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By ohblee
I bought an MT500 with sound module and a holster and antenna. Amazingly quick shipping! Great communication! And a fantastic product!! I love it!!

One day soon I'll have to order the rest of the belt gizmo parts so I can finally get that done!

By BlkMesaHero
Absolutely wonderful experience buying from this seller. All communications were detailed and prompt. Shipping was very quick. Items were very well packed. This is a seller I would buy directly from again.
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By WhoaFoogles
Excellent buying experience. He answered questions promptly and I had the goods in my hands less than a week after I put my order in.
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By Daniel Welch
Spongeface/Doug is an amazing seller. My gizmo looks beautiful and the packaging was a work of art as well. I can't wait to get started on it. He's definitely got me as a future customer. I paid saturday night, and the package was here Wednesday night. Thanks again!
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By PssdffJay
My gizmo parts arrived today. Beautifully packaged! Well, not the box, but I mean how nice and organized the inside bits are.

I would have loved to see on the box "Some assembly required. Batteries not included". Now I just need to build it...
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By Morydees
Just got my MT-500 with internal sound board and I couldn't be happier. From the amazing shipping (got here quick, very well packaged and had invoice with instructions) to the actual product itself. Love it!
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By timspork
So basically everything I have that isn't a Matty product has Spongeface's electronics in it. Everything he makes is outstanding!
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By Lundo12
Got 2 full sets of his pack electronics, bezel kits, and a few of his pack expansion kits and they are out of this world amazing. His support and communication are also superb when I needed some help/suggestions regarding installing some parts.
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By ez_aquarii
So I had ordered a bargraph bezel kit which was shipped out very quickly, then I get a message saying there may be a problem with the decal having scratches on it. When it arrived, there were some MINOR scratches (nothing I can't fix with a sharpie). But then, having never dealt with decals before, I mangle it pretty badly. I realize that since I did this myself, Spongeface is under no obligation to replace the decal, but he does anyway. What a guy! Anyway A++ seller, great communication, would buy from again!
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By PssdffJay
Finished building my gizmo and I had ordered one of his mt500 radios with the sound board installed. My radio arrived and I'm not sure if it was a bad potentiometer or maybe it broke when I tried to turn it (didn't hear anything break) and I had emailed Doug and he gave me a few options and is helping me through this. This man is a class act and I will buy many more things from him!!
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By Higgs1
Great user! Ordered a bezel kit & wand expansion kit, fast communication, shipped out next day, all around perfect experience.

Really hope to buy from you again. Can't say enough nice things, A+!!!
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By ImLost3
Ordered the bezel kit and it is flawless, even a broken finger and lack of any reasonable water slide decal experience it looks awesome on my wand.
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By Dr. Stantz Jr.
Just received my Short MT500 Radio with installed soundkit. Simply awesome. Great work again by Spongeface.

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By travisccook
Got my Gizmo kit today. The number of parts in this thing is overwhelming! He got it to me in record time so I might actually have it finished for Halloween.

After seeing the number of pieces I'm sure this was not an easy kit to put together - Thanks for bringing accurate, accessible Gizmos to the community!
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By Alex Newborn
I fried my GBFans Soundboard on a Monday night, contacted Spongeface for advice. He offered to investigate it for possible repair, mailed it to him the next day. He contacts me on Saturday morning to say he's already received it, effected the repairs, and is mailing it back. With any luck I'll have it in time to reinstall it for Hallowe'en night (next Thursday).

The repair fee was less than a third what a whole new board would have cost me, and those are out of stock until 2014!

Thank you thank you thank you, Spongeface! So happy about this!

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By joviaaldreetje
I just completed my pack a few days ago and was so impressed with it, ...and then the MT500 I ordered from Spongeface came, and just blew me away...this is such an awesome prop to have as a GB fan, I would highly recommend it to anyone. And the delivery was really fast too...
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By ghosty-buster
I received my MT-500 today and I gotta give Spongeface the respect he deserves because this thing is awesome!! Seriously it looks so good and it really feels strong and made to last. My GB outfit is complete now thanks to Spongeface.
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By Morydees
Ordered up a full Gizmo kit and as with all past Spongeface orders, it got here amazingly quick and in perfect shape. One thing I forgot to mention last time was the professional invoice and included contact information were nice touches.
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By tilallr1
Amazing seller here folks.

Purchased the Pack Charging Switchcraft XLR, DC Jack, Plug etc ... set and all arrived fast and in perfect condition. Also works perfectly with the plate I have.

Thanks so much again!
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By Gloomdrifter
Bought a complete gizmo kit and got it in 2 days. This thing is beautiful, I cant wait to be hunched over with a jewelers eye piece soldering this thing looking like a mad scientist. Definitely hope to do business with again.
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By D. Lazarus
Bought a Bargraph Bezel: shipped immediately and great communication when I've asked infos about it!
I've also bought the Proton Pack Light Kit from GBFans Shop: an excellent kit, the best on the market I think.

Few days ago the Gun Light Kit and the Sound Board... really excited to connect all together! ;)

Great work, Doug! :)
By spanakadakawaka
Can't say enough good things about Doug! Thought I had fried my soundboard and contacted him about it. He offered to take a look at it for reasonable repair costs. Once he got it, he quickly determined it wasn't my fault, but an odd defect and returned the board to me repaired within three days and refused any payment! This guy is the perfect example of why this community is so great.
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By glxso201
I finally got around to getting my wandlight kit hooked to my soundboard today. Amazing performance, and the amount of features packed in really make it worth the money. Opening the boxes to set up was less than 10 minutes. These kits are the definition of plug and play!
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By Azevedo
Every order I have made with Doug has been quickly shipped and features superb work. He is a major asset to the community with the kits he sells and is a pleasure to do business with.
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By Roy-Outta
A top notch service really fast deliver considering the time of year too, great quality item too
Thank you..
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By joviaaldreetje
Received my GBTVG cyclotron kit today, and I have to say I am still in awe at how well it was packed. The item looks amazing (cant test it yet since I dont own the rest), but I am pretty sure this is an awesome buy from one of the friendliest sellers out there.

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By Michael Gonsoski
I purchased a couple of spongeface's circuit board kits when they were first offered. Just recently I was able to buy the the remaining pieces I needed to complete the kit (as they were not availible at the time I initially ordered). Let me just say a lot of time and hard work went into getting these made and it shows. I'm proud to have this piece displayed on my belt... Now if I could get my hands on one of those bar graphs. Thanks, sponge!
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By Smog
Picked up just about everything that Doug sells and received it all today. It all looks absolutely great, works exactly as described, and got here very quickly. His communication was fast and top notch (as I had many questions about various things). Literally one of the best, if not the best, online transactions that I have ever had.
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