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By Mr.Spider
i agree with above , do it
By coasterg
Another happy customer! Ordered my lenses the other day, shipped out the next day and here a few days later - what else can I say? :)
By BobStantz
Ordered a set of lenses, received them a few days later. Excellent work, thanks again!
By BobStantz
Got a set of round cyclotron lenses for the bigi shell. Once again, outstanding service! Thanks!
By beezer090
Very courteous. Mailed lenses same day and got two days later. Spectacular!
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By JoeLuna33
Ordered a powercell lens from Crix and it got here so fast it might as well have been the same day! Awesome lenses too!
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By mediaguypj
Got my lenses. The shipped lightening quick.

Very nice quality. Two thumbs up!
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By klooloo
Just receieved some trap parts and labels from "my new best friend" and they are awesome! Crix doesn't just do good work but goes to the effort to pack things well and mail them quickly. Thanks compadre!
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By bpontheair
Got my lenses yesterday. PERFECT! Thanks, Crix! I knew I should've hugged you at D*C last year. :D
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By minnesotaghost
Received my ghost trap. It is perfectly made. Kudos good sir!
By XenuPrime
As soon as Crix opened got my order he immediatly drove over to my house and handed me the lenses! I had just pressed the payment button when he knocked on my door!

Ok, that was a lie, but damn that was fast. The lensed look awesome too!

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By Vincenzo330
Got my lenses yesterday. PERFECT! Thanks, Crix! I knew I should've hugged you at D*C last year. :D
The creatures living in his beard would suggest otherwise ;)

I grabbed a few more acrylic lenses from Mr. Marshall and as always they were perfectly cut and shipped with the speed and fury (not furry) of 1,000 suns!!!
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By KagaSakai
Ordered a set of labels from Kris. Labels are clean and crisp and will look great on my trap!
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By PeskyPoltergeist
I got my GB2 ribbon cable in today. It arrived quickly and safely. Thanks.
By MandoMan
Got my orange hat light today, big thanks to Kris!!
By Darthdono74
Ordered one of Crix's spiffy new trap light kits.
As always, very friendly and fast service!
Already working on putting it into my trap.

Super great kit that everyone should save up and get!
Thanks for offering a very affordable and top quality trap light kit Crix!!

:nicejobyoudid: :crunch: :nicejobyoudid:

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By Paul-Butt
I received my my lenses today from Crix. As always, awesome service and product. Thanks!
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By nolatron
Got my Sound Chip kit and single breakout board. Awesome hardware and super quick on the shipping. Thanks Kris!
By Darthdono74
Ordered one of Crix's new sound kits,
As always, top notch service and quick shipment!

This kit woks great with R2Devos light kit! (Make sure to get the DPDT switch upgrade)

Thanks Crix, :nicejobyoudid:
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By IPv6Freely
Crix is the man... great product, great communication and he's super cool about going the extra distance for his customers!
By BlkMesaHero
Crix, is a hell of a seller. Reliable and always delivers on time. I have never seen him late on a delivery or back out for one reason or another. I will always do business with him.
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By KagaSakai
I received my sound board today and it's going to be awesome! Kris is always friendly and ships lighting quick! Thanks!
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