absolutely awesome light kit, with add-ons ( bar graph bezel kit, strobe light and wand-tip expansion lights)...cannot thank you enough! I was in a situation as the GBfans store was out of stock and needed a full light kit ASAP so I PM'd Doug directly and he very politely came to the rescue - with top quality products and friendly responses to my questions. Thank you so much! Highly recommended.
By boozer4
Great work! Ultra fast shipping! So freaking easy to set up and use.

Such a great seller.

I got a Matty wand adaptor from him while I'm waiting for the GBfans sound board to get restocked. I also added a 3D printed coupler to seamlessly hook the loom to the wand.

No complaints here!!
By venkman30
another very happy customer here. fast shipping. great comunication. ordered the new matty wand adapter board and i couldnt be happier with it. fantastic seller.
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By Naptime
Writing to say how amazing Spongeface is: I've been waiting to purchase one of his converted MT-500 radios for a while and when I saw he was gauging interest on his sales thread for another run, I jumped at the opportunity. Doug is an excellent communicator. He replied promptly to my inquiries and answered every question I had. He was friendly, courteous and professional with our transaction. After placing my order and paying for shipping, I realized (like a dumbass) that I had forgotten to order an number of other items from him, namely a bar graph bezel, a wand tip-expansion, a strobe light and a vent relay board. When I reached out to him again about this, he said it was no problem to add them to the package he was shipping the MT-500 in, saving me a few bucks in shipping! This was extremely helpful as I live in Canada and getting various parts here from... well everywhere, is pretty pricey! He was quick to ship out my order and provided a tracking # to boot (to all sellers, this is one of the best things you can provide!).

My items arrived a few days ago and were impressively packed. The MT-500 came as advertised and is a thing of beauty! The other items were beautifully packaged (love those little Ghost Labs boxes!) and I can't wait to install them on my aluminum thrower and proton pack.

All in all, this was the definition of a perfect transaction: courteous, friendly service from the seller, excellent communication (another HUGE thing for us buyers!), quick delivery and an outstanding product! I cannot recommend Spongeface enough to anyone considering purchasing from him.

Thank you, Doug! I look forward to buying from you again!
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By Ejgunth87
Supporting Member
Doug is a great guy to do business with. I've done numerous transactions with him, and every one has gone as smoothly as you could want. He'll also go out of his way to help troubleshoot stuff. Great asset to the GB community.
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By Cyberkorr
PIcked up Doug's LED Flash mod, LED Wand expansion and the Wand Bevel Kit.

All came quickly and packaged very professionally!

I have bought a few kits/parts/Props from Spongeface and will buy again! Fantastic seller and big asset to the GB and prop building community!!!
By doctor73
i brought bright led and gun bezel came very quickly first time i didnt have pay custom charge so i be shall going to spongeface alot more
By jo r
When my son expressed an interest in joining a GB franchise, and knowing he had an October birthday coming up, I began looking for something special for a birthday present. A radio seemed to be a solid choice- but not being knowledgeable about the gear and gadgets I found this forum (Thank you!)

I cannot thank Spongeface enough for his patience in explaining radio differences, model #s, short vs. tall, faceplates, blue vs. white logos, etc. and differences in chargers (poor guy should have charged me consultation fees!)

I was delighted with the modified radio and charger- it was just as described, packed securely, and sent super fast.
And today, when my son got his birthday gift, he was really excited just to see that he had a radio.

Then when he saw everything the radio could do- WOW!

Bottom line- this is the guy you want to work with! Thanks again, Doug!
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By barison82
More positive feedback for Doug - I ordered another bezel insert for the bargraph display and it arrived very quickly and in perfect order. It is always a pleasure to deal with this guy, he is always so pleasant, polite and professional. Thanks so much!
By twmedford23
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Purchased a bar graph bezel from Spongeface and am very happy! Very professional, incredibly fast shipping. I look forward to purchasing from him again!
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By RealGhostbusterJay
I purchased an interactive MT-500 radio from Spongeface recently. His communication was fast, his ability to tell me what his project would do and how to work the controls, even where to possibly find places for a holster as he didn't have any that would work currently.

