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By GBFans
This topic was created to leave feedback for lunchbox739.

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By Wallabe
I recently purchased a complete lc-1 frame from Ash. The price was great. Communication was great, they even went out of their way working with myself and another member to allow us to combine shipping. The frames were sent out very quickly and received quickly as well. Great seller
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By abaka
Pretty much the same as what the above poster said.

However he also went out of his way to give prices and options for INTL shipping and he refunded me some of the postage cost back and it arrived very very quickly to the UK.

Also, he responded a wanted post I made and actually allowed me to "reserve" a spot on his run which was very kind of him in my opinion.

Will gladly deal with again
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By PlayswithSquirels
Ash is the man. I purchased two of his Charcoal Grey Flight suits and they are both amazing. Communication was constant. He even went out of his way to inform me that one of my suits was a slightly different shade than the other by some fluke with the color stripper and asked if I would want a replacement. As I saif both are absolutely beautiful and I if you don't have the means to dye your own, I highly recommend picking one up from him if he does another run.

Thanks again Ash!
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By bpontheair
I got my charcoal gray suit today from Ash. Holy smokes, it looks and fits great! I highly recommend his work if he does this again.

With flash


Without flash

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By Wallabe
Had a small problem with an item being damaged during shipping. Ash was quick to respond and was extremely helpful rectifying the problem, going out of their way to do it.
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By Dr. Stantz Jr.
Just received my GB2 flightsuits and I couldn't be happier. Ash was great with communication with regards to the delays with Atlanco, and kept us up to date through the whole process. All information he provided was perfect, and I can't wait to deal with him again.

Cheers Buddy :cool:
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By goldenhawk
Got a suit from Ash this spring. Looks really good. Ash is great to deal with and posts updates on the runs in the buy thread.
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By DeadRoach
Got my charcoal flight suit, it is perfect! Highly recommended! Really pleased with how even the dye job is.

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By Matt Campbell
Got my Dyed Charcoal Grey flightsuit from lunchbox739 in the mail yesterday and I think it turned out excellent, kept me and others on this run of his updated throughout the process and was really good to deal with. I highly recommend him.

No Flash
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By Ernest Reid
got my suits a while back,, he was awesome with communitcation and iin the end i got an awesome suit,
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By Higgs1
Purchased a GB2 died flightsuit from lunchbox and everything went absolutely perfectly!

A+ transaction all the way around, thanks again!
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By Chevyh0tr0d
Recently had Ash dye me a flight suit. I ordered it off amazon he was kind enough to give me his mailing address so I could save the cost of having to ship it from my house once it arrived to him. Instead allowed me to ship it directly to him from amazon. Not only did he do this, he answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns for the dying process, such as shrinkage etc. He then had it done super quick and had it returned to me within a week of it arriving to him. I can not ask for a better seller/craft maker here on gbfans. Anyone wanting to not ruin their old cast iron tubs by dying a flight suit let him do it for you. I would recommend him to anyone here on Gbfans!!!
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By BoozeBeGood
Ash dyed a GB2 suit for me. He was incredibly helpful and have me his address so I could have a suit from amazon sent directly to him to save me money. If anyone is on the fence, Ash has restored my faith in humanity that there are still people out there that offer amazing products AND amazing service!! Incredibly helpful, friendly, and communication couldn't be better!

The suit is absolutely perfect! Could not ask for a better experience
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By SCFoximus
Retroactively giving feedback for a purchase I made two years ago, which I totally forgot to do (I commented in the sale thread, but forgot to post here).

I ordered a dyed charcoal flightsuit from Ash during his original run, and while there were some snags in the process (some flight suits were on backorder), he made regularly posted updates in both the thread and in PMs. There was even an issue with velcro coming off of my flightsuit during the dye process which Ash made sure was fixed before sending it my way. He even threw in a GB2 patch for the wait. Once everything was all together, it was shipped to me quickly and the suit looks great; exactly what I was hoping for!

Thanks again!

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