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By Goffcorp
Count me as another satisfied customer.

My sound board arrived lightning fast. So fast, I thought it was something else I ordererd weeks ago.

Couldn't be happier.

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By cowbybill
I'd like to add to the positive sound board arrived quickly, well packaged and ready to go. Also when I was having trouble wiring the board to my pack Crix was able to post a simple wiring diagram on the board which made it really easy to set up.
Now the board...this thing rocks! I had the replica props breadboard setup before and the sound was not as clear as I would have liked it (probably due to my inept wiring skills) It's clear with no distortion, and it's made my pack even louder than before.

If your on the fence about ordering one don't wait , get on the list before demand goes through the roof for Halloween! you will not be dissapointed.
Thanks agian for such a great product :)
By Stroudy
Got my sounds board from Kris fairly quickly, despite me being impatient. He has been very helpful throughout advising on amps and speakers and answering many questions.

The only downside to it all was getting hit by customs, however that is in no way Kris's fault.

The kit itself is very easy to wire up and due to the size of it is also very easy to attach to the motherboard. I cannot criticise it in anyway.

Thanks for offering such a great product.

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By gbmickey
Just got my trap light kit and my sound kit... Kris shipped so fast, the stuff is super well packaged and he helped me a lot with a lot of things I didn't know about electronics... Thanks a lot Kris :-) IOU one. Can't wait to install it!!
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By Vincenzo330
I've ordered 4 of Crix' sound kits now and they've all been impeccable. He also always keeps me stocked up on acrylic lenses and he ships everything promptly and well packaged.

Kris is on my list of most trusted sellers on GBFans.
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By Letmebleed75
I agree with what vinny has said. Kris is an awesome seller and trustworthy person. He is prompt, communication is great and his product is outstanding. Whats better then all the stuff I just said? Well hes just a beautiful man. What more could u ask for from a seller?

Nohomo btw
By KyleS
Ordered a soundboard, recieved it in a week or so. The board was exactly as described and lovingly packaged in bag that I believe protects the device from damage from static electricity. Anyway, excellent service, +1 satisfied customer!
By MRblahface
I got the sound kits a week ago, forgot to leave feedback, crix is awesome! Haven't hooked it up yet need other stuff.
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By Agent Gibbs
Got my soundbaord in record time!

Great communication and really friendly
By Gonzalostx
I bought a sound kit, all its OK. Grat seller and fast shipping... arrive into Chile very fast!!!
Thank you!!!
By neo_virus
Sound Kit arrived, can't wait to get it all together and test it out! Really quick at replying to PMs too!

Great guy, great service! Well recommended!
By jessejames51
just got my antenna!!! crix has quick responses to pm's and is quickly got it out the door when i ordered it! thanks buddy!
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By adsfuse
Supporting Member
Sound kit arrived quickly and everything was packaged well.
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By BSjohnson
I've got my soundboard all wired up now with Crix's board. I'm VERY pleased with it so far. :) Everything was very easy to hook up and the sound quality is great. He also shipped it out super fast after doing some slightly altered sounds for me. WELL worth the very fair price of the whole set up.
By MandoMan
Got my acrylic pack lenses in last week, they are great! Thanks Kris!
By mrimagination
It took some time for my lenses to make their way to Canada but that was no fault of Crix's. He was ready to send another set to me, no question. Talk about great service! Would definitely not hesitate to buy from him again. ( also very happy with the product )
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By Libtechinit
Received my sound kit with custom sounds from Crix a week or so ago now, wanted to wait till I got it up and running to give my feedback. As someone who has worked with a rp chip on just a standard breadboard, this kit is extremely compact and 100x easier to set up! The quality of the board, chip and sounds are amazing and far exceeded my expectations! Setup of the custom sounds was super quick, shipping was lightning fast, everything was packaged neat and safely and crix was an outstanding guy to deal with! Highly recommend for your lighting or sound needs!
Got my soundboard today amazing work crix, well packaged, and took just over 2 weeks to get to england.

Thanks Kris
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By slimershomie
Got my chip from crix for my egb pack, He did a epic job with the custom layout for me thanks so much!
By pchrisbosh1
Supporting Member
I've ordered a couple sets of lenses and a sound kit from Crix everything arrived in a timely manner and he was very patient with me when it came to getting the sounds right on my chip. Thanks so much Crix really appreciated.
By zeta otaku
Chalk me up to a VERY satisfied customer of Crix :D
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By janderson0719
Received a light kit from Crix several days ago. Overall happy with kit, but delivery time was bit of an issue. Thanks again.

Looking forward still to what you have in store for the thrower light kit.
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By irricanian
Got a couple of pack light kit and sound kits from Crix off of Ebay. Communication was good and they arrived in decent time, he furnished me with tracking #'s. Great lookng product!

My only critique and it's a very minor one would be to put some more bubble wrap or even newspaper in for packing to prevent the items from sliding around in the box, other than that ...A+ Thanks for offering these
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