The pay process was simple and reliable via pay pal. The radio itself when it arrived was awesome. He gave me options to choose from when I bought it and I am so happy with this. It has game, and film quotes, I cannot wait to have this on my belt at an event. It's a great idea and like many others here I am very happy with his workmanship. If you order anything from him I doubt you'll be disappointed. As a rookie to the GB kit it has been awesome getting something like this from a reliable craftsman. Thanks Spongeface!!
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By Pitbull
Doug is the man PERIOD. He's as professional as they come and a truly talented guy. My interactive motorola mt500 with sound is AMAZING!! Thanks again my friend.
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By FemmeSpengs
Doug was amazing from start to finish. He answered any questions I had about the screen accuracy immediately and provided tons of images of items discussed, in this case the MT-500 radio. The transaction and shipping were super fast and efficient. I cannot recommend Doug/Spongeface enough and would absolutely do business with him again.
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By Gingermourinho
Doug is amazing and a truly great seller! I have brought MT500 sound card, light bezel and 2016 read outs, all amazing and delivered to the UK in super quick time! Top man!!
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By Pagz
I purchased an matty wand adapter board and coupler. Both arrived super fast and well packed. Couldn't be happier with the transaction. A+
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By denvergbfan
I purchased a MT500 walkie talkie with built in sound effects from Spongeface around August of last year. His replies to my questions were quick and detailed. The shipping was fast, the product is quality work, and the price was fair. Very happy with the item and it will be used for a long time.
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By da_rambler20
I have purchased multiple items from Doug over the past month or two and each transaction has been flawless. Doug is great to deal with and answers questions well. His instructions to complete his projects are complete and simple to understand. I was completely intimidated when I received my Gizmo kit from him, but was able to put it together and it works great.

Thanks for everything Doug!!
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By THEbryon
Just received my second order and I can't express how satisfied I am with my purchases. Quick replies and quick shipping. Couldn't ask for anything more.
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By machina28
Had to stop by today to leave a 10/10 score for Doug. Has ALWAYS came thru when needed, on time every time! ive purchased MORE Thant 15 of his kits both the Matty blaster boards and the gbfans stuff and gotta say best in the biz! thx again A+++
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By tobins78
Just leaving some more positive feedback. Ordered one bezel kit all the way to the UK. Looks great and finishes off my thrower face neatly.
By Convicted_vapist
So far I have ordered and installed the spirit pack cosmetic kit as well as the pack light kit, I love them, the light kit works flawlessly, the sound board and the wand light kit will be arriving tomorrow, I have no doubt they will work flawlessly.

10/10 would recommend
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By RedSpecial
I recently ordered a Bargraph bezel kit, wand tip expansion and a flash bulb led.
They got to me fairly quickly, considering the distance they had to travel .

Unfortunately, one of the decals for the bezel kit didn't survive the trip to Scotland but thankfully Doug included two in the kit and it went together perfectly.

Doug's communication was great, answering my messages very quickly and the parts themselves are fantastic.
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By Ectotainment
I can't say enough good things about Spongeface. I initially found his Spirit Halloween Proton Pack upgrades on ebay, and then contacted him through the forum. I purchased light and sound upgrades for 2 Spirit packs and couldn't be happier. The engineering and product quality is top notch! His upgrades turn basic costume accessory packs into incredible prop replicas. His instruction manuals were super detailed and made the upgrades a breeze to install. And he was always super responsive and helpful when I had questions and offered some great suggestions with some other mods I had in mind.

If you're thinking about purchasing anything from Spongeface, I'd highly recommend it!

Thank you sir! You are a gentleman and a scholar!
By greengoblin7
+1 for a cool black belt gizmo kit. Shipping was quick and the transaction painless. Thank you!
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