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By GBFans
This topic was created to leave feedback for nstevic01.

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By Morydees
Bought an XLR "Spengler" Plate from him just recently and he was very quick to update the thread, setup payment and ship it out. Everything came boxed up nicely and the part looks awesome. Can't wait to install it.
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By Savras
Purchased the deluxe Spengler plate. It it awesome and he shipped it fast!
By RA24_4_Me
Got the deluxe plate, looks great, shipped in lots of bubble wrap and shipped quickly. Thanks!
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By BSjohnson
Just got my XLR Spengler plate and it's really high quality stuff. Fast shipping, easy communication. Thanks so much. :)
By JayKing
my bluetoothMT500 showed up about 38 hours after i paid for it. awesome experience!
By Ernest Reid
Everything ive ever bought form this dude has been awesome,,, my plate came recently it was well made and resonably priced ,,, and the dude is a gentleman and has great customer service... all around a win!
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By bishopdonmiguel
My Spengler plate arrived quickly and it was as awesome as the photo implied it would be. Nice.
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By timspork
Purchased a Spengler plate with the plugs. The items arrived super fast and I was able to easily wire my battery and switches into it! Excellent product!
By Prefect42
I bought one of his "basic" Spengler plates. Top notch transaction from the moment I contacted him with questions. Completely professional. And the plate is awesome. Thanks nstevic01.

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By Venkman's Swagger
Received my deluxe plate this morning and was blown away by the quality of the piece. Plate was well packaged and arrived really fast to the UK. Nathan has been a pleasure to deal with right from my initial enquiry. Excellent communication, fast shipping and quality parts. Very happy. Will buy from Nathan again
By Mowskwoz
I purchased a XLR deluxe plate and it was packaged for shipment that evening. Very quick and friendly communication. The part was well made and packaged carefully. I would definitely purchase from him again.

No worries here.
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By EctoFuzzy
i picked up just a wire/switch kit for the blue brick battery. very happy with the set up. will look to do business with again in the future.
By dbcraig42
I got a Spengler XLR Plate with Blue Brick Wiring, and I will say that Nathan's craftsmanship is matched by his communication, and both are first rate.
By Mike Decay
Got a basic Spengler charge plate. Was great quality. Awesome communication. Thanks man!!
By Ecto Ernie
I bought two Deluxe XLR Plates from Nathan. The piece are very nice and just what I was expecting.

There was a shipping Hickup that was in no way Neil fault, that he rectified right away. The first shipment I received had only the XLR plates, and not the included XLR Plugs. It was clear however, that the box went from Florida, to Hell, to Massachusetts. It had obviously taken some damage during transit and was haphazardly taped back together by USPS. I took photos of the box the way I received it, and Nathan agreed that there had been some level of tampering done.

As soon as I told Nathan, replacement parts were in the mail and I am now sitting pretty with two wonderful, complete XLR plates. Such a great, understanding seller. I hope that we gets compensation from USPS for that first shipment.


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