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By PssdffJay
I have purchased everything that Doug has made (that I'm aware of at least) and my second gizmo kit arrived today. Looks great. I'm going to save it for a rainy weekend in the spring to put together. If you haven't gotten one of these, get one while you still can! It is worth the coin!
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By Higgs1
Sponge is an absolute treasure to this forum! Just got my gizmo kit back from commission and I'm literally speechless at the quality of it. I had fellow user Wharin put it together for me, but the parts and kit is of the highest quality. I've gotten other bits from Sponge in the past and he's always super cool to work with, great communication and helps out whenever I have a question or request. Can not recommend him enough, A+ all the way around. Keep coming up with more awesome stuff for us to buy!!!!

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By Hoot
Bought the expansion LED for the wand kit and the gizmo kit.

I gotta tell ya, this is pretty awesome.

The Expansion LED lit up my room. And burned my retinas. (Ill br sending my insurance claim to ya Doug)

The gizmo was cutely packed safe and sound. I gotta tell ya even from reading the instructions im super intimidated with the soldering aspect but excited also.

Thanks again homey! (Burn unit insurance claims will also be heading your way)
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By D. Lazarus
I've bought all the GBFans electronic kits and the 3D printed bezel: all those items are top notch and Spongeface have ALWAYS answered my noob "technical" questions and doubts! Thanks again Doug! :)
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By Matt Campbell
I bought one of Spongeface's MT 500 sound modules and received it last week, I have yet to install it though cause I've been under the weather for the last couple of weeks. I did get around to opening the mailing package the other day and was surprised by how professional it looked with the receipt and business card that came with it (most GB stuff I've got in the mail is just put in mailing box or envelope and sent), I even got a kick out of the box the module was in with the "Ghostlabs Top Secret" stamp on top. I hope to get the module installed within the up coming week, when I get it done I'll leave more feedback.
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By Sephiroth
I received a MT 500 with the sound module installed that I purchased just a few days ago; this thing is beyond awesome! It worked flawlessly, just as described and even included the 9-volt was ready to go right out of the box! The radio was well protected/packed and arrived very quickly. Doug communicated with me promptly and is a true professional/asset to the GB community. Thank you so much for this radio, I absolutely love it!
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By Martog
Got all three GBFans electronic kits and a couple of bezels, definitely worth it! Fast shipping to boot!
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Spongeface/Doug is amazing his stuff is topnotch. I bought an MT500 with sound module and antenna that worked flawlessly and even came with the 9-volt battery. Amazingly quick shipping! Great communication! And a fantastic product! Items were very well packed! I love it and highly recommend!!
By Wiz-GB008
Just got my MT-500 in and it's beautiful!
The samples are really clear and radio looks perfect.
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By Venkman's Swagger
Just received my bezel and wand tip expansion kit. BEAUTIFUL!!! Literally like a kid at christmas. Doug was helpful, pleasant and informative throughout. Great communication. Shipping was quick too. 1 extremely happy Brit 'buster here
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By bishopdonmiguel
Not just one but TWO great transactions with Doug. I gave him money, he shipped me stuff FAST. Shame on me for not posting my feedback sooner. I am in unabashed awe of this Gizmo kit that just arrived. Awesome!
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By thebigone2087
Just received the vent relay, TVG expansion set and some frosted lenses. Everything was plug and play and works perfectly!! Couldn't be happier :-)
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By gbchef
I am a noobie to the community and have recently discovered the greatness of Doug. I got the wand expansion kit, bezel, tvg board and frosted lenses. These products are amazing! Doug is a great guy and awesome to do business with!
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By grantofkings
Echoing the sentiments above. I'm well into two of the three Gizmos I ordered recently, and received MT500 and bezel kits yesterday. Lots of building to do.

Everything looks great and Doug has been extremely helpful!
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By delta0142
Picked up the gimzo belt kit from Spongeface about a week ago and haven't been able to get on here to give some major props to him due to the intense need of putting it together. It's a fantastic kit and his support on the shipping was great when it took a detour by USPS. Great guy to deal with!
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By LT86
Ive now bought Spongefaces converted MT500 and now the Belt Gizmo kit, both nothing short of amazing. All transactions were a breeze and would absolutely do business with him again. I owe Spongeface a big thank you for making some of my childhood dreams come true!
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By halliwax
just leaving feedback for spongeface, i dont know what kind of shipping he used but it had to be hyperdrive! the thing got here in lighting speed! awesome awesome guy, thank you so much for such a beautiful product!!



gonna start on this sucker this weekend!!
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By PssdffJay
A little tip, jump ahead and put the heat shrink on the Nixie tubes and glue on the LEDs first. Also start painting the nixie shelf. While the glue and paint dries you can start on the build.
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By Parflagush
I echo all the good things that have been said about Spongeface here. I purchased all the GBFans electronics, along with the TVG cyclotron upgrade, WandTip expansion, and an interactive MT500. There is absolutely nothing bad to say about these products. Top notch, professional quality electronics. Doug is awesome to work with in purchasing these items, with quick and accurate delivery.

I recently had a problem with my GBFans lights where the green color was not lighting up in TVG mode. Doug narrowed down the possible problem points for me so I could do the repair myself without having to send to him. Incredible support!!! We are so lucky to have Spongeface as part of our community.

Thanks, Doug! Keep on Bustin'!
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By gbchef
I recently purchased a 2nd complete tvg expansion set, wand light expansion and bezel kit. His customer service is amazing. He shipped my product out same day!! I look forward to giving him more of my money in the future!!
By Logan XI
Received my Lifegard IV in the post today and i'm very happy with it, the item was exactly as shown in the thread photo and i thought the invoice with the business card was a nice touch!

I would happily do business with him again! :)

Thank you Doug!
By GabOchoa
Supporting Member
Received my bezel and wand light and both items are amazing! Thank you!
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By Cadger
Ordered a belt gizmo kit and a couple of gun leds. It shipped fast and the kit and parts looks really great. I highly recomend buying from Spongeface!
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By bishopdonmiguel
Doug is always willing to help and also provide friendly answers to my dumb questions. He designed a new extension board that allows the bargraph to be easily mounted in the thrower while the wand lights PCB stays in the pack. Works perfectly. Thanks for the innovation!
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